July 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Dude, Devin's Evicted Bro!

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Big Brother 16
Week 3

Derrick is stoked to be HOH, but Nicole isn't as happy since she won on pure luck and had no intentions of being HOH. Devin is the obvious target this week because he played everyone and it appeases the whole house. Devin requests being nominated straight out, like Derrick is dumb enough to allow Devin two chances to save himself. He may be down, but Devin's still fighting, diming the Bomb Squad out to others to try and acquire new allies. Christine has to come clear to ally Nicole about the Bomb Squad to cover herself, but their deal is still solid. Nicole is forced to come out of her low key position to play the game, which starts with strategizing about nominees with Derrick.

Derrick and Nicole think nominating Jocasta, Caleb, and Amber is a smart move, but struggle with who to fill that fourth slot since Pao Pao is back at home DJing and dressing like Donna Martin's sidekick. Derrick lets Caleb is on his plan, but knows that Caleb would be OK being nominated alongside Amber to save his gal and throw the Battle of the Block. Dude is desperate for a hero complex to earn some points. He tells his queen about this move which leads to yet another uncomfortable moment between the pair. Nicole decides to talk game with Donny, which seems safe enough, until Donny tells Brittany and Jocasta about the plan for Caleb to throw the Battle. Good ol' boy Donny is now on everyone's radar for being a rat. Call it punishment for his big mouth, Donny is nominated alongside Amber by Nicole (who instantly regrets betraying Donny), and Derrick nominates Jocasta and Caleb. But Devin knows none of this matters because he's obviously getting backdoored, throwing on that big grin of his and kissing ass to try and save face.

In house fun, Hayden keeps attempting to woo Nicole since the show is craving a showmance. Frankie has to brush off questions about his family as Victoria demands to know every single physical aspect of his sister (who he has yet to reveal is pop singer Ariana Grande). Team America is tasked with their first mission: get three other houseguests to spread a rumor that a current houseguest is related to a past one. Frankie's excited to gossip for a chance at money because he's good at it. The three decide to claim Zach confided to Pao Pao that his cousin was Amanda (of the cringeworthy McCranda of BB15), and Pao Pao told them this as her parting words.

The backyard is a poor man's Hogwarts; like really poor. The castle is called "Frogwarts," for real. The nominees get to wear sweet wizard's hats and capes while one nominee retrieves puzzle pieces and the other nominee "flies" up to assemble the puzzle on a magnetic wall. Caleb is supposed to throw this competition, so Jocasta is nervous about the possible outcome of this Battle of the Block. I know Caleb is allegedly throwing it, but he's just retrieving pieces while Jocasta is struggling badly at solving the puzzle. Amber hates puzzles but Donny loves them, helping them secure a victory and saving themselves from elimination. A transfiguration charm turns dethroned Nicole into a frog all week, forcing her to endure a goofy frog costume until next week. Ribbet!

Nicole's frog suit is so adorable and I'd much rather rock that than stupid unitard. After the Battle of the Block, Jocasta gets really sick and therefore we see get screentime for like the first time ever. Caleb gets really creepy with some chime stalker music as he gets upset Amber isn't swooning over him throwing the Battle of the Block for her. Derrick reminds Caleb to stop saying he threw the Battle so people don't side with Jocasta should the worst case scenario happen. Caleb's probably only half-concerned because his holding back jealously as Cody and Amber bond. Team America succeeds in spreading the rumor than Zach is related to BB15's Amanda. So successful that Zach embraces the rumor and claims it's true.

Derrick, Caleb, Devin, Christine, and Donny (who plays on behalf of bedridden Jocasta) put on their game faces and head into the backyard for the veto competition. The backyard is a big casino with a roulette table and Cody hosts dressed as the most adorable croupier ever. The competition is for two players to battle head-to-head to by rolling in a giant dice cage to the correct number on their platform. Gambling hamster cubes! It's pretty easy to try to eliminate Devin since you get to challenge the fellow competitor you'd like to take out, except he's really good at it - especially when he gets a few rounds in. Thing is, the real challenge beast this season is Donny who defeats Devin, then Caleb to win yet another veto.

Donny would prefer for everyone to not know how he plans to play the game, but Derrick hopes Donny will use that veto to make the assist in backdooring Devin. Donny surprises Jocasta in bed with her veto and she loudly cries from joy. Or because she's so bound up. Cody gives a quick strip tease to commemorate the win and I think I speak for many where I say, MORE! Devin gets weepy that he's let his daughter down as he's named the replacement nominee in sobbing Jocasta's place. Looks like the end of the Devin Drinking Game is near.

 Jocasta continues crying around the house at Donny saving her with the veto. Caleb hopes he stays in the game over Devin, but remains focused on his Amber obsession. Despite sleeping in the freezing Have Not room, he puts his blanket on a cold Amber and thinks at the end of this surely he'll win a date. SUUUUUUUUUUUURE CALEB. The show continues to pretend a there's a legit love triangle  with Cody for the drama, and because it keeps up the Creepy Caleb edit. Cody would prefer to get out Caleb and others begin to consider this possibility as well, plus Devin remaining in the house would keep a massive target in the house. But this is all wishful thinking editing because it's 100% obvious  Devin is a goner this week and could no way save himself.

To fill time, "Big Brother legend" Jeff Schroeder goes to interview Donny's family. "Legend" is pushing it, guys. Donny's family doesn't watch the show so he shows them clips for them to chuckle at. I can't think of a player in recent years that's gotten SUCH a fan-loving edit; it's kind of turning me against him. I officially love Donny's family for supporting him so much and also not giving a shit about Jeff. Using his "acting skills" (I can't), Jeff puts on Donny's janitor shirt, a hat, eats Pop Tarts, and pretends to be Donny. Please give us real Donny.

Caleb makes a speech about being friends with Devin and both being competition beasts. Devin points out that Caleb already has a final two with Amber and could be an asset if kept. The house unanimously evicts Devin from the house and it was the writing on the wall as soon as he got caught gaming too hard during his reign as HOH. Devin's not surprised he was evicted and takes his exit quite well. And the whole house literally celebrates at the eviction.

This week's HOH competition forces the remaining 12 houseguests into pairs and their fate relies on this partnership. The randomly created pairs are Christine/Victoria, Caleb/Nicole, Brittany/Jocasta, Amber/Zach, Donny/Hayden, and Cody/Frankie. The backyard has been transformed into hell for "Deviled Eggs," where the teams have to maneuver their eggs through a chicken wire course to achieve victory. As I have to say every season, watching people navigate fragile eggs through chicken wire is beyond dull. The only interesting part is that Derrick gets to be Satan and everyone else is wearing devil horns and at one point the show cuts to "fish," which is what happens when live feeds cut out.