December 7, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. 2 Hours of Stupidity

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Week 11

The first Reward Challenge of the night is classic elimination trivia. The survivors answer questions about their fellow castaways and if you get a question right, you cut a person's rope. 3 chops and you're out! I love these because it's revealing about the tribe and loyalties. Reed's trivia skull is crushed first, fake blood splattering and it's no surprise because he's the obvious target. When only the alliance of five remain, trying to figure out what to do, Jeff is like um let's just call it over with and you pick a winner because you're wasting my time. The consensus is to just give it to Missy. Missy picks Baylor and Natalie along for her horseback riding reward, and Jaclyn realizes they sacrificed a win for their alliance and she's got the shaft. Also in fun stuff, Reed calls Baylor a brat, and this starts a tiff between Missy and Reed. It's wonderful because it's true.

As part of her "win," Missy chooses Jon to go to Exile Island who gets another super easy "clue" that leads him to a new Hidden Immunity Idol. Hey producers- it's a clue, not instructions. This will give Jon yet another chance to make a move, since he earlier balked at the idea that using the idol was another's idea but his own (because it was Natalie's idea, though Jaclyn says it was hers). On the reward, a final three deal is made after Natalie and Baylor tell Missy about the Hidden Immunity Idol they have. Back at camp, Jaclyn seethes about not being picked which Reed tries to use to change the game. Jaclyn's definitely interested because she's mad and has the proclivity to flip in this game when upset. The reward trio returns and notices Alec flirting with Jaclyn and her giving him the time of day, which Natalie finds suspicious. Alec is creepin' and it's gross.

Keith wins immunity after successfully balancing balls on a pizza paddle. If only his social skills were as good as his challenge skills. The question of the night is will Jon and Jaclyn flip again? Jaclyn begins telling Jon the whole shebang and it leads to a disagreement between the pair. Reed tries to talk to Jon, who snaps at Reed that this is all a plan to blindside him. But once Jon starts to actually listen, Natalie interrupts so Jon gives a wink to say shhhh. However Jaclyn is still mad at Jon because instead of talking to her, he consults mother figure Missy. Jaclyn gives Jon the silent treatment, they bicker more, and who knows what's going to happen with their allegiance of the week.

Tribal Council time! Jon admits he and Jaclyn have been fighting all day, which then leads into everyone talking about the couple. Ugh, I'm so over the Jon and Jaclyn show. But Probst brings up how it's interesting to have real-life arguments with a loved one while being stuck in a game. They're in the middle yet again, and even Reed admits he's tried to get them to see the light. Then comes the discussion of Alec's awkward flirtation with Jaclyn, which everyone notices (even Jon). Missy acknowledges that choosing Natalie could cost her, but it was a choice she made. The votes are cast and "rabblerouser" Reed is voted out of the game.

And when the night feels like it should be done, it's time for another hour.

Natalie wins the second Reward Challenge of the night, standing on a little block while keeping a ball stable with what looks like the love child of a rolling pin and buoy. She sends outsider Alec to Exile and wins a night in a king size canopy bed and a spaghetti dinner in said bed. Spaghetti in bed, just like your favorite mother's day tradition! Natalie chooses Jon and Jaclyn to join her, but it's a calculated move: appear to be an ally when you're secretly planning your revenge. I love Natalie. The trio eat spaghetti in bed and drink wine, while Natalie pretends to care while being extremely irritated by Jon's rambling dream of being a sommelier. Jaclyn worries Missy is pissed that Natalie chose them, which is rich coming from the girl who always flipped the whole game 48 hours earlier for not getting picked for a reward. But a key moment is the pair feel trust with Natalie, so Jon confides with her that he has found another idol. With this news in her back pocket, Natalie pitches Baylor with getting rid of overconfident Jon, but they're keeping Missy in the dark because she loves Jon. Jon senses the weird vibe at camp, but Jaclyn worries maybe they can't trust Natalie.

But of course whenever someone is a target they come out and win immunity. Jon saves himself with the balancing and stacking challenge and we all collectively groan. The boring plan is to target Keith, but split the votes between Keith and Alec in case of idols. Talking to Keith leads Natalie to have an epiphany: vote out Alec, save Keith, gain a new loyal ally who could beat Jon at challenges. Baylor would prefer to keep Alec around, but that might be due to his terrible flirting strategy. While Natalie's argument is good, she was also sitting pretty as the third for either side of her alliance, so this isn't necessarily something that'll get her to the end.

Second Tribal Council time! Probst points out that voting now isn't just who you want out but who you want still around. Since Keith is good at challenges, he knows he's in trouble but also knows he's not good at other stuff. And just as Probst begins to make one of his speeches, a rat interrupts the festivites. Some scream (Natalie), others want to eat it (Alec). Jon talks about the wine again, which is that he loves wine because of his dad who has cancer. It's a weird situation of not wanting a personal situation to sway your game, but it could. But as Probst points out, this is a night where someone could make a move that says "I came to play. I came to win." Sadly I think maybe only two or three of them even considered that idea. The votes are tied up until the very last vote sends Alec home and makes Jon's eye pop out of his head. It's glorious.