November 30, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. the Chicken McNugget Champion

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Week 10
The Reward Challenge is for teams to climb and jump off a platform into the water to collect keys that unlock, duh, puzzle pieces. The puzzle is pretty cool because it's a tall tower, but also it's pretty easy. Most trouble stems from an inability to undo locks. Jon, Jaclyn, Reed, and Alec win the reward, but Reed gives up his spot to Missy since she's never had a reward. Considering the shade Reed threw last week about giving up a reward being transparent, this is amusing (even if he has a plan). Wes is given the honor of time alone on Exile Island. The reward is to bring baseball gear to local kids and I always like when the survivors bring good will to their host country. But no reward is complete without the opportunity to binge eat so they're treated to hot dogs, hamburgers, and caramel corn while the kids play ball and avoid the smelly castaways. And Jon and Jaclyn get their story told about their dream to adopt children since Jaclyn has no uterus. Winner's edit?

Reed's reward sacrifice was all for him to hatch a plan at the beach, slowly explaining to Keith how this game works. That's because Keith clearly has no idea what is going on. Reed suggests the foursome of himself, Keith, Wes, and Alec ban together to take out Jon. Natalie has a plan herself: she finds the last remaining hidden immunity idol (with Baylor) and they want to vote off challenge threat Reed. They'll string Jon along one more vote to ensure there will be a female majority. I'm so Team Twinnie right now, so this is great.

Immunity is back up for grabs, this time having the survivors balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle above their head. To make this challenge interesting, there's temptation! Jon drops off for a plate of candy because it's his favorite chocolate bar, and also because he believes he would've lost anyways. Missy falls on her own because she's horrible at challenges. Baylor and Jaclyn basically run off their poles for chocolate chip cookies and milk and to that I say: I get it. The sight of wings and beer sends Wes flying off as well but this is perhaps due to his legacy as a Chicken McNugget eating championship holder. Keith points out to Natalie that her whole alliance has bailed, so they must be overconfident. Watching people hang is so dull that Wes starts making small talk with Probst about his guest spot on Two and a Half Men. Wes is a treat. The final two are Natalie and Reed and she'll only step down for food (she wants sustenance for her time hanging), so Probst brings out pizza, wings, cookies, and beer. Reed wins immunity, so this should be an interesting vote.

Because Jon stepped down seven minutes into the challenge, Reed sees the overconfidence and plans to blindside him. Reed has to play both sides to make this work so that the other side splits votes between Wes and Keith. Missy and Jon talk about split concerns, especially since Keith/Wes probably have an idol. Alec assures them he can be trusted, so this pacifies Jon and he has no intention of playing the idol at this moment. This is called foreshadowing.

Tribal Council time! Probst brings us blindsides and trust, pointing out two strong players are currently sitting in the jury. He also brings up that not a single idol has been played yet when like every single person is holding one at this point. Natalie says that an idol is a blessing and a curse and that it's about perfect timing. Reed brings up Wes stepping down might be a sign of overconfidence, then Keith does one of his classic ruin-the-secret moments and tells Reed to stick to the plan. Everyone is frantically whispering to each other about the votes and plans. After the votes are cast, Natalie tells to Jon to play his idol which shocks him because he doesn't know how to read a room. Jon plays his idol. Then Keith and Wes whisper and play their idol, saving Keith. Double idols! So any votes cast for Keith and Jon are null. And with that, the vote splitting does matter and Wes joins the jury. Hopefully there are McNuggets at Ponderosa.

November 23, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Lying About Immunity Idols

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Week 9

Huyopa is split into two teams for the Reward Challenge where they'll battle head-to-head to knock each other off a wobbly balance beam. We all love a good fighting challenge where people flop into mud. And it's worth slamming people into the mud for sandwiches, soft drinks ("for the youngns"), cocktails, and champagne. It's less fighting and more slap attempts and bouncing the beams until someone falls off. Baylor, Natalie, Jeremy, Alec, and Reed win the reward, but Natalie and Jeremy give up their position to Jon and Jaclyn. Jon hasn't eaten, so this is a move to make him happy and show trust in him swapping sides. I mean, it's dumb because it's transparent - but it's a try.Jeremy brought his bags all packed and gets shipped off to Exile Island where you'd GD right there are no sandwiches. And no immunity idol, cause Jon is packing that bad boy, which Jeremy figures out after a miserable two days of useless searching.

Later the tribe head's to this week's Immunity Challenge, which is to unspool ropes to drop blocks into a basket, then stack those blocks. Ugh, so easy - J/K! This challenge has to be done all with their feet. Foot fetishists, rejoice! I am not in that group and instead it's watching a bunch of dirty feet lifting blocks for what seems like forever. It's originally a battle between Reed and Keith, but Baylor does the old slow and steady and wins immunity.

So there's a pretty easy target this week and it's Reed, who is all alone now that Josh is gone. Desperate to stay or at least create havoc, Reed goes through Keith's bag and finds the clue to using the hidden immunity idol. No physical idol, but proof enough to know Keith definitely has the idol. Reed snags the note and brings it to show Baylor and Missy. Keith is aware someone ransacked his bag and took the clue (but he has the idol himself). But Wes/Keith hope their earlier plea to not "#blindside" them is heard. Meanwhile, Jeremy confides in Natalie that Jon has the idol and they need to catch him in a lie to call him out. Jon denies having the idol (and realizes it was a bad move sending a smart person to Exile who would understand a clue), which heightens his worry about the target Jeremy is putting on him. Jon decides to change the course of the game and tells Missy, wanting to get rid of Jeremy this week or next. Missy isn't sure what the hell to do yet except keep the six together just a smidge longer.

Tribal Council time! Right away the topic of discussion is trust, like how Jeremy and Natalie gave up their reward to show their trust and bond. Reed points out the move isn't selfless at all. Then Probst brings up immunity idols. Jon is sure that people have idols (EYEROLL), Natalie thinks someone in her alliance could even have one, and Jaclyn is pretty sure Wes/Keith have one since they didn't even campaign. The guys ignoring Jaclyn becomes a topic of bickering again, and Reed's is just hoping they'll fight enough to forget he exists. Natalie implores her alliance to think of the long-term goals and to not be distracted by the others; it's the wisest thing said all season. Come voting time, no one listens to Natalie's sage advice. What seems like a sure week of Keith or Reed going doesn't happen. Jeremy is completely blindsided out of the game. So back-to-back we've lost two of the season's best players and I lose yet another pre-show winner prediction.

November 14, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Taco Farts

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Week 8

The first full blown Reward Challenge of the season has the tribe in two groups loading heavy puzzle pieces to build a temple, then hoist a statue up. The reward is a taco bar with chicken, steak, veggies, iced tea, beer, and margarita. Nothing like getting crunk and pooping up tacos later! No one picks Missy so she doesn't even get a chance to have tacos. Natalie, Reed, Wes, Keith, and Jeremy win the taco feast reward, but have to be a-holes and send someone to Exile Island. Jon is chosen to go to Exile since he'll be able to survive it (as they always let people die out there). The winners head to their taco hut to chow down on tacos and guac AKA living the dream. While overindulging in tacos, Wes/Keith deny knowing how they would've voted last night if Julie didn't quit; Jeremy sees right through them. Also right through them? THOSE TACOS. Fart city, guys.

Those farts are super important as all the hard work Josh put into making Jon/Jaclyn feel welcome falls apart because of Wes, Keith, and Alec. They're burping, farting, and being douchebags to the girls on the tribe. The guys only seem to care about Jon (who finds the Exile Island immunity idol with what has to be one of the easiest clues in recent memory), blowing off Jaclyn as pretty much Jon's plus one tag-along.

The Immunity Challenge is a memory sequence challenge which is so old school Survivor, and I'm loving it. People get "mask" and "ax" confused. Lots of whispering to try and remember the words. In true battle of head honchos showdown, the final two are Josh and Jeremy. Jeremy wins immunity and I'm inaudibly screaming because my pick to win has escaped the fate that was awaiting him this week.

Jeremy is relieved to escape "Josh's goons" and hopes Jon/Jaclyn are on his side, or else immunity will have to be his every week. Josh's alliance plans to vote off Baylor because she won't swing to their side. The "You owe me" defense apparently doesn't work on Baylor. It's Jon and Jaclyn in the middle AGAIN, but Jaclyn doesn't like the guys. They don't acknowledge her, are challenge threats, and are just plain rude. Jon is too busy thinking about final three when that's a long way's away. Keith proves his ineptness at playing this game, who tells her mother that Baylor is useless at camp. Keith's a fun character but man, what a game dummy. Missy is close to Jon, so tries to get him on their side to vote off Josh. This is the deciding vote of how the game will likely play out, so it's a huge Tribal Council.

Tribal Council time! Wes is very open with who his alliance members are, so Jon and Jaclyn have to talk about being in the middle. They aren't trying to be the swing vote, but it's happened. Natalie brings up how the guys completely ignore Jaclyn and only care about Jon in the alliance. Jaclyn feels less respected than she should be. Missy brings up the burps and farts of Wes, Keith, and Alec and then Keith gets very defensive about farts. Reed thinks Jon/Jaclyn are strong and should align with the other strong teams, and the singles will target them eventually too. Oh how will Jon/Jaclyn vote? It's a back and forth of votes for Josh and Baylor, but that final vote seals the deal: Josh is voted off and the first member of the jury.

But man, I wish the show edited in some farts this week for hilarity:

November 6, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Stolen Trail Mix

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Week 7
Tree Mail arrives with big news: it's the merge! Josh and Reed are ready to run the game, getting the boys together to target Jeremy first. Keith will probably be happy to jump back to the other side, upset that Missy and the tribe wrote his name down as the split vote. The tribes unite as one and have a merge feast, because lord knows they haven't complained about food enough yet. The buffs are a beautiful new teal green and I want one. Guys, buy me one! However, Huyopa? Smoosh two names together, what a novel idea!

Huyopa has a lot of couples and few singles. Jeremy and the singles are good, so he knows he'll need two couples on his side to gain control. Jeremy's planned super alliance includes himself, Natalie, Julie, Missy, Baylor, Jon, and Jaclyn. On the other side is Josh who has himself, boyfriend Reed, Alec, Wes, and Keith - and Josh is definitely worried Jeremy will have the numbers to take his alliance out. Josh wants to try and get more couples on his side, particularly Baylor using a "I saved you" guilt trip, but Baylor's not as brainwashed as he hoped. Missy tells Baylor that Josh is scrambling without the numbers and Baylor's gotta fake it and play the game. Josh keeps working, approaching John and Jaclyn who totally stressed being in the middle but probably flattered at being so cool still.

The first Individual Immunity Challenge is to balance a ball on a round platform, eventually moving on to two balls. It's mainly a lot of Probst saying "disc" and "balls" a lot. It ends in a father/son battle where Keith wins immunity and we all win by not having to see the soulless immunity idol anymore.  After the challenge, Jeremy is totally humiliated at being the first out before all the other players. While John initially plans to be on Jeremy's side, a well-placed mention that Jeremy is targeting couples gets John to flip (again) and join the couples movement, while becoming the bigger flippers thus far.

The tribe is still quietly seething that Julie stole trail mix from the merge feast and didn't share it, being the hungry savages they are by going through bags. Alec makes a snarky comment about how he'd love to have some trail mix and it gets into Julie's head. Julie is apparently already in a mind space to quit and Missy attempts to talk her into staying, which uses the wise "I'll be your loved one" to the fail point which is basically saying Julie is just a number they need. Missy is playing a slick game but Julie isn't going to stick around just to help others advance. But Julie's in a crappy mindset and hates being alone amongst all the couples since her and John Rocker are inseparable, and because she got caught being the trail mix bandit. Jeff Probst is called in to talk to Julie for her official quit, and he reminds her children go to summer camp for longer and can be separated from loved ones. Oh and her quitting could be a million dollar quit for another person. Julie officially quits the game after 18 days. Probst tells the tribe and they hate quitters, with others much more upset since she was a number in their favor. But no Tribal Council so someone (ahem, Jeremy) got a reprieve. Moral of the story: trail mix is lame.