November 6, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Stolen Trail Mix

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Week 7
Tree Mail arrives with big news: it's the merge! Josh and Reed are ready to run the game, getting the boys together to target Jeremy first. Keith will probably be happy to jump back to the other side, upset that Missy and the tribe wrote his name down as the split vote. The tribes unite as one and have a merge feast, because lord knows they haven't complained about food enough yet. The buffs are a beautiful new teal green and I want one. Guys, buy me one! However, Huyopa? Smoosh two names together, what a novel idea!

Huyopa has a lot of couples and few singles. Jeremy and the singles are good, so he knows he'll need two couples on his side to gain control. Jeremy's planned super alliance includes himself, Natalie, Julie, Missy, Baylor, Jon, and Jaclyn. On the other side is Josh who has himself, boyfriend Reed, Alec, Wes, and Keith - and Josh is definitely worried Jeremy will have the numbers to take his alliance out. Josh wants to try and get more couples on his side, particularly Baylor using a "I saved you" guilt trip, but Baylor's not as brainwashed as he hoped. Missy tells Baylor that Josh is scrambling without the numbers and Baylor's gotta fake it and play the game. Josh keeps working, approaching John and Jaclyn who totally stressed being in the middle but probably flattered at being so cool still.

The first Individual Immunity Challenge is to balance a ball on a round platform, eventually moving on to two balls. It's mainly a lot of Probst saying "disc" and "balls" a lot. It ends in a father/son battle where Keith wins immunity and we all win by not having to see the soulless immunity idol anymore.  After the challenge, Jeremy is totally humiliated at being the first out before all the other players. While John initially plans to be on Jeremy's side, a well-placed mention that Jeremy is targeting couples gets John to flip (again) and join the couples movement, while becoming the bigger flippers thus far.

The tribe is still quietly seething that Julie stole trail mix from the merge feast and didn't share it, being the hungry savages they are by going through bags. Alec makes a snarky comment about how he'd love to have some trail mix and it gets into Julie's head. Julie is apparently already in a mind space to quit and Missy attempts to talk her into staying, which uses the wise "I'll be your loved one" to the fail point which is basically saying Julie is just a number they need. Missy is playing a slick game but Julie isn't going to stick around just to help others advance. But Julie's in a crappy mindset and hates being alone amongst all the couples since her and John Rocker are inseparable, and because she got caught being the trail mix bandit. Jeff Probst is called in to talk to Julie for her official quit, and he reminds her children go to summer camp for longer and can be separated from loved ones. Oh and her quitting could be a million dollar quit for another person. Julie officially quits the game after 18 days. Probst tells the tribe and they hate quitters, with others much more upset since she was a number in their favor. But no Tribal Council so someone (ahem, Jeremy) got a reprieve. Moral of the story: trail mix is lame.