October 16, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: A Good Ol' Blindside for Hot Mess Hunahpu

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Week 4

The two tribes arrive at Hero's Arena and delusional Drew arrives with a plan. You see, turns out Hunahpu (specifically Jon) didn't drop the flint in the fire days ago. Yup, it was next to the fire the whole time. Drew is the dingus who thinks Probst will let them trade for fishing gear. It's a resounding AW HELL NO. Jon and his girlfriend Jaclyn compete in the weekly Reward Challenge to stomp on a catapault to launch balls into baskets. Sleeping comfort items or campfire food are on the line, and it's hard to decline s'mores but Hunahpu does it. And he sends Jaclyn to Exile with Drew and his flowy hair and claims of being a ladies man mastermind. Instead of napping for 24 hours, Drew has a "genius" idea to throw the next challenge and whittle down his tribe AKA eliminate a woman because the wannabe alpha always thinks the women are conspiring against him.

This week presents us beginning of Hunahpu's self destruction, with barely any focus on Coyopa. Julie's bummed that John got judged-and-booted quickly, but puts on a happy face that she doesn't have to worry about him dragging down her game. Since he's had some decent clues, Keith goes Immunity Idol hunting by the well but it ends unsuccessfully with Reed interrupting. Keith's assumption isn't that he failed to find the idol, it's that someone else has it and tells his tribe Jeremy has the idol. Jeremy is furious because he thought Keith was his ally - firefighter bros forever. Then Keith does more thinking, realizing an idol is important, and finds the damn thing. So he has safety, but now a target since everyone thinks Keith is a sneaky liar. Great work!

This week's water-based immunity challenge is to swim and jump off a platform to retrieve rings, then use those rings a game of ring toss. Drew is the Hunahpu ring toss man, which gives him all the power to really poorly throw the challenge, yet no one seems to notice. I mean, I'm terrible at frisbee so maybe I'd be crappy like Drew too (or for a million dollars I'd legit try). Coyopa rejoices in finally getting a chance to hold the eyeless wonder of an Immunity Idol.

"If I don't want to win, we're not gonna win. That's what makes me the kingpin of my tribe." Drew voiceovers like a megadouche. He also believes he's a total manipulator, which is hilarious since he runs nothing and has no respect. But this is a tribe in disarray, having to actually play the game for the first time. Jon thinks Julie should go, as she has no loved one left and would target couples later. Drew thinks Kelley is the most dangerous mastermind manipulator that will take out the guys. Jeremy wants the tribe/alliance to have his back and vote off Keith, who create distrust by lying about Jeremy's alleged idol. The girls are outnumbered when it comes to a tribal majority, but if everyone is all over the place they could make a move: vote off Drew, who is a bigger (and more annoying) threat). And Drew doesn't care because he supposedly runs everything and he says Kelley should go and he is the king of the tribe.

Tribal Council time! Missy believes half the tribe is selfish, which is so true given the earlier circumstances where everyone thinks they're voice is the one to follow. Drew still pretends he had a crappy day at the challenge, though Probst claiming Dale could be Drew's grandpa is kiiiiinda pressing the age limit since Dale's daughter Kelley is practically the same age as Drew. But given that people don't know how to act at a first Tribal Council, it's Jeremy who comes off crazy after going on another rant about Keith's idol lie. Keith doesn't seem to grasp that it's a dumb move to put a target on an ally, and Jeremy is just looking crazy because he won't shut up. But Jeremy still comes out clean because most of the tribe is aligned with him, the sub-alliances that Jeremy understands you need while Keith has never heard of it. Drew wants to remove bad energy, which makes many smirk. When it comes to voting, the votes are all over the place on the divided tribe. Kelley, Keith, and Julie all receive votes but the jumbled tribe allows the majority to vote out the delusional Drew. Oh I love a blindside of a person who claims they run it all.