March 8, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Outwit, Outplay, Outass

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Week 2

The Blue Collar tribe has two clear outsiders that begin to irk their tribemates. Big Dan loses his "manties" while trying to take a shit at sea, which is a new level of sad and hilarious. It's like Garry Gergich on Parks and Rec but in real life. Now wearing a shirt as underwear, the women see it as an attempt for attention and are ready to boot him. Also on the outs is Dan's ally Mike who is that guy on the tribe who wants to work hard all the time and isn't down for play. But the tribe wants to balance the work and fun, so they play fake basketball and have a good time.

Not much happens at White Collar this week except they're fully embracing the free spirit will of nature by getting naked. Well it starts with just Max, strutting naked around the beach and swimming naked to get time alone. What confuses me most is why wear sneakers while completely naked? I'd rather have a soggy butt than feet. Shirin joins in the nudie-fest by going bottomless or "Donald Ducking." Tyler and Joaquin are extremely uncomfortable. Read the room - I mean, beach.

No Collar is also embracing their naked selves, with Hali and Jen deciding to go skinnydipping. It seems innocent but it turns into a big fight because Nina feels isolated from her tribemates. Nina is deaf so it's already hard for her to communicate despite her cochlear implant, mishearing comments and just missing out on conversations. Nina begins crying because the girls didn't ask for to go swimming, though they sort of made more of a declarative "We're going swimming" instead of an open invite. Vince doesn't appreciate the girls excluding Nina, but his tension with Joe is building as well. Vince to confront Joe for overshadowing him and taking credit for everything when it's usually a collaborative effort. Feeling scorned by the trio of Hali, Jenn, and Joe, Nina and Vince pair up together.

The tribes are ocean bound for the latest Immunity Challenge, which is to maneuver buoys through various obstacles and then toss those buoys into a basket. Looks like the Blue Collars basketball shenanigans could pay off! Joaquin's hoop skills help the White Collar tribe win first place, which includes immunity and a big fishing kit. Blue Collar comes in second winning fishing line, lure, and spears. The No Collars started the challenge with a lead, but Will struggled through the obstacles and then Vince couldn't make any baskets. It's like watching your elementary school child attempt to play basketball for the first time and you're like "Aww, keeping trying..."

Being mean and voting off people is so against the No Collars way of chillaxing, but the time has come. Joe, Hali, and Jenn would like to vote off the weakest player which is Nina. Since they believe Nina could have an idol, they suggest splitting the votes 2-2 between Nina and Vince. This requires having Will on their side, so Will listens to this strategy and relays it to Vince and Nina. With the others splitting their votes, it means their trio would control the vote. While they initially consider Joe, his strength in challenges is needed to the three decide on Jenn. That is until Nina starts talking. Nina asks Will how he is feeling, given his earlier admission that he tanked in the challenge and was exhausted. Nina voices how Vince was concerned about his health and this doesn't sit well with him. Why should Vince care that much if they're allies? Is Vince trying to blindside Will?

Tribal Council time! Probst asks about the group divisions, so Nina explains how the young people exclude her so she's bonded more with Will. Jenn expresses compassion, followed with "deal with it" and we'll need that as a GIF with the sunglasses drop, stat. Jenn, Joe, and Hali are upfront about their alliance of three and laughably mentions people not playing stupid, and this is a stupid thing to say. Vince is the middle man trying to keep the tribe together, later saying for the vote he'll trust his gut instead of brain which is the opposite of most people but you know what, he's no collar - no rules! Jenn acknowledges she could go home but almost doesn't care because she's living a dream being on the show. In a total blindside, Vince is the one voted off. WHOA, this game is getting crazy already. Vince's reaction faces and feather will be missed.