September 5, 2014

Big Brother 16: It's the Perfect Time for a Predictable Double Eviction

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Week 10

We pick up from the To Be Continued HOH competition of the houseguests sliding on "ice" to fill up a big ass plastic snowman head. Derrick is eying the lil' snowman that will award him $5,000 (and 5,000 Hollas) but sucks it up since his alliance needs the power. But once he realizes he stands no chance, he switches and gets that money. And then everyone continues to fall a bunch which you know happens because a slide whistle cues up for each slip and fall. Nicole is a dumbass and gives Christine a hint about grabbing slush instead of water. Girl never learns. It's very close but Caleb narrowly eeks out a victory from Christine, so YAWN. Predictable, boring week ahead. Again.

Everyone is physically drained from the competition, waddling around the house like constipated penguins. But they still have enough energy to talk game and hypothesize that Nicole is the house enemy, trying to woo Christine. The guys suspect Christine would align with Nicole, because how dare she have a friendly conversation with Nicole. Victoria would eliminate Christine over her laugh alone, which reminds me of Tickle Me Elmo. Nicole does try to campaign and offers herself up as a possible ally to Caleb, but he's hesitant because Nicole "helped" Christine in the comp. HOLLAAAAAA Derrick tries being nice to Nicole in case she stays because he's the only one playing hardcore to not alienate everyone. Unlike Frankie who is being a douche and even openly tells viewers Donny was a dud that brought down Team America. Cody tries to throw Frankie's name into the mix for nominations, but that doesn't pan out. Caleb nominates Nicole and Christine for eviction.

A Looney Tunes rip-off decorates the backyard with anvils and dynamite for Big Brother Blast, where players have to cut wires in correct order per a video. The fun part is that Cody, as the first explosion, is punished with a dinosaur costume all week. You know because dinosaur vaguely rhymes with dynamite. And when the wrong wires are the cut, they explode paint and crap all over the houseguests which is pretty cool. The bad news is Christine wins the veto, which means she will save herself from the block. But when Caleb spots Frankie and Christine whispering after her victory, he'd
not too pleased.

This throws off all plans to potentially save Nicole and send Christine out of the house this week. Derrick starts working hard to get Caleb to turn on Frankie, and it works pretty well since Caleb considers Frankie to be a replacement nominee over Victoria. It's pretty much the smartest Caleb's been all summer, reminding his allies that Frankie is one of the best at competitions. Dinosaur Cody, Caleb, and Christine would love to get Frankie out, but damn Derrick is non-committal since he's always playing to win. A late night Have Not Room talk with Nicole is what pushes Derrick to get everyone back on the target-Nicole-train after she compares him to Dan Gheesling, one slick ass mofo and a top Big Brother player. So sadly Frankie is not nominated and instead Nicole's newfound friend Victoria is named as the replacement nominee.

Nicole can't believe no one in this house has the balls to make any moves and lil' ol' her is the target. Caleb stupidly admits to Frankie that he considered backdooring him, throwing Cody under the bus as well. Derrick won't admit his involvement to Frankie, who ain't buying it. But it's all quick filler to set up what could happen in the double eviction. Nicole is evicted again after telling the house to play "Big Brother not Big Baby." But Nicole is off to maybe continue a showmance with Hayden and excited to see who gets canned with her in the double eviction.

The Double Eviction begins with a live Head of Household competition where the houseguests have to guess what the bleeped out word is in a sentence, but sadly it's not really inappropriate curse words. In literally one question, Derrick wins HOH and this is kind of awesome because he has to show his cards and allegiance. What a snooze however when Derrick tells Victoria she's getting nominated but she's not the target, so he of course nominates Victoria and Christine AKA obvious choices. The Power of Veto is a neat three-part puzzle, navigating a ball through a maze (Mazed and Confused, LOLZ). In the biggest groan moment Frankie wins the Power of Veto which means they can't switch their target to take him out. Frankie does change the nominations with the veto and the house comes together to eliminate Christine from the game. She is pissed and leaves without a goodbye AND gets booed hardcore by the audience. A new twist is introduced called "Rewind" and if the button is pushed it could undo the whole week and start all over.