November 30, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. the Chicken McNugget Champion

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Week 10
The Reward Challenge is for teams to climb and jump off a platform into the water to collect keys that unlock, duh, puzzle pieces. The puzzle is pretty cool because it's a tall tower, but also it's pretty easy. Most trouble stems from an inability to undo locks. Jon, Jaclyn, Reed, and Alec win the reward, but Reed gives up his spot to Missy since she's never had a reward. Considering the shade Reed threw last week about giving up a reward being transparent, this is amusing (even if he has a plan). Wes is given the honor of time alone on Exile Island. The reward is to bring baseball gear to local kids and I always like when the survivors bring good will to their host country. But no reward is complete without the opportunity to binge eat so they're treated to hot dogs, hamburgers, and caramel corn while the kids play ball and avoid the smelly castaways. And Jon and Jaclyn get their story told about their dream to adopt children since Jaclyn has no uterus. Winner's edit?

Reed's reward sacrifice was all for him to hatch a plan at the beach, slowly explaining to Keith how this game works. That's because Keith clearly has no idea what is going on. Reed suggests the foursome of himself, Keith, Wes, and Alec ban together to take out Jon. Natalie has a plan herself: she finds the last remaining hidden immunity idol (with Baylor) and they want to vote off challenge threat Reed. They'll string Jon along one more vote to ensure there will be a female majority. I'm so Team Twinnie right now, so this is great.

Immunity is back up for grabs, this time having the survivors balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle above their head. To make this challenge interesting, there's temptation! Jon drops off for a plate of candy because it's his favorite chocolate bar, and also because he believes he would've lost anyways. Missy falls on her own because she's horrible at challenges. Baylor and Jaclyn basically run off their poles for chocolate chip cookies and milk and to that I say: I get it. The sight of wings and beer sends Wes flying off as well but this is perhaps due to his legacy as a Chicken McNugget eating championship holder. Keith points out to Natalie that her whole alliance has bailed, so they must be overconfident. Watching people hang is so dull that Wes starts making small talk with Probst about his guest spot on Two and a Half Men. Wes is a treat. The final two are Natalie and Reed and she'll only step down for food (she wants sustenance for her time hanging), so Probst brings out pizza, wings, cookies, and beer. Reed wins immunity, so this should be an interesting vote.

Because Jon stepped down seven minutes into the challenge, Reed sees the overconfidence and plans to blindside him. Reed has to play both sides to make this work so that the other side splits votes between Wes and Keith. Missy and Jon talk about split concerns, especially since Keith/Wes probably have an idol. Alec assures them he can be trusted, so this pacifies Jon and he has no intention of playing the idol at this moment. This is called foreshadowing.

Tribal Council time! Probst brings us blindsides and trust, pointing out two strong players are currently sitting in the jury. He also brings up that not a single idol has been played yet when like every single person is holding one at this point. Natalie says that an idol is a blessing and a curse and that it's about perfect timing. Reed brings up Wes stepping down might be a sign of overconfidence, then Keith does one of his classic ruin-the-secret moments and tells Reed to stick to the plan. Everyone is frantically whispering to each other about the votes and plans. After the votes are cast, Natalie tells to Jon to play his idol which shocks him because he doesn't know how to read a room. Jon plays his idol. Then Keith and Wes whisper and play their idol, saving Keith. Double idols! So any votes cast for Keith and Jon are null. And with that, the vote splitting does matter and Wes joins the jury. Hopefully there are McNuggets at Ponderosa.