August 31, 2014

Big Brother 16: Goodbye to Lovable Donny and his Wonderful Beard

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Week 9

The house fake-celebrates being excited that Nicole is re-entering the house. Donny gets Nicole up to speed quickly about the house being after him, the Skittles, etc, as the house continues to whisper about needing to get Donny out. Derrick rallies his troops to stay strong together and not let anyone sway their alliance. Basically, let's keep the game as predictable as possible and therefore boring for viewers. Which is exactly what happens when Cody wins the trivia/boxing HOH competition, punching in days in the house to answer house event dates.

But the show needs to pretend something different might go down than the obvious, so the Detonators talk about about Christine being a disposable waste of an alliance member. Per Donny's advice, Nicole tries talking game with Cody to try to avoid the inevitable/obvious. Her reminder is that his friends are going to turn on him soon, so why not try to make a big move first and use her for his benefit. "I run this shit but you don't even realize it" Derrick makes sure Cody knows they have to make the right moves together to assure their final two, which includes knowing that Nicole is a liar and Christine is playing all sides. Nicole isn't a liar - she's just in loooove with her showmance Hayden. Donny tries his hardest to campaign as well, reminding him if Donny/Nicole stick around they're bigger targets to shield Cody next week. Derrick is straight with Donny, saying he's now a target but isn't sure if Team America is worth saving if Donny isn't totally into it (and he knows Donny has targeted him before). But the Detonators are solid and ready to stay on track, so of course Donny and Nicole are nominated for eviction.

Yawn at the nominations, the boring obvious choice. But, it's how a strong alliance works which sadly doesn't make good TV. Donny is the target because everyone thinks Donny is a completely different person, like a Rain Man-esque genius or military. Again, just a janitor. Donny tries to use Team America's mission to create your own mission to save himself. Derrick is torn, Frankie is like, "Let's do a play." It's jerky but I see Frankie's point: the whole house wants Donny out and it would be suspicious. But a play? LAME. And so all the houseguests do impersonations of the eliminated houseguests and I beg no one votes for it. Oh and Victoria's wisdom teeth are so bad medics have to rescue her from being passed out by the toilet.

By deductive reasoning and knowing how predictable Big Brother is, Christine determines this is a counting competition and tells her houseguests how to throw the competition to take out their targets. This season's counting challenge is brought to you by the new CBS show Scorpion, but they're counting like peaches, donuts, and coffee cups. Christine's strategy starts with a fail, but the constant folding strategy pays off and Cody wins the veto. Cody gets an extra prize gets to watch the premiere of Scorpion with two houseguests, so Nicole and Donny get relieved of Have Not torture for a night of snacks.

Since this house kisses major HOH ass, Derrick and Cody haven't had Hitmen alone time together. When they finally have time to talk, Cody says he'd love to use the veto and get out Frankie - maybe even Christine. But that doesn't happen, obviously, and the veto isn't used. Nicole and Donny remain nominees.

Donny hopes Team America can come through for him, as they're his only hope. Frankie and Derrick wonder if keeping Donny is smarter because Nicole would target them. Frankie begins to plant seeds of doubt about Nicole getting close with Christine again, particularly to a paranoid Caleb who is the easiest to flip to the Save Donny cause. The best part is when you plant a seed with Caleb, he brings it around to others like it's his idea - it's hilarious. However HOH Cody isn't as keen on the idea, reminding his alliance that Donny beats them in challenges a lot. Derrick is now torn and the actual swing vote, which is bad for his role as secret mastermind.

Team America learns they failed the task with an "overwhelming no" via a codeword convo (apple pie as desserts for Have Nots). Everyone cries from video messages at home. Christine's family gets a feature about her bizarre relationship with Cody. Her husband is pretty funny about it, though her parents aren't loving it. And Cody's dad says it's an Italian thing. Most are just thinking, "Ugh, Christine is so annoying." And us viewers vote on Twitter for a temptation/punishment for this week's Head of Household competition: the person who jumps off to accept $5,000 can either get a punishment of 5,000 Hollas shouted at them or 5 dumb tees to wear all summer.

The house flip almost happened, but it didn't. Donny is evicted from the Big Brother house which is sad for a fan like him, but maybe a relief since it was often lonely for him without a friend. I know early on his fan favorite edit drove me nuts, but I grew to really love Donny in the house. He gets out to Julie and cries - it breaks my heart! He's a little hurt by Team America because America chose them to work together, but he knows it's an individual game. Julie wonders why Donny kept his routine of sleeping early, but he admits he had nothing in common with them. But at least he gets a guest starring role on The Bold and The Beautiful!

Turns out this isn't an endurance competition, but the one where you carry liquids down a slick lane. This year's theme is "Sloppy the Snowman" where they transfer liquid into the head of a snowman, making a piece of coal rise. The temptation is to fill the smaller snowman to win $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas. Let the sliding and gliding begin! And let's hope this is a good week because next week is a Double Eviction episode.