August 21, 2014

Big Brother 16: Props, Zings, and a Juror Returns

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Week 8

Derrick and Frankie are the new Heads of Household and I let out a loud exhale of annoyance for Frankie being in power again. I mean, he's a great player but ugh. Due to the sheer number of players left in the game, some Detonators will have to be nominated. The idea is to only nominate one of the targets initially (Donny), that way Donny/Victoria can't save each other with the veto. But Donny is suspicious of a deeper Derrick/Frankie alliance when they tell him the plans but say "we" a lot, not to mention offended that it was basically candy choosing his fate (yup, that happens). As for the Detonators, no one is raising their hand to volunteer because no one is totally willing to throw the Battle of the Block. There's no real safety in this game, especially in this house of rats. The group resorts to drawing Skittles to pick nominations. It's like the infamous Survivor purple rock! But won't break your teeth if you bite into it. Christine is nominated alongside Donny and thus given the task of throwing the BOB. Frankie nominates Cody and Caleb, who would love to backdoor Zach this week (and others are liking the idea too).

The backyard isn't decorated all snazzy for the Battle of the Block: there is the big black box. Inside, there's no light and just crawling, sticky madness. The two teams have to find bones hidden in the room, placing five bones into their scoreboard to secure victory and safety. There's goo and packing peanuts all over, plus some obstacles. The dark makes it easier for Christine to attempt to throw the competition (not shown but mentioned on feeds: Christine intentionally handing bones to the other team), except Donny is an awesome challenge beast who can tell when a person is obviously throwing a challenge. You can try to throw the Battle of the Block, but it ain't always a one-sided thing. Donny saves himself and that dingus Christine, overthrowing Derrick as HOH. Frankie remains in charge while Cody and Caleb stay on the block. The Detonators are in troubleeee.

Donny is pained by Christine's throwing of the competition, figuring that the whole house was behind it. Derrick tries to cover his ass with Donny, but Derrick can tell Donny doesn't trust him. Duh, you've basically been being nice to him to win money. Realizing he's actually in a game, Donny tries to reach out and make some headway with Zach, who then begins to panic at the possibility of being backdoored for being the house lunatic. And he's not picked for the veto competition so there's a very good chance he's screwed. The intended target is Victoria, but she's 100% in Derrick's pocket and Derrick is running everything and not being caught so, yeah, things aren't looking good for Zach. But it's all hypothetical until the veto is used because if the veto isn't used, a Detonator is 100% going home.

The Storage Room door creaks open and out walks the greatest creature on Earth: ZINGBOT! At first, something is very awry as he's telling compliments, tagged with "Props!" Thankfully comedian Kathy Griffin arrives for a "Zingervention" and warms up the house with her own zings. Zach gets read the absolute best by Kathy, "What do you call someone who's not afraid to cry, wears pink, and cuddles with men? You call them Zach." Also the best, "Victoria, I would zing you but I'm only supposed to zing people that are actually playing the game." Kathy's great, but Zingbot's got a glitch and the Veto comp will fix it. The players connect cords to set off the lights to reboot Zingbot and it's HOH Frankie that wins the veto and talks about winning it "for the gays" to show off for Kathy Griffin. The good news is Zingbot is cured and back to being the snarky asshole I love. My favorite (because I can't stand Frankie anymore), "Frankie, that's a nice tan but I'm surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in your sister's shadow. GRANDE ZING!" More zings? PEEP BEAMLY, YO!

After the veto competition, Zach is begging Frankie to spare him, while Frankie assures Caleb he'll take him off the block. Evicting Victoria is really a waste of a week since she barely wins anything, which makes Frankie consider a big move. The house, well mostly Zach, gets into a real shitstorm this week thanks to the Team America task which is to steal personal items from all their houseguests, then create a neighborhood watch the patrol the house for 24 hours straight. Lots of "Saboteur!" screams as the house forms their watch to protect their items. What this eventually leads to is Team America framing Zach as the saboteur, which makes it the perfect time to turn him into the target. Zach's nightmare comes true as Frankie uses the veto to save Caleb and chooses Zach as the replacement nominee with a real shitty, lame rap. Yeah Frankie, you were really broken up about it.

Zach puts himself to bed after his nomination, pretty devastated to be backdoored out of the game and knowing it's a longshot to convert three houseguests to his side. Apparently if Zach just volunteered to go on the block and throw the competition he'd be safe. Victoria is relieved to lose her summer torturer and as a final farewell, she steals back her pink hat (which Zach has worn all summer) and murders it with a knife. "This is the most satisfying thing I've done all summer," Victoria says, which proves just how little she's played the game. Donny promises to vote to keep Zach, so that's one. The others? Not so much swayed. Donny tries to talk some common sense into Christine that she's the odd one out her group and would be targeted right after Donny, pointing out he's alone, Zach's alone... they could be a powerful group. Christine takes it in, but sadly isn't aired that she immediately dimed Donny out. And Frankie? He ain't listenin' to Zach anymore.

In a bowtie he probably snagged from Frankie, Zach tells his fellow houseguests he doesn't hate them. He only hates one of them and strongly dislikes the others. He is shortly after evicted from the Big Brother house in a unanimous vote, scattering Froot Loops all over the houseguests as he runs out. Julie acts surprised, but isn't really, that Zach made such elaborate elimination preparations. He fully admits he failed at the game for running his mouth, including the breakup of Zankie (ugh, gross). Zach explains his strategy was to be hated but it didn't work out in the end. Victoria's goodbye speech reveals the murdered pink hat, the saddest he's looked tonight. But is quickly baffled that he might have a chance to re-enter the game.

The remaining houseguests get the big news that the four jurors (Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach) will be competing to return to the house. Decked out in shorts clearly stolen from Mike Tyson's bureau, the four jurors play a game that's like shuffleboard meets air hockey. For a hot second it seems that Jocasta is going to re-enter the game which is SO disappointing but it's a tie and Nicole's got the closest disc to the middle. Nicole wins! Nicole re-enters the game!