August 7, 2014

Big Brother 16: Double Eviction Fun Times

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Week 6
A new week of Big Brother picks up with the trivia cliffhanger from the HOH competition. The remaining five houseguests have to guess the number of seconds of the entire "Giddy Up" veto competition (a number surely we all know). Nicole and Donny both come closest to the answer and become the Heads of Household. Zach fakes a hissy fit that he lost (he's cool with it), while Jocasta really cries since she'd like a letter from home.

Nicole and Donny decide to collaborate on nominations to shake up the house a little. Donny decides to nominate Caleb as a "tit for tat, you nominated me" move alongside Victoria, an attempt to sandbag in the Battle of the Block to hopefully make it a little easier to send him out. Muahaha - my how the mighty have fallen with Caleb! It's fun to see him kissing ass and regretting his earlier nomination from his one week of power. Nicole can't nominate two strong guys outright so nominates eternal pawn Jocasta and Zach (who stupidly volunteered, claiming reverse psychology, then backtracks his offer). Zach is only offended that Nicole doesn't think he's a super-villain in her speech. But her dream move is the backdoor Frankie if the veto is used, which is alarming to Derrick (less so Donny) since Frankie is the third in their Team America cash cow.

Christine is dressed up like Pee Wee Herman to host the Battle of the Block, which is a backyard filled with giant versions of kid's toys (like a broke-ass version of Toy Story Mania). The pairs have to work together to create a chain of dominoes and knock them over. But within the plain dominoes, each pair also has to knock down three domino punishments. The punishments include shaved head, slop, manure bath, and other delightful treats. Self-described "challenge beast" challenge really gets Victoria to step up her game, and they overthrow Donny as HOH. However, the now-safe pair have to endure three punishments: two weeks of slop, a shaved head, and tethered together for 48 hours as Adam and Eve in fig leaf swimsuits. I think Victoria is regretting her earlier statement hoping they'll get closer in the game.

Now that they're safe, Caleb and Victoria are given their punishments. All then Caleb moans about how he's in a worst situation than the nominees because he's going to have to shave his head. Caleb may be irritating, but you couldn't have picked a better body in the house to rock a fig leaf Adam costume (ok, maybe Cody - so top two). Then "Princess Eve" shaves off the beautiful locks "Beastmode Adam" and it's not that bad. It's a buzz cut, not Mr. Clean. This all turns Frankie on. What wouldn't turn Frankie on? Knowing that HOH Nicole's plan is to backdoor Frankie.

Nicole, Hayden, Derrick, and Cody form a new alliance together, The Rationale, and all seem down to backdoor Frankie, saying Zach will be a "lost puppy" with him in the house. Christine would prefer Zach goes home, so she tells a lie that Zach claims to have seen Victoria and Hayden kissing. She also suggests Derrick and Cody as replacement nominees, which means she's betraying the Detonators and being Frankie's loyal minion. Christine thinks this will bond her and Nicole closer as besties, but instead Nicole sees through Christine's poor attempt to manipulate her and Cody/Derrick no longer trust their fellow Detonator. Zach still trusts The Detonators and this may just be his downfall since this alliance is crumbling fast.

Nicole, Jocasta, Zach, Caleb, Christine, and Victoria play in this week's awesome Veto Competition. They players have to zipline to peer through the windows of the BB Comic Studio and memorize the comic book collection order and details, then fly back, find the matching cover, and place them on a shelf. It's like Photohunt you play at the bar where you need to see what's right/wrong in the picture (like big weiner vs. small weiner). Or Highlights if you're 11. The zip line is fun, but the comics are pretty hysterical. Cody is the Zefronator because he loves Zac Efron, Donny is The Beard, and I have no idea what Frankie is but it's insane. Zach goes nuts during the competition because his posters aren't in the right order, screaming about all the details, etc; he knows he blew it. The veto winner is Christine, who is hellbent on leaving nominations the same and getting Zach out of the house. Christine doesn't end up using the veto, fearing another Detonator could go on the block, but is still hoping to send Zach home. And it seems others would like that too.

Julie Chen is in royal blue, a turquoise necklace, and a sassy high pony because it's Double Eviction night! And both evictees join the jury! And just because they're out of the house doesn't mean they're out of the game! And Ariana Grande is in the live audience! BUT FIRST, let's wrap up what happened in the house after the veto. The Rational decide to switch their target to Zach, but Derrick and Cody are caught whispering by Detonator Frankie who considers it a lack of trust. Master player Derrick plays peacemaker between both sides to the point of convincing Frankie to vote out Zach, who is playing them. Then they have to convince Caleb and it's hard to seriously do this since he's wrapped in a teal blanket, wearing a turquoise scarf, and blue underneath. He's ride or die or whatever, but this goofus is the only person who points out Zach is a number on their side and they will never sway Jocasta. So the plan quickly changes to keep Zach, turning Christine/Frankie against Nicole/Hayden by telling them the original plan was to backdoor Frankie. I love scrambling!

After Julie gives the houseguests the scoop on the Double Eviction, Jocasta gives her usual shoutout speech and Zach does the poem he's been practicing for an entire week. The house is quiet when it's Jocasta, not Zach, evicted in a 6-2 vote. Jocasta's totally fine getting evicted. Instead of playing hard or evil, she decided to "be cool" and be her true self. But Julie informs Jocasta there's a chance she could re-enter the game and while I love those bowties... no thanks.

Now comes the exciting rush of Double Eviction adrenaline. The Head of Household competition is answering math questions based on events that have happened in the house. Who would've thunk the winner of a math challenge would be Caleb and his dumb scarf, who Hulks out upon victory. With minutes to decide (and days worth of pondering anyways), because of "he say, she say" Donny and Hayden are nominated. The Power of Veto competition is to search a ballpit for three rubber duckies, which we all know better as the iconic Clown shoe moment of Jeff Schroeder. Donny wins the veto to the relief of the internet and takes himself off the block; Nicole is picked as the replacement nominee to "sit next to her boyfriend." Hayden's goodbye speech throws Frankie and Christine under the bus, while Nicole re-iterates that Frankie/Christine are the ones who pushed to get Zach out. Hayden is evicted from the house. "I got boned!" Hayden says to Julie, who thought he was smooth sailing until Jocasta got evicted. When asked about his showmance, Hayden's basically like ehhh, maybe and maybe more excited to possibly return to the game.