October 2, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Idol Lies

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Week 2

The tribes come into the Hero Arena and Natalie is shocked to see her twinnie was the first eliminated but saves her big sobs for post-challenge. The Reward Challenge is for one person from each tribe to balance a ball on a paddle through a course, ending with rolling balls into targets. Coyopa gets to pick who competes, so John Rocker volunteers and therefore plays against his girlfriend Julie. John's a big dude so he's pretty screwed when it comes to keep balance while ducking real low, yet a woman winning this agility challenge just blows Probst's mind apparently - or I guess he assumes former pro athletes are invincible in everything. "I just got beaten by a girl," John says, reminding us exactly of that big mouth we all know he had. Julie wins reward for Hunahpu: fishing gear! And sends Jeremy to Exile Island! Reed tries haggling with Jeff Probst to keep the fishing gear and trade their beans to get new flint. But Probst you don't probe the Probst, trying to do sneaky leverage stuff. Ultimately Hunahpu gives up the fishing gear for flint because fire is huge and Probst ain't playing nice. So maybe don't drop the flint into the fire again next time, other Jon.

Jeremy 100% knows the man he's on Exile with and isn't particularly thrilled with Rocker's past comments. But this is a game and Jeremy decides to buddy up with John as a way to protect his wife Val, sharing the immunity idol clue he receives from the jug. But Jeremy isn't the only one clued in on John's actual identity, as his tribe talks all about his former antics and tirades. It's hard to shake being an ahole.


The tribes in the middle of the ocean for this week's Immunity Challenge of sumo style battles to knock their competitor into the water. They say "sumo style" because Survivor doesn't want to admit it's totally American Gladiators joust with bags instead of sticks. The hope here is for loved ones to beat the shit out of each other. Mom Missy splits her daughter Baylor's lip, which leads to Survivor: Blood IN Water. LOLZ. Other actual loved one battles include the brothers and the boyfriends - which are less bloody. The sadness is we were denied to see two twins knock each other out. The best battle is Jon vs. John, where the smaller Jon defeats the Goliath of big John. Hunahpu wins the eyeless immunity idol again, so except safety yet little sleep because that creature lurks around camp.

Ok, so here's where it becomes a major WTF moment. John Rocker tells Val that Jeremy shared the Immunity Idol clue with him, but says he didn't find anything over on Exile Beach. Val makes the stupidest move and tells John that she found TWO idols already (one at Exile and one at their camp site) and will use them to save her and Jaclyn. Thinking this show is just pooping out idols everywhere, John uses the clue he received to find the first hidden Immunity Idol on the season. I mean, it's pretty straight forward when it's like "Take seven steps from the well." John relays to the guys the news about Val's two idols and suggests splitting the votes between Val and Baylor so that if Val plays those idols a girl would still go instead of a guy. But John made a deal with Jeremy to help Val out, so he tells her about this vote split and tells her to play the idol. The idol she totally doesn't have. Val is not worried because the votes should be 5-3 in her favor.

Tribal Council time! First topic of discussion is how Coyopa always lost the duels when they challenged a loved one, which reminds them that they don't typically think things out well. Josh compares his tribe to a play before it goes fully live, having to make a lot of revisions due to failures along the way. Val calls Baylor out for playing both sides at camp, who told the women last week to vote for Dale and then voted with the guys instead. Plus the tribe has heard all the gossip that Val's supposedly sitting on two idols. Let's vote! The vote is tied between Val and Baylor, so a re-vote happens because no idol is played - because there isn't one. In the re-vote, the idol isn't play again - because Val doesn't have one, let alone two. Val is eliminated from the game and I am so relieved I didn't make her my winner prediction like I strongly considered.