July 21, 2014

The Bachelorette: Andi's Men Tell All While Wearing Scarves

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The Bachelorette - Andi
Week 9 - The Men Tell All

While tonight is about Andi and her fellas, the Men Tell All stars with former stars Ashley and JP's latest success story. Ashley is mucho pregnant and due in October. While the big news they tease seems like it's their move to Miami, it's not. It's a live sonogram on-air to reveal the sex of the baby! And so out comes the ultrasound technician Greg, they unzip the belly to Ashley's maxi dress, and slop on some of that goo. There is a shocking reveal: it's a mini Chris Harrison. JK, it's a boy! JP's glad to have a son and Ashley totally knew it. Also, her boobs are looking great thanks to pregnancy. Perks, everyone!

There's a preview for the upcoming in Bachelor in Paradise, which I can't wait for. It's the epitome of hook up or go home. No competitions, no prisoner's dilemma. Just making out and dates with a constantly revolving cast. Romance, tears, ambulances, handcuffs of the non-sexy persuasion. It's getting real, guys! Some of the castmembers are in the audience to barely promote it, but will remind you they are ridiculously attractive and you'll want to see them maybe find love again.

Finally we get to see the men and they are all scarved out because it's what's got you guys. And if you look behind the guys, it's me woo'ing and cat calling. The first night everyone was of course taken with Andi. I'm taken by Marquel's cookie button (he's so hot). The biggest topic of the men's group sesh is the "blackie" comment that Andrew allegedly made. Andrew insists it didn't happen and claims he said something else to JJ during that first rose ceremony. There's video proof that he whispered something, but sadly no audio to confirm it. The controversy with JJ is that why did he wait so long to stir the pot? Marquel wants to know why Andrew has never personally apologized to him, more concerned with it affecting his personal life. Marquel does believe JJ because he is his true friend. After break, JJ comes back in to defend himself and the guys being pissed at him. JJ stands by what he said, though acknowledges his timing and way of delivering the news was off. The guys don't care and assume it's for TV.

First on the hot seat is Marquel, because he is everything. While admired for his passion for cookies, Marquel was stuck in the friendzone. It's a little bit of his fault, and a little bit of hers since she was clearly vibing with a lot of other dudes. Thankfully we'll get to see his hotness during Bachelor in Paradise. He wraps his time by throwing cookies into the audience and yes I lept VERY high to try and get one. I failed and it was caught on camera. Sometimes you forget you're being filmed when you're blinded by your Marquel love. Marquel is followed by Marcus who is handsome in person but still a little bland for me. Marcus lives back the heartbreak through his video package, but Andi taught him about true love again. But there's no regrets, even after saying "I love you" early and a lot. Good news is Marcus, too, will head to Paradise to bang around.

Farmer Chris of course is called to hot seat because everyone loves him and he's newly eliminated. Fresh heartbreak in the house! Chris appreciates that Andi gave him a chance despite his farmer lifestyle, but it was always going to be an obstacle. As Chris gives some boring talk, a beautiful girl in the audience raises her hand with a question. Chris Harrison calls her down to the stage and she introduces herself to Chris. See, she knows what it's like being from a small town (in Canada!) and wanted to meet Chris, asking if he thinks he'll meet that person in Iowa. But given the opportunity, she gets a speed date with Chris during the break. And yes, Chris gets the digits.

Andi is brought onstage in a shimmering navy mini dress, looking stunning. She is that gorgeous in person. And she's not pregnant, you guyzzz. STAAAAHP! It's the initial daunting task of facing over a dozen exes, and moreso awkward since she has to answer questions. Andi explains to Farmer Chris that Iowa wasn't what killed them; she just didn't see a real relationship blooming to get that far. For Marcus, Andi felt his feelings were way ahead of hers and she wasn't catching up. Cody thinks Andi didn't know the real him, which I can't take seriously in his multi-shades-of-blue denim. Andi didn't feel a romantic vibe with Marquel, but he jokes that he didn't know she was smooching so much. Chris Bukowski, who tried to crash the first ceremony, gets a formal introduction to Andi but who cares - Bachelor in Paradise bangin'! More importantly: Chris Harrison has the lie detector test results! And creepily calls himself "daddy" in the process. Brian, JJ, and Farmer Chris told no lies. Marcus lied that he slept with less than 20 women (WHOA), Dylan lied about preferring brunettes and being ready to get married, and Josh? Well we don't get that answer sadly, eventhough Chris Harrison thinsk they're important lies to know. But don't worry, there's BLOOPERS! Nasal spray, childhood memories destroyed, flushing toilets, drink spillage. LOLZ ALL AROUND!

So next week is the big finale where Andi will choose between Nick and Josh. Will either propose? Who will be heartbroken? Will there be helicopters?? See you next week for the season finale and After the Final Rose!

To wrap up this Men Tell All recap, I wanted to extend the biggest thank you in the world to ProFlowers. I entered a sweepstakes on their Facebook page, never expecting to win because I never win anything. At first I won a bouquet and got it delivered to work and we all laughed at my secret admirer, The Bachelorette. But then I was contacted and won the trip of a reality TV lover's lifetime to go to LA with a friend and attend the Men Tell All taping. I had a blast, I made new audience friends, made goofy reaction faces, was caught failing to catch a cookie on camera, and even met Bachelor Burn Book in person (though we didn't learn that until the episode aired and it's the greatest coincidence ever). I can't even begin to express my gratitude to ProFlowers and it was truly an amazing 48 hours in LA with my friend.


Donof said...

That's awesome you were at the taping! So how staged was it when the girl from the audience asked to meet Farmer Chris? I mean, surely the producers and Chris Harrison knew about this.