November 14, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Taco Farts

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Week 8

The first full blown Reward Challenge of the season has the tribe in two groups loading heavy puzzle pieces to build a temple, then hoist a statue up. The reward is a taco bar with chicken, steak, veggies, iced tea, beer, and margarita. Nothing like getting crunk and pooping up tacos later! No one picks Missy so she doesn't even get a chance to have tacos. Natalie, Reed, Wes, Keith, and Jeremy win the taco feast reward, but have to be a-holes and send someone to Exile Island. Jon is chosen to go to Exile since he'll be able to survive it (as they always let people die out there). The winners head to their taco hut to chow down on tacos and guac AKA living the dream. While overindulging in tacos, Wes/Keith deny knowing how they would've voted last night if Julie didn't quit; Jeremy sees right through them. Also right through them? THOSE TACOS. Fart city, guys.

Those farts are super important as all the hard work Josh put into making Jon/Jaclyn feel welcome falls apart because of Wes, Keith, and Alec. They're burping, farting, and being douchebags to the girls on the tribe. The guys only seem to care about Jon (who finds the Exile Island immunity idol with what has to be one of the easiest clues in recent memory), blowing off Jaclyn as pretty much Jon's plus one tag-along.

The Immunity Challenge is a memory sequence challenge which is so old school Survivor, and I'm loving it. People get "mask" and "ax" confused. Lots of whispering to try and remember the words. In true battle of head honchos showdown, the final two are Josh and Jeremy. Jeremy wins immunity and I'm inaudibly screaming because my pick to win has escaped the fate that was awaiting him this week.

Jeremy is relieved to escape "Josh's goons" and hopes Jon/Jaclyn are on his side, or else immunity will have to be his every week. Josh's alliance plans to vote off Baylor because she won't swing to their side. The "You owe me" defense apparently doesn't work on Baylor. It's Jon and Jaclyn in the middle AGAIN, but Jaclyn doesn't like the guys. They don't acknowledge her, are challenge threats, and are just plain rude. Jon is too busy thinking about final three when that's a long way's away. Keith proves his ineptness at playing this game, who tells her mother that Baylor is useless at camp. Keith's a fun character but man, what a game dummy. Missy is close to Jon, so tries to get him on their side to vote off Josh. This is the deciding vote of how the game will likely play out, so it's a huge Tribal Council.

Tribal Council time! Wes is very open with who his alliance members are, so Jon and Jaclyn have to talk about being in the middle. They aren't trying to be the swing vote, but it's happened. Natalie brings up how the guys completely ignore Jaclyn and only care about Jon in the alliance. Jaclyn feels less respected than she should be. Missy brings up the burps and farts of Wes, Keith, and Alec and then Keith gets very defensive about farts. Reed thinks Jon/Jaclyn are strong and should align with the other strong teams, and the singles will target them eventually too. Oh how will Jon/Jaclyn vote? It's a back and forth of votes for Josh and Baylor, but that final vote seals the deal: Josh is voted off and the first member of the jury.

But man, I wish the show edited in some farts this week for hilarity: