November 23, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Lying About Immunity Idols

11/23/2014 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 9

Huyopa is split into two teams for the Reward Challenge where they'll battle head-to-head to knock each other off a wobbly balance beam. We all love a good fighting challenge where people flop into mud. And it's worth slamming people into the mud for sandwiches, soft drinks ("for the youngns"), cocktails, and champagne. It's less fighting and more slap attempts and bouncing the beams until someone falls off. Baylor, Natalie, Jeremy, Alec, and Reed win the reward, but Natalie and Jeremy give up their position to Jon and Jaclyn. Jon hasn't eaten, so this is a move to make him happy and show trust in him swapping sides. I mean, it's dumb because it's transparent - but it's a try.Jeremy brought his bags all packed and gets shipped off to Exile Island where you'd GD right there are no sandwiches. And no immunity idol, cause Jon is packing that bad boy, which Jeremy figures out after a miserable two days of useless searching.

Later the tribe head's to this week's Immunity Challenge, which is to unspool ropes to drop blocks into a basket, then stack those blocks. Ugh, so easy - J/K! This challenge has to be done all with their feet. Foot fetishists, rejoice! I am not in that group and instead it's watching a bunch of dirty feet lifting blocks for what seems like forever. It's originally a battle between Reed and Keith, but Baylor does the old slow and steady and wins immunity.

So there's a pretty easy target this week and it's Reed, who is all alone now that Josh is gone. Desperate to stay or at least create havoc, Reed goes through Keith's bag and finds the clue to using the hidden immunity idol. No physical idol, but proof enough to know Keith definitely has the idol. Reed snags the note and brings it to show Baylor and Missy. Keith is aware someone ransacked his bag and took the clue (but he has the idol himself). But Wes/Keith hope their earlier plea to not "#blindside" them is heard. Meanwhile, Jeremy confides in Natalie that Jon has the idol and they need to catch him in a lie to call him out. Jon denies having the idol (and realizes it was a bad move sending a smart person to Exile who would understand a clue), which heightens his worry about the target Jeremy is putting on him. Jon decides to change the course of the game and tells Missy, wanting to get rid of Jeremy this week or next. Missy isn't sure what the hell to do yet except keep the six together just a smidge longer.

Tribal Council time! Right away the topic of discussion is trust, like how Jeremy and Natalie gave up their reward to show their trust and bond. Reed points out the move isn't selfless at all. Then Probst brings up immunity idols. Jon is sure that people have idols (EYEROLL), Natalie thinks someone in her alliance could even have one, and Jaclyn is pretty sure Wes/Keith have one since they didn't even campaign. The guys ignoring Jaclyn becomes a topic of bickering again, and Reed's is just hoping they'll fight enough to forget he exists. Natalie implores her alliance to think of the long-term goals and to not be distracted by the others; it's the wisest thing said all season. Come voting time, no one listens to Natalie's sage advice. What seems like a sure week of Keith or Reed going doesn't happen. Jeremy is completely blindsided out of the game. So back-to-back we've lost two of the season's best players and I lose yet another pre-show winner prediction.