October 9, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Hey John Rocker, You're Out

10/09/2014 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 3

After Val's disastrous bluff last week, John Rocker has to come face-to-face with her husband Jeremy at the Hero Arena. Jeremy is pissed to see that John didn't keep up his end of the deal, pointing out to Coyopa that it's clearly men picking off the women. John apologizes to Jeremy for not saving Val, which blows his alliance's mind to know that he was wheelin' and dealin' on the side. Now onto what the arena is for: Wes and his dad Keith compete by balancing on a wobbly balance beam while moving and stacking square planks. Wes finally wins something for Coyopa - they get fishing gear for a reward. After some father/son emotional weepies, Keith gets his second trip to Exile Island, this time joined by Josh. Together they realize the idol is possibly already in possession at both beaches, then bond over a snail dinner.

Hunahpu is starting to get some tribe drama going, sick of Drew being lazy and yet acting like he's the leader. But it's Jeremy who brings the drama this week, pissed about John breaking the agreement to save his wife. Jeremy outs to his tribe who John Rocker is and his reputation for his foul comments in the past. No one is pleased to hear this and all still want him gone. Julie's in the woods crying worried about her boyfriend and the assumption that John is running stuff and now a target. John is hustling over at Coyopa to make good, using the fishing gear to get a catfish and feed his tribe. Baylor tries to play the game and encourage Wes and Alec to make a move, but they're just super guy strong and feel the need to pick the women off one by one.

This Immunity Challenge of the week is to get latched together in pairs, collect a ball in an obstacle court, and shoot a basket. The creepy eyeless idol goes to the first team to score three points after a bunch of heats. It's fun to see people dragged in the dirt, bumping the heads full force into bamboo poles. The other fun part is having to scuttle through the maze to retrieve a missed shot - creates a lot of chaos and drained energy. Hunahpu wins immunity for the third challenge in a row, and Natalie celebrates by yelling to John Rock and Coyopa that he's a racist, a jerk, and a poor sport. John's girlfriend Julie tries to defend him to her tribe, explaining that it was an article in the past. "If you were a man, I'd knock your teeth out," John says to Natalie. Class act!

Coyopa returns to camp to ponder who to vote off yet again, and John's poor reactions at the Immunity Challenge make him really stand out. John realizes he spoke a bit too much, running his mouth. Trying to save himself, John suggests to the girls that they blindside Dale who can't perform in challenges - but then he wants the guys to blindside Baylor. Josh is the smart one who knows that John is an awful loose cannon and he probably has the idol. Josh wants everyone to give no indication at all that John is the target, then blindside him at Tribal Council. But the guys are a little wary because John is a strong guy and ugh, bros always stick together.

Tribal Council time! John explains that Val left because she was a horrible bluffer, not because he didn't protect her. He also denies being the leader after the Natalie argument is brought up. But Jaclyn mentions the guys maybe turning on each other, John makes a weird face, and then Wes denies it. Baylor believes she'll get votes; Jaclyn is oblivious because she's not part of anything. After voting, John does not play his hidden immunity idol. It seems like Baylor could go, but the majority vote sends John Rocker packing in a blindside.