September 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Go Grande or Go Home (or to the Jury)

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Week 12

The Big Brother rewind creates a week of deja vu, as we begin the episode sitting through a second playing of that dumb see-saw shovel competition. The goal of everyone playing is to win that HOH and target Frankie, not lame duck Victoria. The "changes" from week-to-week is that the rain is much harder than before so yeah, nice try to make it seem like something has changed. It's still boring to watch. I definitely assumed Frankie would win this competition again, but it's Beast Mode See-Saw Boy who takes the win. A quick bro hug in the bedroom celebrates their victory, while keeping it very secret from Frankie that this will be his downfall.

The houseguests get sent up to the HOH room with a wonderful breakfast spread and the promise of a luxury competition. Instead they are shown a TV screen where they see the jury members re-entering the house and creating total chaos. The jury is the one playing in this competition, not the houseguests, and they have to trash the house to find "Knock Out" pucks to eliminate their fellow jury members for a chance at $5k. The houseguests have a chance to win $5k by betting on which juror they think will win  (Frankie-Zach, Derrick-Donny, Victoria-Hayden, Cody-Nicole, Caleb-Jocasta,No one ever-Christine). I am cracking at the houseguests screaming at the TV for their juror. Nicole knocks pretty much everyone out but it's Hayden who finds the final puck, knocks out Nicole (though almost eliminates himself for her - aw showmantical), and wins $5,000 for him and Victoria. Though Hayden's not super psyched Victoria got the money and the house is livid that they have to clean up the mess, including trash actually dumped on the floor (thanks Jocasta).

In game play stuff, Frankie wants Caleb to keep the nominations the same as last week: Cody and Victoria. Caleb is slightly concerned that nominating Frankie outright will motivate him to win the veto and make shit go down. Caleb thinks Derrick should finally be the pawn in the weekly grand scheme, but we know Derrick will make shit work his way. Into the restroom Derrick, Cody, and Caleb go to try and convince Caleb to keep them safe and keep up their final three deal. Frankie hustles to save himself with Caleb, hoping they could be a final two together, but it doesn't work. At the "daggum" nomination ceremony, Caleb nominates Victoria and Frankie for eviction and uses props from the chess board because THEATRICS!

Team America's remaining members learn that if they win the game, they'll earn another $50,000. Chances are slim for target Frankie now, who learns from Caleb he was nominated partially because his allies don't trust him to not make a power move. But it'll all come down the the veto, a re-do of last week's terrifying houseguest mashup to make freak show workers. But hooray, new freaks to haunt out dreams! The studying totally pays off as Cody wins the veto and the nominations aren't going to change. Frankie is pretty crushed to go from best to worst thanks to the Rewind, going so far as a bitchy, cranky speech to try and get Derrick nominated since he hasn't been nominated before ("Crushed it" UGH). Frankie is voted out of the Big Brother house and exits by spraying glitter everywhere and screeching over Julie.

Turns out before he left, Frankie told the guys that he would "single-handedly pick the winner" of this game in the jury, not to mention his "millions" of followers. Give me a break Frankie. Ugh. Over it. MOVING ON. Derrick wins the "Foggy Memory" HOH competition of before/after trivia, so now he must nominate two people when there are only three options (Cody, Caleb, Victoria) and he's got deals with all. Derrick smooth talks his way to making sure he's cool with everyone to get to the final two, sweet talking Caleb and Victoria beforehand so they know they're nominated. And aww Derrick gets a HOLLAAAA from his daughter and wife. While Caleb and Victoria are nominated, the really power player this week is whoever holds the Power of Veto since they cast the sole vote to evict.

Said POV is a veto themed around CBS' new drama Stalker (eyeroll) where the houseguests need to match houseguests to corresponding clues. It makes a suspect board which is something I feel like I should make next year to have a weird Big Brother conspiracy board in my home. Derrick totally throws it so he doesn't have to take any additional responsibility this week. Victoria is useless, Caleb is stumped, and pretty much it's Cody playing alone. Cody wins the most powerful veto of the season and he'll determine who else is heading to the jury this week.

Caleb campaigns to Cody to make sure the deal for the final three stands, citing loyalty. Cody's only loyalty is to Derrick; Caleb was merely a pawn to get Frankie out. Caleb's final speech pleads to maintain the loyalty but it sway Cody, who admits that since day two he's been aligned with Derrick and this is to get rid of the person most likely to impede their dream. Cody evicts Caleb from the house. Rocking some denim-on-denim, Beast Mode Cowboy brings Julie a fabric rose, is kind of upset with Derrick (but gets it), doesn't regret evicting Frankie, and maybe his loyalty is what has him in the jury instead of the end. With a YOLO dropped, Caleb heads off to the jury.


Unknown said...

Big Brother S16X38 "Nominations #14, Power of Veto #14, Eviction #14" >>

Joe said...

I was kinda sad to see Caleb go. He grew on me as the season progressed and seemed less a caricature every week. But I'm glad to see Derek still cruising.

I hope the final HOH competition has a swinging door just so we can see how Victoria deals with adversity.