December 14, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Teeter Totters

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Week 12

Split into two teams, the survivors get belted together to race through an obstacle course that includes traversing through hay, carrying water across a teeter totter, and of course.. a puzzle! Turns out this challenge was designed by a Make A Wish kid and that's a pretty awesome wish to make - and a job well done. Mid-way through their first run of the course, Missy whispers to her teammates Jon and Keith that she twisted her ankle which slows them down as she hobbles through. But the other team is inept at puzzles, so they win the spa day reward compete with food, massages, and a shower to wash the stank off. After another dumb lover's tiff, Jon gives up his reward to Baylor so it can be a mother/daughter spa day... plus Keith. And there's endless amount of clueless-come-to-Jesus moments for Keith as her experiences his first spa day. Jon and Jaclyn get a day alone at camp together for their neverending PDA-fest and to ponder Natalie's "mistake" that she didn't understand who to vote for (a brilliant lie by Natalie). And Natalie spends a lonely 48 hours at Exile Island.

Before the Immunity Challenge begins, the Baylor nourishes exiled Natalie with some rice and Missy cries over her icky looking ankle. Seeing her pain, medical insists on checking Missy before attempting to compete and the diagnosis is a serious sprain, possibly even broken and that means being pulled from the game for an X-ray. Missy's in tears over the possibility of leaving the game, but since they are near the end they'll embolize the ankle and let her stay. Missy sits on the sidelines while the other survivors look like marionettes on a teeter totter while balancing a vase. Natalie wins immunity, which Jon says makes up for her "messing up" the last vote. Oh clueless Jon.

Jon and Jaclyn believe Keith's going home, but since there's an idol Natalie wants to split the votes between the couple. Natalie tells Keith that he needs to act depressed, not crazy which really means don't ruin this like you did the last attempted blindside. Jon and Jaclyn talk because she's concerned maybe he'll get blindsided, but he's confident it's not happening. The only problem with the plan is Missy, who treats Jon like a son and made a deal with him. Baylor tries to talk sense into her mom, reminding her the goal is to get to the end together. Missy's not budging yet, but also really torn since it's clear Jon's gotta go.

Tribal Council time! Keith jumps in right away to pretend he's a goner, explaining that he's a good vote to keep around. Jon says that they don't not trust Keith, he's just not part of their trustworthy group of five. "I don't think Jon and I are going anywhere," Jaclyn says after reiterating her trust in the alliance. But Jon really puts his foot in his mouth when he talks about already thinking about his final jury speech to win him the game. And Missy's still talking about not wavering from the deals she's made. The votes are cast and no immunity idol is played, which is awesome. This forces a 3-way tie between Keith, Jaclyn, and Jon so there's a re-vote. Natalie, Baylor, and Missy vote again and at long last we bid adieu to Jon. Jon's blindside had everybody like:

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