June 29, 2015

The Bachelorette: The Hotel Room Couch Steals the Spotlight

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Week 7

The latest cliffhanger beginning picks up with Shawn B. weirding Kaitlyn out in her hotel room. When Shawn asks if she's in love with him, she's taken aback and says she's in love with him. For a superfan of this show, he doesn't seem to comprehend the basic elements of the show's operation AKA you can't pick a guy in week 6. What Kaitlyn is most worried about is Shawn knowing she slept with Nick, feeling guilty that she does have feelings for Shawn but other guys as well. She's nervous at the possibility Shawn would leave. Polyamorous dating is a beotch. 

But enough of this Shawn B. nonsense: it's 2-on-1 Thunderdome date time! The date is with Joe and JJ, two guys we don't care about in the slightest. The trio get on a little boat and sail to a little Irish island for a picnic with a bottle of Irish whiskey. Joe gets his alone time and does his best to try and open up emotionally to Kaitlyn and says he's falling in love with her. This openness is what she is looking for, but like she's not weirded out by a guy with zero time already dropping the semi-L bomb. JJ admits to Kaitlyn that three years ago he cheated on his wife and lost everything. She's pretty understanding and still ends their time together with a kiss. Kaitlyn dumps JJ on the date, but also doesn't give Joe the rose. Kaitlyn wants to spend more time with Joe first, so they head to a hotel fireplace and talk and kiss there. THEN he gets the rose. 

After a lonely late-night bench pondering session, plus the sting of Joe getting a rose and saying he's falling in love with Kaitlyn, Shawn YET AGAIN goes to Kaitlyn's hotel room. Dude, follow the rules and chill out. An emotionally drained Kaitlyn is trying to get through her interviews and the producer is interrupted with a walkie talkie call that Shawn's coming, so she cries more. Girl needs a nap, a sandwich, and a "Do Not Distrurb" sign for her hotel door. Kaitlyn wonders why Sean is here AGAIN but worried about his headspace. Shawn is visiting again to explain that the reason this whole process is difficult is because in San Antonio, off-camera, Kaitlyn apparently told Shawn he was the one and she knew it. She's a little tired of the reassurance the has to give him when the other guys believe in her. Kaitlyn basically tells him to suck it up, deal with it, and this is the process he signed up for her. Suddenly Kaitlyn realized she made a huge mistake leading Shawn on so much because she's also vibing with other dudes.

It appears a Rose Ceremony might actually happen for once. But first, the cocktail party. Ben Z. is open and makes her all happy. Ben H. does not make her as happy, concerned that she's already made her choice for Shawn B. since he was happy as a clam in San Antonio when she visited them off-camera in their hotel room. Guess he hasn't seen Shawn moping for the entire time in Ireland. Kaitlyn comes face-to-face with Nick again and pretty much tells him don't blab about their sexin'. Nick doesn't like the lack of trust because he didn't bang and tell (well, this time around). Nick's in this for the real deal and shows Kaitlyn an emotional side. Shawn gets MORE one-on-one time and Kaitlyn apologizes for sneaking to his hotel room and giving him way to make reassurance. It's another time for Kaitlyn to explain that she's dating a bunch of dudes, will kiss a lot more, will meet families, so like... be cool. After a tedious amount of whiny guys, a Rose Ceremony actually happens and Tanner and Ben Z. get cut. Tanner doesn't surprise me because he's been a goner for weeks, but I saw Ben Z. being the guy who gets his heart crushed at hometowns. Blindside, yo! 

Road trip! Kaitlyn chooses Jared to join her alone in her car while the other guys get a bus ride on the kelly green "Paddywagon" listening to Shawn B. snore. Kaitlyn and Jared take selfies and kiss all across Irelend, including the Blarney Stone. If any Bachelorette deserves this kissing honor, it's the Kissing Bandit herself. Now relaxing at her hotel room after a fun day with Jared, Chris Harrison knocks at the hotel room to bother her. But it's probably a relief to open a hotel room door and not see Shawn B. for once. Chris Harrison wants to get a progress report, but more importantly drops a major bomb: this week they'll go down to a final three. The final three will get Fantasy Suites and off-camera time. THEN Kaitlyn will meet the final two's family. So basically, time to drop some excess baggage.

And that baggage is Cupcake Chris. Kaitlyn takes him a helicopter ride over the countryside and they land on the top of a mountaintop cliff with an amazing view. The conversation is awkward with Kaitlyn being a little stand off-ish. It's what we call a warning sign and Cupcake tries his hardest to smooth it over. Soon she's sniffling up snot and tears because she doesn't want to lead Cupcake Chris on. Kaitlyn takes a helicopter and Cupcake Chris is left alone and heartbroken, sobbing into a scarf on a mountaintop.

But maybe he'll get to go to Paradise. I know someone else hoping for a shot:

June 22, 2015

The Bachelorette: Dublin Down on Love

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Week 6

Ian's "honest" diatribe to Kaitlyn continues, as he calls her a "surface level person," shallow, not here for the right reasons, and overall fake. Kaitlyn is flabbergasted that he doesn't believe she's there to find a husband, explaining she IS a humorous person and does have a deeper side. The uncomfortable discussion ends and Ian leaves the hotel. Ian's just soooo much better than this show and the bros around him. "I'm destined to be The Bachelor," says the guy with no self awareness of how editing a villain works. Bye guy.

The show must go on, and Nick is the first to hear everything that went down and is able to comfort Kaitlyn. Of course the guys groan when they find out Nick is having more alone time, eventhough he has a rose. The other guys want time too, so Shawn B. heads upstairs and insteads finds Kaitlyn making out with Nick and heads back downstairs dejected. All it needed was the sad Charlie Brown music to complete the mood. Kaitlyn is really down after having her intentions questioned, explained how intimacy is extremely important for her in a relationship. Foreshadowinggggg! Eventually she returns to the guys to recap what went down with Ian, with inspirational music building in the background until Chris Harrison arrives to interrupt. The Rose Ceremony FINALLY happens at the Alamo, so obviously we won't forget it. That's some dad humor right there. Justin and Joshua (with his new horrible haircut) are roseless and leave the Alamo lonely guys hoping for a ticket to Paradise. But the remaining guys are heading to Dublin, Ireland and everyone toasts champagne to the idea of getting obliterated overseas.

The first solo date has no date card and instead Kaitlyn asks Nick out on the date in front of the group. Dublin is a bucket list city for Kaitlyn, so she and Nick explore the city hand-in-hand. It's all fun until pigeons show up to ruin the fun. They move along to Irish step dance in the streets, buy claddagh rings, and makeout against a wall. Nick and Kaitlyn connect mentally, but it's really physical with lots of kissing and touching. The night portion of the date involves a lot of dinner kissing at the Christ Church Cathedral, because there's nothing hotter than stained glass and church pews. Realizing they can't keep their hands off each other, Kaitlyn invites Nick back to her hotel room. The cameras are totally forgotten as the couple makeout on the dingy hotel couch. The action moves to the boudoir where they are camera-free but still mic'd. 

And then the sun rises and it's a new day. Nick sneaks back into the hotel room and Kaitlyn thinks about her night on a hotel balcony, where we all ponder life. Kaitlyn wonders if this has happened before and is feeling guilty because she's also dating other guys. Kaitlyn's worried Nick will go back and tell the guys, and he does say he went to her hotel but says it was a casual talking time. So it stays a secret... for now.

The group date guys throw on their Rose Ceremony best for a somber date: an Irish wake for Kaitlyn. "You're doing terrible," Chris Harrison whispers to a giggling Kaitlyn in a casket. With a Guinness in hand, the guys work out their worst poems and limericks to celebrate the life of Kaitlyn. Cupcake Chris drives me nuts, but his rendition of "Oh Danny Boy" wins me over. Ben Z. asks the guys to leave the room, and then Kaitlyn remembers that his mom died and maybe this was a bad date to bring him on. His eulogy can't be light heartened and ends up being more emotional than zings at Nick.  The Guinness Store House hosts the night portion of the date for more beer and quality Kaitlyn time. Ben Z talks about opening up, Shawn B shares family photos, and Jared gets the group date rose after lots of talking and smooching. Kaitlyn whisks Jared off to a private concert by The Cranberries in a church. THE CRANBERRIES. I'm dying of jealousy.

Meanwhile, Shawn B is still at the Guinness place moping over his feelings. He doesn't understand why Kaitlyn would say she's falling in love with him, then pick another guy for the rose. Shawn B is all about trust, rambling on about her getting to "bang" two dudes at the Fantasy Suites. So that night, Shawn goes to Kaitlyn's hotel room and interrupts like the one time she ever gets to eat. Kaitlyn's afraid it's about the Nick sex, but little does she know it's just about the little dumb rose of reassurance.

Oh and if you still give a crap about Britt and Brady, he meets her mom.

Big Brother 17 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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Hellooooo houseguests and welcome to another summer of Big Brother! Fourteen new houseguests have been announced for a twisty summer, teased with new twists coming every week. Though the idea of fourteen houseguests seems off since sixteen has been their magic number. Could there be returnees?

Well as I do every year (and fail miserably at), is try to predict who will win Big Brother based on their CBS bio and interview video with total dud Jeff Schroeder. Longtime readers will know about the infamous week three curse where my winner prediction goes home exactly week three each time. The last two seasons, however, had me break the curse with longer lasting (but losing) houseguests. So I have studied CBS.com and thought hard and....


Becky will win Big Brother 17.

First off, a lot of self-described superfans in the house this season. Some had genuine superfan answers (Jason might be the biggest of them all), and others we'll just call them tagalong superfans. The good news is I think almost everyone is there to truly play the game. The downside is no one really stuck out to me as a winner. Though maybe that's good because my track record if garbage. I ultimately chose Becky, who is cute, nice, and harmless. She's athletic which will help for challenges, though the level of athleticism needed to excel in Big Brother is basically not flunking junior high phys ed. Her athleticism could be something that gets her targeted. But Becky seems like someone who is in the house to play, but in a subtle way compared to the larger personalities who want to run it all.

Now comes the fun part for YOU. Who do you think will win Big Brother 17? Cast your vote in the form below before the show premieres on Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm ET. The winners will receive [a photo of] a trophy!

June 17, 2015

The Bachelorette: Honesty is Kaitlyn's Policy

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Week 5

Picking up on yet another unnecessary cliffhanger, Nick finishes the endless walk with his rolling luggage to arrive in the suite where the men are staying in New York City. He's greeted with silence and then questions about his intentions. Nick defends himself, explaining that yes he hung out with Andi, would've been at this show night one if he could've, and isn't chasing fame since he went back to work after the show. Nick even explains how his interest began and how there was some texting and Twitter talk beforehand, but then she got on the show. Nick understands the bitterness. Tanner is way too upset about this for a guy that has zero chance, and Joshua apparently doesn't like people getting second chances. Fine Joshua, let's rip up your ticket for Bachelor in Paradise then.

The cocktail party and rose ceremony is at Citi Field because hotels are so basic. JJ rounds all the bases with Kaitlyn the only way he'll be able to: carrying her and running around the baseball diamond. Tanner and Joshua use their time with Kaitlyn to complain about Nick. Shawn B. worries about the connection he's formed and being challenged, so Kaitlyn reassures him of their connection but he's all brooding and stuff. The guys really know how to make Kaitlyn feel like garbage at all times. Back down on the field, the rose ceremony finally happens while each guy voices over their bitterness at the possibility of Nick getting a rose over them. The guys who have to deal with that crushing blow are Corey, Ryan, and Jonathan. The remaining guys will put aside their New York state of mind and head down to San Antonio, Texas to the latest round of dates. Yee-haw.

Ben H. and Kaitlyn are the first date of the week, driving in an old timey truck to enter a two step dancing competition at the oldest dance hall in Texas. They're the perfect fashion pair to start with, Kaitlyn in chambray and Ben H in a red flannel, serving up Footloose realness. The locals from the small town explain how dancing is like a relationship, because everyone in the world is full of corny metaphors for love and relationships. Kaitlyn is a natural since she's a dance instructor, while you can see Ben thinking out every single step as he licks his lips incessantly. The integrity of the competition isn't compromised too much, eliminating the couple in the second round. Later they share a romantic lantern-lit dinner of a rooftop where they talk about Ben H's difficulty opening up to someone he's dated for barely a month while competing against 24 other guys. Yes it's hard for him but he's into Kaitlyn and ready for love, so she gives him a rose.

A twelve year old boy serenade Kaitlyn with his mariachi tunes (he also appeared on America's Got Talent, my mom wants you to know), before telling the group date guys what they'll be doing all day. Because murdering rap music wasn't enough, the group date guys will now write and perform mariachi songs about their love for Kaitlyn. I can't focus on the songwriting because I'm distracted by the restaurant's mural featuring dog whisperer Cesar Millan. What the hell is happening? Decked out in full mariachi gear, each guy gets up and performs for Kaitlyn accompanied by the band and gawked at by Bachelor Nation. Nick one-ups everyone and brings Kaitlyn up onto the balcony for a serenading, which includes rhyming "connection" with "erection" and therefore winning my heart with humor. The other guys of course resent all of this, well mostly Joshua who is such a poor sport about this whole thing for, again, a guy with zero chance.

The group date migrates to a rustic ranch for drinks and chatting. Joshua needs a haircut and entrusts Kaitlyn to be his barber, which is a disaster because she's a dance instructor not a barber. As a girl who ruined a guy's haircut once from this same attempt at trust, I know you should always go to a professional. The haircut only distracts Joshua for a few minutes before he continues moaning about and confronting Nick. Unable to STFU, Joshua gets a second chance at alone time with Kaitlyn and uses the time to complain about Nick. Joshua really doesn't understand good date discussion topics. When Joshua mentions that no one in the house likes Nick, Kaitlyn then thinks everyone in the house has been lying to her face, leaving her to be a fool. Joshua has a "sheeeeeeit" moment of being the tattle tale. Kaitlyn confronts the guys about the potential lack of honesty, then Joshua changes his tune once in front of his bros. The guys don't have Joshua's back and are tired of rehashing the I-hate-Nick conversation again and again, not to mention they don't appreciate Joshua lying about them. Nick got the rose because he actually used his time to makeout and be honest with Kaitlyn. Sorry 'bout it Josh.

The last date of the week has Kaitlyn and Shawn B. kayaking down the River Walk. Shawn B. uses his time to defend Josh, saying he was trying to do the right thing and the other guys didn't want to stick their neck out. The date quickly moves to nighttime for snuggling and talking. Shawn B. shares a person story that he survived a massive car crash. "I'm falling in love with you," he says on like their maybe third date ever. But then Kaitlyn whispers, "I feel the same way" which is a pretty big deal on this show. I get that there's an instant connection, but man watching them together on TV is paint drying. It's probably why all their dates are maybe seven minutes on screen. He gets a rose, then they paddle a canoe while being entertained by fireworks.

There's more moping in the guys coming from Ian, who can't believe Kaitlyn into instantly in love with a Princeton grad who survived a car crash. Ian doesn't find Kaitlyn interesting anymore, but DOES think he'd be an interesting Bachelor. We're all the star in our own minds, aren't we Ian? So at the cocktail party, Ian decides to make his grand exit so he can be memorable and maybe he'll become The Bachelor, or best case scenario a slot on Bachelor in Paradise. Well claiming your ex is hotter than the lead is always a great lead-in to win fans. So while Kaitlyn and Jared make-out after a "I'm falling in love with you" speech, then she makes out with Joe, Ian is droning on in voiceover about why he should be The Bachelor and be a gift that we unwrap for life. Hope you have a gift receipt. Since Kaitlyn values honesty, Ian decides to just go full-on Festivus and air his grievances. Ian isn't here for fart jokes, poop jokes, and movie quotes; he's here for deep love. Ian wanted to date a wounded damsel-in-distress, not the brassy, confident, crass girl from night one. Oh and then he calls her out for being here to makeout with guys on TV and being shallow. LET HIM HAVE IT GURL. But next week because, of course, cliffhanger.

June 8, 2015

The Bachelorette: A Whole New World (with Nick Viall)

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Week 4

Because episodes never wrap up in a coherent order for a recap, we begin this episode with Kaitlyn pissed at Clint and ready to take him on. Clint's ready to kiss some ass to get a rose, so he tells Kaitlyn how the guys in the house are jealous of his BFF-ness with JJ. Clint insists none of the guys have a problem with him. Kaitlyn almost looks like she accepts it, but she doesn't trust Clint and sends him home. Even worse, Clint's BFF JJ turns on him too just to make himself look good to Kaitlyn. Betrayal all around! Plus all the guys have zero respect for JJ for being a crappy friend. Bros before hoes - it's code guys. A rose ceremony is supposed to happen but Kaitlyn changes her mind and wants to keep everyone there. The guys have to be reminded this is a good thing since everyone was ready for JJ to follow Clint out the door and into an Uber XL. At least the night ends with good news: they're hitting the road and off to New York City!

Dedicated to the cause of decimating the art of music one season at a time ("Right Reasons" - never forget), the first group date of the night has the guys facing off in rap battles. Rap legend Doug E. Fresh comes out to like inspire the guys or something? I didn't see any teaching so I guess just a cameo paycheck. At least Kaitlyn knows this is the worst rap battle that has ever and will ever happen. What's most interesting is sitting in the audience is Nick Viall, the runner-up on Andi's season who called her out on After the Final Rose for "making love" to him, is in the audience. Apparently Kaitlyn and Nick became friends over "social media" and he decided that he'd be bummed if he didn't try to to make a play for her. 

Instead of bottling up her feelings, Kaitlyn spills the beans to the guys on the group date about Nick coming to see her and wanting to bring him into the dating fold now too. The guys need time to process this revelation, especially because it challenges the relationships that have already developed. Kaitlyn departs the group date boat to find Nick waiting on the docks, and they're already cuddling in each other's arms and kissing. Kaitlyn feels bad interrupting the flow and the flirtation she had with Nick was before the process, buuuuut she needs a night to sleep on it. The guys, meanwhile, can't fathom allowing a man who put another woman on blast on this show. And it's funny because we saw the season preview and I have to assume multiple men will call her out for having sexy times on this show. Oh and because a date is still happening, some dude named Justin gets the date rose.

Kaitlyn seeks guidance from last season's scene-stealer, the kooky Ashley S. who is apparently her stylist. Ashley suggest this connection could be lust over love. Kaitlyn meets up with Nick who is serving up some serious cardigan swagger, and he explains he wants to get to know her more. While she doesn't want to make the guys angry, this is HER journey for love and she can't live with regrets. Kaitlyn invites Nick to join the show, but suggests maybe he waits to move into the hotel since he's enemy #1. Breathe a sigh of relief JJ, you're not going to be the worst guy there. Well for at least a day.

Kaitlyn and Jared get all black tie formal for a date at The Met, which is a pretty darn incredible date. Too bad Kaitlyn is too distracted by her earlier swoonfest with Nick. Jared encourages Kaitlyn to do whatever she wants as he's comfortable with the connection they share. Soon the date gets into the swing of things which has to including a "rhyming poem" which seems redundant (and yes I know not all poems rhyme). The Dumb and Dumber concluding line must've sealed the deal, as Jared gets the date rose. But the date doesn't end there: there's a helicopter ride over New York City! Kaitlyn is as excited as I am about it, and I'm not even living it. Kaitlyn calls this the "best date ever" because she forgot that for the first hour she wasn't even paying attention and thinking about another guy. But helicopters do trump all.

Before the next group date, Kaitlyn drops the Nick bomb on them all and they are super awkward about it all. But get over it group date guys, because you're Broadway bound! Kaitlyn's men go through a Broadway audition for Aladdin the Musical and the very best guy will make his Broadway debut in the live show. The guys are horrible dancers and don't know the words to the song at all, which seems like a punishable crime in this country. Personally I think Ian deserved the starring role, but Cupcake Chris and his over-exaggerated dramatics win him the part. Chris and Kaitlyn rehearse a little more before getting into costume to become glorified Broadway extras. They can't stop talking about how they'll never forget this experience and give quick pecks, but I don't feel any real chemistry. The date ends with a high climb up to the New Year's Eve ball, which is pretty darn cool too. Some cool stuff happens tonight amidst the overblown Nick drama. Anyways, Cupcake Chris gets the rose and they kiss by the giant ball.

The date is boring as hell but doom is impending as Nick Viall slowly walks his rolling luggage through Times Square.

Oh, and Britt and Brady are still dating if you even care.

June 1, 2015

The Bachelorette: Bad Bromance

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Week 3

In the To Be Continued fashion of last week, Kaitlyn leaves her interview to go outside and confront Kupah (again) about his shouting at production. Kaitlyn asks him to accept her rejection of him and to stop making everything so uncomfortable. He finally gets into a mini-van and leaves. Kaitlyn corrals the guys for a quick meeting to explain the disastrous Kupah situation and asks them to be open with her if they're not comfortable. The evening wraps with a rose ceremony where Daniel and single dad Cory go home. No need to be sad because I don't remember who they were either but their eliminations make Kaitlyn cry.

The men receive a bizarre wake-up call in the form of large Japanese men in silky robes banging a gong. Turns out, the group date is to sumo wrestle each other because creativity is out the door and back-to-back fighting dates are happening (hopefully there's less shots to the head than last week). They get real screwed when it comes to location as the guys have to show their blurred cracks (and sometimes balls if you're Joe) to wrestle in the driveway. Even a yard full of manbuns can't make this date interesting. Tony takes his time in the ring, but walks away after upset because he's tired of having to show aggression in his dates because he wants something peaceful because he has the "heart of a warrior and spirit of a gypsy." I feel like Tony doesn't understand Kaitlyn doesn't plan the dates. As Ian tries to calm him down, Kaitlyn has to mediate again and it's all over dramatic and annoying. Poor Kaitlyn has to play babysitter instead of Bachelorette. The remainder of a date is a public sumo fight in front of a crowd of women, where Tony opts out of more violence to stay home and rant about wanting to go to the zoo. He makes the decision to leave the show, so he says a goodbye to Kaitlyn and peaces out. She's not losing sleep over it.

After daytime wrestling, the guys have different strategies for Kaitlyn time. While JJ plans to actively pursue her, Clint wants her to chase him. C'mon guy, you're competing for her. Just because you won wrestling doesn't make you the coolest dude around. His passive moves don't work on Kaitlyn, who prefers the guys that take initiative to find time to talk with her. Apparently Shawn B. has fallen "so hard, so quick" despite what I assume has been maybe three to four hours together and he gets the date rose. Kaitlyn calls Clint out on it, and he's already like, "Ugh, this probably won't work out." Dude, get off your ass and fight for it. She's the prize. You are not.

Turns out the one-on-one date was planned by Chris Harrison this week for Kaitlyn and Ben Z. The couple participate in "The Basement" which is one of those escape the room challenges. Um, AWESOME. I want to do this! Until a pigeon flies out of the open door - HELL NO. Kaitlyn is like me, afraid of the birds. Thanks to a disclaimer we learn the animals added to the exhibit were just for the show and not part of the exhibit. Like the bloody saw and creepy person in a bed wasn't freaky enough? Kaitlyn is a mess so Ben Z. calms her down and they have 45 minutes to decode clues and find a login code to escape the room. This includes a heavy-handed clue to "kiss," a bunch of cards, maggots, toilet snakes, and the key code "ROSES." Hooray they escape and don't die. The couple head back to Kaitlyn's place to bond more and share more of Ben Z's sad mom story, including how he hasn't cried in 11 years. Kaitlyn likes how open he is, they kiss a bunch, spend time in the hot tub, and Ben Z. gets the date rose.

A bunch of parents desperate for their kids to be on TV allow the group date guys to give their children a sex ed talk. It's every bit as uncomfortable as you'd expect and the kids laugh and get grossed out. But surprise - it's all child actors! That doesn't make this any better except at least we know these kids aren't that advanced. I'm setting a reminder for ten years from now to check Reddit for, "I was a Child Actor That Learned Sex-Ed on The Bachelorette - Ask Me Anything." While Joshua struggles to explain what a period is, Ben H. uses his speech to hit on Kaitlyn and tie their relationship into how sperm travels to an egg. ROMANCE! Afterwards they head to a hotel rooftop for cocktails and giggling over what a disaster their lessons were. While Kaitlyn's bond with Jared and his black eye grows stronger, Ben H. is the charmer of the date and receives the date rose.

But what ABC fake-promo'd all week was a "Brokeback Bachelor" situation where one of guys was falling in love with another. It was fake. It was clever editing. Instead it's like the pairing of two 80s teen movie villains in their own spin-off movie. Just two bros playing guitar, drinking, hot tubbing. While the old saying is "I'm not here to make friends," Clint is pretty content leaving with a new bestie in JJ. But that doesn't mean they're giving up, instead taking the stance on being the douches who pursue Kaitlyn real hard vs. the nice guys in the house. Clint quickly grabs Kaitlyn for alone time to make more moves and to stick around the house longer to bro out with JJ more and maybe get a free trip. "Villains gotta vill," Clint says to JJ with a clink of the glass. The other guys in the house begin to tell Kaitlyn who isn't there for the right reasons and she's getting a clue that it's a bad bromance. What will she say to Clint? TO BE CONTINUED.