June 22, 2015

Big Brother 17 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

6/22/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , , No comments
Hellooooo houseguests and welcome to another summer of Big Brother! Fourteen new houseguests have been announced for a twisty summer, teased with new twists coming every week. Though the idea of fourteen houseguests seems off since sixteen has been their magic number. Could there be returnees?

Well as I do every year (and fail miserably at), is try to predict who will win Big Brother based on their CBS bio and interview video with total dud Jeff Schroeder. Longtime readers will know about the infamous week three curse where my winner prediction goes home exactly week three each time. The last two seasons, however, had me break the curse with longer lasting (but losing) houseguests. So I have studied CBS.com and thought hard and....


Becky will win Big Brother 17.

First off, a lot of self-described superfans in the house this season. Some had genuine superfan answers (Jason might be the biggest of them all), and others we'll just call them tagalong superfans. The good news is I think almost everyone is there to truly play the game. The downside is no one really stuck out to me as a winner. Though maybe that's good because my track record if garbage. I ultimately chose Becky, who is cute, nice, and harmless. She's athletic which will help for challenges, though the level of athleticism needed to excel in Big Brother is basically not flunking junior high phys ed. Her athleticism could be something that gets her targeted. But Becky seems like someone who is in the house to play, but in a subtle way compared to the larger personalities who want to run it all.

Now comes the fun part for YOU. Who do you think will win Big Brother 17? Cast your vote in the form below before the show premieres on Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm ET. The winners will receive [a photo of] a trophy!