May 3, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Farewell Queen Shirin

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Week 10

In the Reward Challenge, two teams of four have to transport themselves across three sections of sand using four barrels, two planks, and some rope. You can't touch the ground or you have to start over. It's Survivor Hot Lava! Blue team's strategy is laying the barrels on their side, while the red team places their barrels straight up. When it gets down to do-or-die, the blue team even tries barrel rolling which is pretty impressive. I mean, it is Sierra's job afterall. The red team of Tyler, Carolyn, Will, and Dan win the reward. This means a day on a catamaran shoving burgers down their throats and talking shit about Mike.

The reward challenge losers have gotta eat, so they sacrifice another chicken but this time Jenn isn't around to get pissed about it. Rodney mopes about not having "Rodney Time" and always losing opportunities for rewards. Sierra pleads with Rodney to get rid of Tyler sooner rather than later since he's a threat that could win the game. Sierra wants to take Shirin to the end because no one would vote for her (um, have you noticed her three allies on the jury?). Rodney of course doesn't heed this advice, only wanting to eliminate Mike and Shirin before dismantling his six.

For Immunity this week, the survivors have to hold a handle which is attached to 25% of their original starting body weight strung up high on a line. When the survivor drops, they're doused with a big bucket of water. Wet buff contest! Would be a lot cooler if it was Gatorade. There's actually two immunity necklaces this week: one for the longest lasting man and woman. Sierra is the first to drop and get water dumped on her which helps wash away her sweat. Soon Tyler and Will drop as others begin to struggle to keep the weight up. Shirin can't hold on, which secures Carolyn individual immunity. Rodney and Mike battle it out for the men's necklace, with Dan weirdly muttering encouragement to Rodney. But Rodney can't do it and Mike wins immunity.

"Can you imagine if they both won?" Carolyn asks Rodney. The vote is clear and it's Shirin on the chopping block over Mike. Shirin pleads her case to Dan, pointing out she's sucky at challenges and would lose at the end, so be strategic. But we know Dan won't listen given his earlier fake sympathy to Shirin's face, then calling her a drama queen behind her back. Shirin also makes an offer to go to the end with Sierra because she has no one and again, easy to beat. Meanwhile, Tyler wonders what Dan's advantage is so he snatches Dan's bag and reveals the contents by tree mail. He now knows Dan's double vote secret, sharing this information with top ally Carolyn. Tyler worries Sierra and Dan could see how tight the four are and use the double vote advantage to take out Tyler. Dan suspects immune Mike will use an idol on Shirin, which would eliminate Dan out of the game. Mike wants to trust Dan again and be allies, but the guy is so irritating that he can't change his mind. But Mike knows Dan is small pickens compared to someone like Tyler. Oh and by small pickens he must mean "easiest person to beat ever."

Tribal Coucil time! Shirin talks about how trust isn't just hard in the game for her, but in life given a distant relationship with his mother. Dan says "not to take away from anything that happened" but he's adopted so his life is hard too. And Probst is like, "Uhh not the same." Shirin reiterates that while people said they felt bad for what happened to Shirin, no one seemed to tell Will it was wrong. Shirin continues to tell it like it is, pointing out that she's not a threat and that keeping Tyler is a bad move. He'll snake his way to a cool mill easily. Others caution about making big moves too early that could burn you. Mike pleads with his former Blue Collars to vote for Tyler. Tyler defends himself, insisting to be patient and wait until the six and play. Even Probst is against this, explaining if you're on the bottom of course you'd make a move. It's pointed out that the alliance wasn't always six but seven, and Mike is the one who blew that. Given the two "desperate" people left, Mike pulls out his Hidden Immunity Idol and shows Shirin. Mike calls everyone out to make a move against their allies.Shirin will vote for Tyler, Mike will for someone else randomly... so who will the six turn on? It's such a baller move and puts it all out there. But then Mike doesn't play the idol at all - PSYCH OUT. It didn't work... Shirin is voted out. Bad news: we lose Shirin. Good news: two votes were cast for Dan, showing the group is already ready to sacrifice one of their own.