September 8, 2014

Bachelor in Paradise: Love Lost (and Found) in Paradise

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Week 6 - FINALE!
Chris Harrison arrives at the house to drop some more twists and blow ya minds. He wants everyone to take a "hard, honest look at your relationship" and see how it'll pan out when they aren't living in a Mexican resort sipping tropical drinks all day. If they don't think it'll work in real life, they've gotta pack up and peace out. Time for some awkward couple convos!

While Michelle has her relationship with Cody on her mind, she's mostly concerned with her best friend Graham and that wackadoo AshLee. AshLee thinks Michelle is her friend and on her side, but it's the opposite as Michelle tells Graham she thinks AshLee isn't genuine and not right for him. And AshLee keeps rambling about everything being wonderful, blah blah. Graham finally talks to AshLee and tells her finally that this isn't going to continue on. A paradise fling. He feels bad but knows it's the right thing to do. AshLee cries a little and quickly peaces out. Graham leaves us with a final deep quote, "For me, paradise is lost."

Tasos and Christy both agree easily that they just met and aren't ready for anything at all. Jackie feels her timing with Zack isn't right and thinks they should probably leave as well. Marcus and Lacy are DUH together forever. Robert and Sarah have something good going on and plan to stay. But what about Michelle and Cody? Michelle is a single mom, so her daughter always crosses her mind and like how this beefy dude will fit into life - she even calls her daughter for advice. It's basically the wisest person to ever grace this show, saying it's not about being cute and he needs a good personality and be nice. Plus he's like ten steps ahead of Michelle in terms of feelings. But Michelle decides to stick around and move forward with Cody.

The "next step" is to have overnight dates together to have real conversations about life post-paradise and again, if it's not mean to be pack up your stuff and leave paradise. Marcus and Lacy of course have a wonderful date together and Lacy says she loves Marcus. And also "You complete me" because, ugh, gag. Robert and Sarah get a fantasy suite-esque room with a hot tub and she's excited for alone time away from cameras (cue the "Do Not Disturb" door tag being hung up). Michelle and Cody have a romantic dinner to talk about stuff, then smooch at little in the fantasy suite where supposedly they'll talk more. 

Everyone returns the next day basking in the afterglow of beautiful hotel room sexy times. Except Sarah, that is. Sure cheesecake was enjoyed, but the romance never happened for Sarah and Robert in the suite, instead Robert went to sleep early. In his jeans. And rejected any physical attempts by Sarah, who says the word "french kissing" way too much for an adult. Robert is shocked when Sarah doesn't believe they connected, so she has to remind him he barely touched her and went to sleep instead of spending all night talking and learning everything about each other. Sarah ends her relationship with Robert and seeks comfort from the other girls. And Robert cries while explaining he was enjoying taking it slow and doesn't rush "I love you." Another love saga of paradise ends.

The two happy couples that remain meet Chris Harrison, who then brings in past success stories of the franchise to give advice on how to have a relationship with television cameras. There's married with kids Jason and Molly, newlyweds Sean and Catherine, and engaged Des and Chris. In rapid-fire questions, both couples seem to actually know each other which is one positive step. The success story couples are all impressed with Michelle/Cody and Marcus/Lacy and believe they're definitely there for love. Well if THEY give the seal of approval. 

The experience ends with one final rose ceremony and professions of love. And I hate to admit, but I'm like really routing for Michelle and Cody? It's so bizarre. Marcus requests some alone time with Lacy before handing out the rose, walking her out to the beach instead and landing on the perfect proposal spot dock. Marcus gives her a big speech about finding true love with her. He drops down on one knee and gets out that Neil Lane ring and proposes. And it would be such a surprise if this wasn't posted as news MONTHS ago, before Bachelor in Paradise even aired. The alums cheer on the latest addition to the success stories of the franchise with a mixed track record. And yes she accepts the final rose and gives one right back. The show ends with a montage of all the failed relationships of kooks, wrapping with letting us know Michelle and Cody are very happy together in Utah and Marcus and Lacy live together in Dallas. Oh, and BLOOPERS!!!

And THAT my friends was Bachelor in Paradise. I'll be here snarking on more shows but good news is this show has been renewed for a second season! I hope the raccoon will be back.