May 12, 2015

Reality Rundown: Stop Everything You're Doing, It's Rodney's Birthday

5/12/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 11

Screw the game everyone, it's Rodney's birthday! The true celebration should happen at the Reward, where two teams of three round around the maypole apparently to get keys, build a ladder, unlock balls, and launch the balls into targets. In a schoolyard pick, useless-in-challenges Will isn't picked at all so he can't go on this reward. Mike is totally stubborn in the final fall launch, but it somehow pays off. Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra win the reward of delivering a truck of bicycles and other fun stuff to the locals, but you know Rodney is like, "That ain't a birthday cake." Along with paying it forward, the three get to grub on some delicious barbecue. Rodney makes a plea to maybe get someone to give him the prize citing, but his own case of "a once in a lifetime experience" is the reason why the others want to keep the reward for themselves. That's right, your birthday means jack in the grand scheme of the game. Time for Rodney to pout at camp.

Pout is an understatement, as Rodney throws a pissed off tantrum on the beach about being betrayed and doing dishes on his birthday. Rodney apologizes to the guys, but then rips into Mama C to the guys. When Dan says you're in the bad, you know you're doing something wrong. The new plan is Rodney is going to pretend he wants to quit, then Mike won't play the idol and they'll blindside him. So all night Rodney bitches and moans, but Mike's well aware of what Rodney is attempting to do. Speaking of Mike, Carolyn is warming up to the idea and maybe working with Mike seeing as both of them hold idols. Knowing that Mike will be playing his idol in the next vote, there's consideration that Carolyn might have to use her idol on Tyler, her ally but also biggest threat in the game.

Carolyn definitely doesn't need the idol for herself this week when she wins immunity again. She is really the challenge beast of season 31. Carolyn suggests the guys vote Mike, girls vote Tyler in front of Dan. Dan is concerned that Will voted for him as well (and early revelation that was supposedly water under the bridge), but also holding back his full secret of having the double vote. Meanwhile, Will wants to vote for Dan to which Tyler agrees since Dan has the advantage. Guess writing Dan's name down last Tribal wasn't just because Dan's name was the other mentioned, huh Tyler? Tyler hopes that in this vote they can get rid of the idol and the advantage in the game. Mike holds onto hope that Carolyn will work with him and maybe his days won't be as numbered.

Tribal Council time! Mike is beaming since one of the six will be going home when he plays his idol. He's enjoying having a little bit of power, ready to see someone like Tyler or Dan picked off. Dan talks about how tough it was to see his name written down, especially since it indicated he was the least valued of his alliance. Dan also talks about how everyone has asked about the advantage and that it makes him a target. Sierra claims what'll happen tonight will be shocking. After the votes are cast, Mike plays the idol on himself to nullify all the votes cast against him. Four votes for Mike don't count, but the other votes for Tyler do and he's out of the game. Most surprising: Tyler's ally Carolyn AKA Mama C turned on him, joining Mike to eliminate one of the game's biggest threats.