February 16, 2015

The Bachelor: All the Hometown Awkwardness You Dreamed Of

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Week 7 - Part 2

The two night Bachelor event moves along, with another freaking date. Becca gets to chill with Chris in the loft he's staying in for the show. I'm confused how it's a loft when it looks like it;s on the ground floor and the door looks like a business entrance to the parking lot. Becca admits that she's never been in love before, despite being in an on-again-off-again four year relationship (she didn't see him as her husband). They end the night on the loft's rooftop watching (and kissing) by the sunset.

Back at the loft, Britt considers her all-about-me 'tude by telling the other girls she'll probably leave on her own accord before the Rose Ceremony. She's still pissed that after putting her heart out there, Chris didn't immediately bow down to her and automatically choose her for hometowns. Britt keeps changing her mind, which the others call out because they're so tired of her BS. Except there isn't a cocktail party for Britt to make her bold declaration, so it's off to the Rose Ceremony.

As Chris begins one of his many terrible speeches, Britt interrupts and asks for a moment to talk. She begins by apologizing for putting him in an awkward situation at the last date, and Chris explains the others girls question her honesty. Chris doesn't like Britt's disrespectful attitude and prefers Carly's behavior over Britt's tantrums. While Britt assures Chris she was always honest, he sends her out the door and she has a meltdown crying fit outside. The other girls feel no sympathy. Chris returns to complete the Rose Ceremony because he's "not playing games" and following his heart. In the most obvious rejection coming, Carly does not receive a rose. Well at least Britt got dumped before her?

Chris begins his North American voyage of family visits in Shreveport, Lousiana where Becca is from. As they talk and kiss in a canoe, all I'm getting Kermit the Frog singing "Rainbow Connection" vibes. Then Chris gets to meet Becca's family who immediately embrace him, maybe because Becca never brings guys home and they're super excited. Given the fact that Becca hasn't shared the virgin news with him yet, her sister drops a lot of hints to him (but he still doesn't fully get it because he's dense). Becca tells her sister she's not just going to blurt out, "I'm a virgin!" to Chris, instead wanting to share with him at the Fantasy Suite so if he isn't cool with it she'll know it's not right. Becca might be boring TV, but I think she's a good person who is here for the right reasons. Becca thinks she's kissing Chris goodbye, but instead whisks her off for a ride on a ferris wheel at the County Fair.

Whitney partakes in Bring Your Reality Television Boyfriend to Work Day at the fertility clinic. This place is lax enough to let Chris implant the sperm into an egg. Chris puts on his ultimate befuddled face when faced with the possibility of having to give a "sample" into a cup. Any of the Playboys in that room Jade's issue? Luckily it's a joke but honestly this could've been reality TV hilarity history. The family visit itself is quite different, as Whitney was raised by a single mother who passed away. Whitney's sister is the one who will give the relationship blessing, so Whitney stresses for her sister not to ruin this for her. Chris and Whitney later discuss the awkward chat Chris and the sister had, which definitely made him feel bad not getting full approval. To make sure her sister's mixed emotions don't throw this date off, a teary Whitney tells Chris she's fallen in love with him. Aww, I might be on the Whitney train.

While Kaitlyn is from Canada, her family wisely migrates to warm Phoenix in the colder months. Apparently not scared off by Chris' singing voice, Kaitlyn takes him to a recording studio to write and perform a rap together. It's unbelievably, painfully bad. Chris meets Kaitlyn's family and they wisely choose to not bring a copy of their new flop single. Mom wonders if her daughter is past the "really like" phase and she sees potential to fall in love. It's probably editing or something, but Chris spends zero time with her family on air. The night ends with Kaitlyn surprising Chris with a "Kaitlyn <3s a="" billboard="" chris="" his="" is="" knockoff="" of="" p="" skywriting.="" total="" which="">

Chris is confident that despite escaping Nebraska for Los Angeles Jade would totally be down to return to small town life. Yeah right now. Jade's biggest concern of the day is that he still doesn't know her Playboy secret and she's afraid her family will tell him first. It's a bomb waiting to explode since Chris says he admires Jade's "small town values" over and over, and her family keeps making off-handed comments that imply maaaybe there's more to Jade. Jade's dad questions if she's told Chris the truth because clearly the dope isn't in the know. At the hotel that night, Chris tells Jade how her brother called her "a wild mustang," so Jade knows it's time to let Chris in on a bit more of the real her. Jade admits when she came to LA she was approached and posed nude for Playboy. Jade busts out her computer to show Chris the photos and videos, which is a mixed of confusion and childish smirks. Some couples born over porn, but this just made it real uncomfortable. Chris says he doesn't judge her and appreciates who she is - the Playboy revelation doesn't affect their relationship and it's not a dealbreaker. Ugh, that's not dramatic at all!

A big decision lies ahead for Chris as he'll have to break one heart before heading to the Fantasy Suite dates (AKA Bone Zone). Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca receive roses, while Jade is empty-handed. Chris insists the only reason she's not moving on is because things are advancing fast with the others, not because she did nudie modeling. Chris sucks back some tears and he puts Jade into her limo of sadness.

Next week: the first non-farm related date location!