March 15, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Kicking the Buckets

3/15/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 3

If the theme of last week was nudity, this week's is tribe tension. The most minor offense is Shirin, who is beginning to irk her fellow White Collar tribemates. After Shirin spots two howler monkeys making sweet, sweet love in the tree, she squeals in delight as she recaps the monkey sex to the others. Seems like no one is amused. Shirin also gets into a little squabble with Joaquin when everyone heads into the woods looking for the idol. Shirin's suggestion is to not look for the idol until they lose another challenge, but Joaquin doesn't trust her. He does trust Tyler enough to show him the idol clue, which is a big step in Tyler's eyes. Now he has the trust of Joaquin and Carolyn, who has the idol. By the way, during all this idol hunting Carolyn is just straight chilling and tending the fire. If White Collar does lose Tyler has his target set: Shirin.

The No Collar tribe has to come together again after the Tribal Council blindside of Vince. Nina returns to her usual mopey self and asks everyone to be respectful to her until her eventual boot. Nina understands the only way for her to survive is to win challenge and unless it's filling a bucket with tears, I'm not sure how helpful she is. But Joe approaches Nina the next day to try to make her more comfortable, which sort of helps. But amongst all the drama, Jenn and Hali decide to have some fun, turning driftboard into boogie boards and surfing in the ocean. They're even pretty well fed now that Joe can be the provider without Vince throwing shady glances his way. Maybe peace is in the air? LOL of course now.

The biggest drama of the week happens over on the Blue Collar camp. Dan says his best asset is his worst asset: his mouth. I'd say it's his worse because all his jokes die a quick death, particularly thinking he's cool enough to tell Rodney "Your mother's a whore." Surprise! Rodney is pissed. Other things that piss off Rodney are requesting he do work, because this sets him off too after Mike tries to request more help around the camp. Listen, we're on Rodney Time, K? Most of the tribe doesn't feel that Mike respects them, to which he's like "Uhh, you don't say thank you to me either." Lindsey is pissed because she tends to the fire all day and that Mike doesn't do everything. What probably upsets Mike more is her choice to bring his religion into it, but it might be hard not to with a giant "Psalm 131" tattoo on your back. But seriously Mike is taking this "blue collar" theme way to heart. At least a couple people on the tribe know to back away from the fight and let the others tear each other apart.

There's a lot of shocked faces at the Immunity Challenge to see Vince voted out. But that's a big move for them all. This week's challenge is to carry a large bucket full of water through mud and fill up another barrel. That sentence makes it sound easy but the buckets got a crapload of holes to cover up to prevent the water from gushing all around. Apparently since Nina is slow and bad at challenges, the no collar strategy is for Nina to run ahead of the group to not trip through the obstacles and slow the tribe down. Except they're reaaaaally slow anyways, so it's detrimental to their tribe. The blue collar tribe comes in first place, winning immunity and comfort items (chairs, blanket, pillows, candles, rope, tarp). The white collars finish right behind them, so they also score immunity and a tarp. No collars... absolutely screwed again.

Joe's in full apology mode once the No Collars return to camp since his strategy totally bombed. If Nina participated, they might have won (actually though, probably not- let's be real). The vote is between the two weakest, Nina and Will. Will thinks Nina is going, while Nina thinks Will could be going. Will is horrible in challenges and untrustworthy, Nina is consider the "wet blanket" of the tribe. The show does it's best to edit something interesting, but it's the most obvious vote coming.

Tribal council time! Probst asks about trust seeing as last Tribal was all about it but a guy was blindsided. Joe tries to explain the logic of excluding Nina from the obstacles in the challenge, which is still dumb. But Nina insists it's because of her "disavantage" though Probst is like, "But this was a physical challenge." The tribe thinks Nina is using the deafness against them for the miscommunication problems, as she's also not understanding her tribemates which has nothing to do with disabilities. Nina might've lived a more white collar life back home, but in order to play the game she's gotta loosen up and embrace the no collar nature of the tribe. Probst busts out the jar of votes and in a 3-2 vote, Nina is eliminated from the game.