October 23, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Rice Portions

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Week 5

There's a surprise ahead at Hero's Arena and I don't just mean the shock of Drew getting the boot. "DROP YOUR BUFFS," commands the almighty Probst. Everyone grabs new buffs from a bag and the tribes are shuffled in a big way. Coyopa is a real couples fest with Kelley/Dale, Missy/Baylor, Jon/Jaclyn, aaaaand all alone Keith. Hunahpu has only one pair of Josh/Reed and the rest of the tribe includes Alec, Julie, Jeremy, Wes, and Natalie. But hey, none of you have to go to Exile!

Josh and Reed are so excited to be back together. Jeremy's assumption is Reed will ditch their alliance for his boyfriend, Wes, and Alec (the former Coyopa). Despite Alec being irritating, he's an asset needed in a move to save the singles from Survivor extinction. Though they may die of starvation first from a lack of rice - will there be some groveling to Jeff? Over on Coyopa beach, it's basically the blondest tribe of all time. Jon and Jaclyn kiss a bunch from happiness, inbetween sharing who they trust/distrust. And lonely ol' Keith wears his cowboy boots on the dock while all the couples sit in the water together. But the perfect pairs crack quickly over the tale as old as time: rice portions. Dale wants to conserve the rice, while Missy likes handing out hefty portions (which now explains why Hunahpu has hardly any rice left). RICE FIGHT!!!

The Immunity Challenge is to retrieve a bag of keys, trudge through mud, and toss sandbags onto a platform. Despite being a tribe of mostly related people, Coyopa continues their destiny of being a failed orange tribe. Hunahpu's new tribe maintains the physical dominance that it previously had and they win immunity. And then Hunahpu requests a little side talk with Jeff: Reed begs and pleads for a trade to get a bag of rice. Others from Coyopa jump in to express their disgust at the poor rationing. Probst is like, "Well maybe your hunger is why you guys lost a bunch." BURN! Probst plans to come to Hunahpu's beach eventually with a proposal. Let's hope the Jeff Probst asking fee is a better deal than Rumpelstiltskin or Ursula the Sea Witch.

The easy vote for Coyopa would be Keith, a lone wolf, but some couples aren't being embraced (OK one single couple and it's Missy and Baylor). Except he's not even up for consideration since Dale doesn't care for Missy or Baylor. Jon and Jaclyn become the swing pair and are torn who to align with: Dale/Kelley are sneaky and Missy/Baylor are known flippers (well just Baylor).

TRIBAL COUNCIL TIME! Keith feels like the tribe swap kind of screwed him. But Jeff reminds the tribe that two pairs will probably team up to take out another pair, so it's all cutthroat. Dale is very open that he doesn't care for Baylor since she turned the girls against him week one. Jon and Jaclyn think being the swing is a good position and Dale jokes about them being the hottest couple. Because they are, seriously. But see, it's just parents trying to protect their kids and isn't that wonderful? Eh not really, let's get to Blood vs. Water battling! The royal couple choose a side: Kelley is eliminated from the game with three votes.