October 30, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: I'm a Meat Collector (But I'll Trade for Rice)

10/30/2014 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 6

Jeff Probst arrives at Hunahpu camp, sack of rice in hand. Time for a deal with the devil instead of say, scavenging and fishing or, you know, surviving. Probst reminds the tribe they're terrible at rationing and he fully believes they're full bellies led to challenge wins. I'll disagree with that because they still beat Coyopa last week when Coyopya was well fed. Anyways, Probst offers the rice with a huge penalty: basically everything besides the machete, one pot, and one flint. The rest of the tribe is happy; Jeremy is not enjoying this in the slightest and Julie's not excited to lose the tarp and freeze in the rain. Hey guys, it's Survivor.

Over at Hero's Arena, the rules for Exile changes a bit since the tribes were shuffled. Each tribe picks one person to compete this week and the loser goes to Exile Island. This week's competition is Reed vs. Baylor, must navigate an obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces and then recreate the puzzle - all while blindfolded. Hunahpu wins reward of a Survivor barbeque grill and shish kebabs - which will go great with all that rice! You can feel Jeremy grimacing that they gave up all their comfort for a sack of rice, knowing fully well they'd probably get food in the future. Baylor is heading to Exile Island by default, and Natalie joins her - though originally Reed picked Julie. The twinnie nominated herself as a way to show Missy/Baylor she's with them come merge time. And that message is clear as Missy lets her tribe know Natalie is totally on her side come merge.

Hunahpu prepares their feast while Jeremy grimaces more. He thinks Josh/Reed feel like they're running this place, plus that the tribe was shortsighted in making the rice decision. Either way, everyone is happy to have a protein-filled meal (especially "I'm a meat collector" Alec). But the joy is short-lived as torrential rain pounds their camp. The tarp would've been real handy, especially in keeping away the tears of Julie who is miserable. Jeremy tries to pep her up because they're in this together. And because he doesn't want to get eliminated before Julie because who would?

This week's Immunity Challenge is to navigate obstacles to get puzzle pieces. Oh sorry, am I repeating myself? No the show is. I've been re-watching old seasons recently and it's been such a relief at the variety of challenges and not puzzles for everything. The twist for receiving puzzles is a literal twist, as the bags are on spirals. Coyopa kills it with an early lead, but faulters badly with the puzzle. Hunahpu sneaks right up and the brain power of Reed and Josh slaughter the puzzle.

Time for Coyopa to narrow down the tribe yet again. An obvious choice is Dale, since they ousted his daughter Kelley last week. He's alone, he's annoying... it's easy. But he shows Jon the fake Hidden Immunity Idol he's rocking and Jon can't decide if it's real or fake. Dale reeeeeally shoots for the fences and says that if they save him tonight, Dale will give Jon his idol. Keith is the one actually holding an idol and he'll play it to save himself, plus he's got Wes still in the game which is good for future alliances in merge time. Since there's idol playing possibilities, the tribe is going to split their votes between Dale and Keith so one of them goes. Jon says every move he makes is to ensure him and Jaclyn are the power couple come merge.

Tribal Council time! Dale explains that the mental side of the game is what is draining moreso than the physical stuff. Baylor and Missy get all mother/daughter crying about their bond and Baylor's sense of loss over on Exile. Probst reminds us for the millionth time that having loved ones around changes the game completely. Jon/Jaclyn makes some cryptic comments which make Missy nervous and Dale says he's stuck putting faith in the people who voted out his daughter. The votes are cast and not a single idol is played, real or fake. Missy gets 1 vote, Keith gets 2 votes, and Dale gets the rest. If only he played that fake Immunity Idol LOLZ.