April 13, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Swing Vote Pizza Party

4/13/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 7

The Reward Challenge is to collect puzzle pieces while picking up puzzle pieces. Hali, Mike, and Joe are the top finishers and advance to the final round to assemble the rusty anchor puzzle. Joe and his beautiful manbun win the reward, bringing Tyler, Will, Carolyn, and superfan Shirin. Well, well, well - finally someone whose reward picks are strategic. By the way, not going is Rodney who throws some irritating tantrum about wanting the pizza but not wanting it and keeping it real. STFU. ANYHOO, the reward is basically my Bachelor dream date (sans helicopter) of ziplining through the lush rainforest, ending in a pizza party picnic. At the pizza party, Joe notices something weird in Carolyn's soda and is able to get the drink from her. He sips it down and sucks a clue into his mouth, but not without being noticed by Tyler. "That opens up new options," Tyler explains after not totally outing Joe immediately. Notice I said "immediately."

Back at camp, Joe and Tyler pretend to clean dishes but instead hunt for the immunity idol. Mike fakes sleeping, then begins to tail them like a monkey in the trees. Tyler knows he's caught, so he does some damage control and tells Mike what the clue said. It becomes a manhunt with everyone trying to find Joe before he finds the idol. Mikes tells everyone Joe found the idol, but he didn't. Mike spends his entire day trying to find the idol, stopping along the way to a healthy snack of termites. It takes awhile, but sure enough Mike finds that lucky tree hole that she shoves his hand into and finds the hidden immunity idol.

Meanwhile, Shirin seems to find herself in the middle of people being total dicks to her. Rodney doesn't appreciate that the No Collar alliance have become sort of foot rationers. This causes him to fight with Shirin over slicing a salami, which is beyond stupid. Not as stupid though is Rodney's actual gameplay, which is to stay seven strong and eventually turn on ringleader Mike. Back to Shirin stuff though. Dan continues to be an irritating, patronizing, tactless fool telling Shirin she's a stupid fan for not aligning with the numbers. In his interview he also wishes Shirin would get slapped to shut her up, only solidifying my rage. Dan claims he's trying to be nice but he continues his descent into becoming one of my least favorite players ever.

The Immunity Challenge is puzzle-rific this week, navigating one puzzle piece through three slide mazes and one slide puzzle. Slide puzzles are the demon and if I had to do this challenge I'd probably be screwed. Though I wouldn't slide it around real fast and claim to be done like that idiot Dan. Dan shouts that he has the puzzle with a level of confidence that is so strong, yet the puzzle is so wrong. And then a minute later he does it again and it's even more wrong! The manbun dominates and Joe wins individual immunity again.

While Shirin wanted to win the puzzle challenge, she's fine laying low for a few more days. She's not laying low though because Tyler and Carolyn concoct a story that Shirin probably has the White Collar idol. Mike thinks Shirin is easy to beat and recommends take out Joe's tighter ally, Hali. Shirin relays to the other girls the horrible stuff Dan said to her, which begins an airing of the Dan grievances or as I'll call it, Merican Festivus. The girls have a breakthrough: take out Dan. It would just require Sierra, who's down for a girls alliance, and one other to flip. Shirin tries to sway Tyler, explaining it can take out a Blue Collar that is part of a power couple.

Tribal Council time! It's agreed that while last Tribal Council was surprising, it wasn't a line-in-the-sand moment like many assumed. Alliances are open. "Flippers never win," Dan tells the group and Shirin serves him real good, citing Tony's constant flipping. Hali cites that our country was founded on flipping, to which Shirin tags on "Merica!" And then they vote! We got all our hopes up for nothing and Hali is eliminated.