August 14, 2014

Big Brother 16: Mean Penguin Otev Is Here to Cuss You Out

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Week 7

The house is in shambles after the Double Eviction. Nicole cries because the house is a bunch of liars claiming that she's the biggest liar, especially sneaks Frankie and Christine. Flashbacks prove that Frankie did make an alliance with Nicole and Hayden, and even Zach and Caleb are starting to buy what she's whining. Still fighting hard, Nicole wins the eye-chart trivia Tourn-EYE-ment HOH competition along with Christine. A Frankie hater and Frankie ally in power? This should be good!

Nicole still isn't sure if Christine is a worthwhile ally, but they're co-HOHs so she needs to make amends only so she doesn't get screwed later. But then, SURPRISE! Frankie comes to interrupt and say he was working with the other side of the house too, suggests nominating Zach, Caleb, Cody, and Derrick, and offers to flip the house with Christine. Except Christine is like whooooa stop ruining my shizz. Zach reveals to Nicole that the Detonators were formed two weeks ago, but also learns that Frankie threw them all under the bus. The other Detonators are pissed at news and are finally realizing Frankie is playing them all. Derrick's masterplan is to nominate Frankie and Zach, and have the Zach throw the Battle of the Block to ensure Frankie is nominated. But Caleb volunteers to be the pawn since Frankie was the mastermind behind the shitshow with Amber. Christine nominates Donny and Zach for eviction; Zach calls Christine and Frankie "fucking liars" since he's nominated, done with their betrayals. Nicole nominates Caleb and Frankie and is very open that Frankie is her target.

Frankie is pretty confident he and Caleb can win the Battle of the Block since they're strong competitors, blissfully unaware of the plan for Caleb to throw the comp. The Thursday Night Football BoB competition is to raise balls up through a course, working together to pull the chains together to navigate the balls. When Frankie tries to talk to Caleb, Caleb can't make eye contact and it becomes totally clear he's throwing the competition. Frankie begs him not to do it but Caleb doesn't believe Frankie. "Amber is gone because of you. You lied." Caleb then takes the classic elementary school protest approach: sits on the sidelines. The competition finally starts and Zach/Donny take an early lead. But once Frankie gets a groove going (and he can do the navigating alone), he surpasses them. Frankie wins the Battle of the Block alone, but Caleb and HOH Christine still get to enjoy the additional victory perks: a trip outside the house to a NFL field trup and a tailgating party. Everyone's pissed, especially Zach, but Frankie decides he needs to gain trust with everyone. He's going to reveal his big secret: he's the big brother to popstar Ariana Grande.

Zach is livid that Frankie survives another week, betrayed by his lies and throwing him under the bus. "It's Big Brother. Everyone's a liar," Frankie reminds Zach. Frankie comes clean to the guys that yes, he did tell the women to nominate them this week. Also, he's lied the entire time because he's actually a YouTube personality, social media "mogul," and pop singer Ariana Grande's brother (or Amanda Grande, if you're Derrick). Frankie tells all the girls too because they'll be excited, especially Victoria who is a superfan. Most see through this move as Frankie's strategic ploy, or as Victoria so wisely explains is a "escape goat" to survive longer. Frankie insists he's not a millionaire but he's playing the game for charity, and now it's like how the hell do you vote against charity? Many have deduced that they're fighting a losing battle for fan favorite since Ariana's fans will vote Frankie. Zach's driven to angry tears in the Diary Room so you know it's getting real.

Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, and Derrick put on Hawaiian shirts for the veto competition and head into the backyard. Sitting atop a waterfall ramp is a badass Gilbert Gottfried voiced penguin: it's Otev! Otev the Pissed Off Penguin will request a drink named after an evicted "idiot" (YES, I love you Otev) and they houseguests will find the name and bring it back to bitter penguin Otev. Last to arrive is eliminated until there's one POV victor. Unlike the jaunty songs of Otev past, this Otev is kind of a dick and I LOVE IT. He swears! F-bombs! Zach ends up winning the veto after calling Otev a froot loop dingus, a sigh of relief from a guy who knew he could be f'd over again by the house.

Zach and Frankie kind of make amends, though it's mostly Zach putting on a happy face because that's the game. Zach can never shut up, so he tells Victoria about his final two with Frankie and about the Detonators. But see, Victoria supposedly has a final two with Derrick and she's shattered, humiliated, and cries more. Zach realizes he royally messed up again and confesses to Derrick by blaming Nicole, who confronts both women. It becomes a house meeting, Zach admits he lied because everyone knows he lies about everything. So in the end, Derrick outs Zach as a liar, gets Nicole out of trouble, and Victoria whines again.

Team America's mission is another failure this week because Donny's on the block and they trio can't get another person put as a pawn because that means Donny would go home. Derrick, Caleb, and Cody scheme to get Nicole as a replacement nominee. Nicole knows about the Detonators and other secrets, so it's good to dump her. Caleb and Zach tell the house assume Christine/Nicole are a duo and Christine tells secrets to her, which Nicole relays to others. Oh and that the plan was for Caleb to throw the Battle of the Block to help backdoor Christine. Christine is a situation that she pretty much has to nominate her house bestie to stay in with the Detonators. So at the veto ceremony, of course Zach saves himself but Christine decides to "take the knife out of her back" and return it by nominating Nicole. Christine picked a side - let's see if it's the right one (oh it's not at all the right move in the slightest).

Nicole is hurt by Christine's a-hole speech, but Christine insists it was alliance pressure. Nicole's imminent eviction is all the proof needed that the guys are picking off the girls, so Nicole tries her hardest to campaign. She tells the guys Donny would target them, Cody in particular and the only person harming Cody in this house is himself (because he punched himself in the face while asleep). Meanwhile Donny cries a little bit because he's a lone bearded wolf, with no alliance and really no friends in the house. But the game pauses for a day when Caleb, Christine, and Frankie get to escape the house for Dallas Cowboys training camp. It's like Hard Knocks!! They eat, poorly play catch, meet Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, and other Cowboys, and get to ride in an RV. What a day and I think the NFL surely is happy that Big Brother was able to give them the promotion they so greatly need.

In no surprise whatsoever, Nicole is unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house. I was hoping Julie Chen would tell Nicole to change her outfit because red is Julie's signature shade and now it's like two bridesmaids gabbing about a reality show. Nicole is the example given week one of being HOH and evicted in the same week thank to the Battle of the Block. Nicole thinks she's being overestimated as a power player. Nicole apologizes to Ariana Grande fans for targeting Frankie and I'm like, gurl don't. But despite it all, superfan Nicole loved every minute of it.

A zombie apocalypse has struck the Big Brother backyard, include a zombie mannequin popping out of a grave that kinda looks like he's trying to get to the Jack Shack if you catch my drift. Apparently last night, zombies popped up behind all the mirrors, sending the houseguests into laughter screams for hours. The rest of the night, the TV plays emergency alerts on the TV with factoids for the latest competition. "Dead of Household" is trivia based on the fake alerts, but as soon as Donny and Victoria get eliminated we know a real stir-up won't happen. Derrick and Frankie are the new Heads of Household and I seriously groaned at the idea of yet another Frankie power trip. The only positive is that Derrick and Cody have to nominate some Detonators.