May 17, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Extra Votes, Immunity Idols, and All the Fixins

5/17/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 12

The Reward Challenge of the week has two teams of three racing through an obstacle course to eventually release a word puzzle. The winners get a ride in a helicopter, ending with a surf and turf dinner. Living the DREAM. Nay, the HREAM. Rodney bitches about needing a reward, so Probst asks if it's entitlement that he deserves the reward. Cue the reminder that Rodney deserved to be handed a reward for his birthday. What seems like a breeze to us viewers is a total brain stumper of a puzzle with everyone baffled of what it could spell, taking over an hour to complete the challenge. The puzzle is ALWAYS about the fixins, so Probst drops a bunch of heavy-handed hints until Carolyn realizes it's "A reward with all the fixins." Once she's won the reward, Carolyn has another Sophie's Choice moment of deciding whether to keep her reward or sacrifice it for birthday crybaby Rodney. She keeps it because, HELLO, helicopter. While inhaling steak, Mike pitches to Will a final three deal with him and Carolyn. All three collars! And beating Will is a shoo in for anyone. Will expresses as much interest as you'd expect which is zero because he's essentially just existing in this game.

"Surf and turf is my favorite meal," Rodney laments while complaining about Mama C taking yet another reward from him. Dude, win one and then you can eat. Desperate for food, Dan finds some sort of fruit in the jungle and it's unfortunately not poisonous and instead makes Rodney overly happy. Dan, Sierra, and Rodney vow to get Mike out, then Carolyn. When Mike returns from the reward, he tries to sway Sierra to his side, citing the horrendous prospect of a Dan, Will, Rodney final three. Mike speaks the words of the people but his chances of survival are low if he doesn't win immunity. But it's good thing so many people can't throw a grappling hook and complete a table maze. Only Sierra is close enough to defeating Mike, but he comes through in a clutch moment again and saves himself. Sorry suckers!

With Mike safe, everyone has to play the game and not just take out the easy target. The target shifts over to Carolyn AKA Mama C AKA the only other person really playing this game. To Dan's face they agree to vote Carolyn, but behind his back they're all willing to vote off Dan because he has an advantage. Knowing that everyone actually wants Dan gone makes Mike interested in messing it all up, though of course Dan can't stand Mike and listens to nothing. As Sierra and Carolyn talk, Mike shimmies in to point out that the men are voting for one of them and their sleeping in the shelter is proof that they super comfortable with their position. Carolyn doesn't want to play her idol, but there's also only one more shot to use to it.

Tribal Council time! Mike knows he's the common enemy, but he's still in it so ha ha. Rodney's brain can't put together words any more because he's hungry. This lack of coherence eventually, I think, is something about trusting each other. Carolyn admits being nervous that she could receive votes, if not go home tonight. Dan isn't sure when it's time to make a big move, which Rodney points out that the advantage can be used to strong arm the others into keeping him safe. When Jeff says he's going to go tally the votes, Dan stops him to play his extra vote advantage. Sensing that something could happen (hey Dan, maybe be less suspicious about adding in an extra vote), Carolyn plays her idol to be safe. The Carolyn votes come pouring out, but they're null and void. Out come two votes for Dan and BUH BYE.