May 19, 2014

Survivor Cagayan: One Big Disgruntled Solarrion Family

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Survivor: Cagayan
Week 12
Back at camp, Spencer is confused why everyone kept up the flipping-on-Tony-charade.  Everyone just wants to have a little fun.  Woo explains that he's final three with Tony, hoping to get to the end with his bud.  To show his trust, Woo spills the beans about the reward challenge and Kass plotting the revolt.  Tony's grateful but also ready to stab our beloved Double Buns in the back because people would vote for Woo in the end.

This week's reward challenge is to dive like pigs into mud and wipe it off into a bucket. Filthiest pig with the heaviest bucket wins.  The winner gets pizza delivered to them at camp because Domino's delivers worldwide.  The mud is a beautiful shade of clay brown AKA post-greasy pizza woods poop.  They don't even have to weigh the buckets because Tony's is stacked so high.  Eating pizza alone is sad so Tony chooses Trish to share with him.  Plus I'm pretty sure we can see all the bones in her malnourished body so lady needs a breadstick or twelve.

The pizza is delivered via helicopter and I suddenly know what I'd want me Bachelor one-one-one date to be.  Spencer waxes philosophically about the pizza being a metaphor for the game, where everyone is handing him the game.  Kid's deep.  Everyone knows that based on this pizza pick, Trish is Tony's official to-the-end partner.  He even tells Trish he has the super idol, but is lying more to pretend it lasts until four.  Tony tells Trish he wants to go to the end with her and Kass, so he needs to make a solid deal with Kass (throwing Woo under the bus in the process).  Right away, Kass puts her on "chaos" persona to stir the pot with Woo and Tony.  Tony doesn't understand why she went and blabbed, ruining a good thing.  Every single person left could beat Kass in the end, but sometimes you just have to dump the wild card.  Or chaos card.

Kass isn't done though and wants Woo to see through Tony's BS, with her idea of going to the end with Woo and Spencer.  The salt in Woo's beautifully coiffed wound is hearing that Tony swore on his wife and baby that he was bringing Kass to the end.  Kass suggests taking out Tony's "goat" and Trish overhears this and is not pleased.  Shit is falling apart and Spencer is hoping he can slide by.

Immunity is up for grabs again, where the survivors unbraided a rope to retrieve a key, piece together a wooden ladder, then a staircase, and solve a slide puzzle. It's like an immunity challenge "best of."  This challenge is long. The drinking game rules for this challenge would be a drink every time Probst says "piece" and you'd be sloppy.  Tony leads for a long time, but sucks at the slide puzzle (I understand old chap. I hate slide puzzles).  Spencer has a major comeback and kills it on the puzzle. Time for the alliance to officially turn on each other.

As soon as the tribe returns to camp, Trish confronts Kass over what she heard earlier.  Trish explains that Kass plays both sides, then the victim which proves that Trish can read people because god it's so true.  This altercation splits the tribe in half with Woo as the swing vote.  Tony starts his campaigning to Woo, who realizes Woo has lost trust in him due to the family-swear.  Tony makes another swear on some living and dead family to solidify a final three with Woo and Trish, but Woo is still weary that Tony will pick Trish over him.  "I want to get rid of Trish," Woo tells Kass, who is then worried that you can't trust Woo who has changed his mind some more.  BUT, Tony spies all of this from a distance and confronts him again, pleading to stick together.

Tribal Council time! When asked about the vibe after tribal, Kass calls Trish a skeleton blue-eyed banshee.  Trish says if Kass wants to be an agitator she can't play the victim.  Spencer is glad he's safe and knows his immunity brings destruction a smidge earlier.  Woo points out it's now three brawn vs. two brain.  The jury clearly hates Kass, which is hilarious to watch.  Kass says everything is going to HER plan, which sends Tony into a crazy rant about Kass sealing her own fate, her shit-eating grin, etc.  Woo gets my LOL of the night as he compares himself as being the foreign exchange student living with a very troubled, chaotic family.  To prove he's going nowhere, Tony busts out BOTH of his idols.  The votes are cast, Jeff tallies them, and Tony plays his regular hidden immunity idol. Trish is voted out of the game and Tony loses his closest ally (however, Tony DID vote her out - hmm).  "Good luck," Trish says while her torch is snuffed.  Kass flips her the bird.  OH WHAT A WEEK!