June 22, 2015

The Bachelorette: Dublin Down on Love

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Week 6

Ian's "honest" diatribe to Kaitlyn continues, as he calls her a "surface level person," shallow, not here for the right reasons, and overall fake. Kaitlyn is flabbergasted that he doesn't believe she's there to find a husband, explaining she IS a humorous person and does have a deeper side. The uncomfortable discussion ends and Ian leaves the hotel. Ian's just soooo much better than this show and the bros around him. "I'm destined to be The Bachelor," says the guy with no self awareness of how editing a villain works. Bye guy.

The show must go on, and Nick is the first to hear everything that went down and is able to comfort Kaitlyn. Of course the guys groan when they find out Nick is having more alone time, eventhough he has a rose. The other guys want time too, so Shawn B. heads upstairs and insteads finds Kaitlyn making out with Nick and heads back downstairs dejected. All it needed was the sad Charlie Brown music to complete the mood. Kaitlyn is really down after having her intentions questioned, explained how intimacy is extremely important for her in a relationship. Foreshadowinggggg! Eventually she returns to the guys to recap what went down with Ian, with inspirational music building in the background until Chris Harrison arrives to interrupt. The Rose Ceremony FINALLY happens at the Alamo, so obviously we won't forget it. That's some dad humor right there. Justin and Joshua (with his new horrible haircut) are roseless and leave the Alamo lonely guys hoping for a ticket to Paradise. But the remaining guys are heading to Dublin, Ireland and everyone toasts champagne to the idea of getting obliterated overseas.

The first solo date has no date card and instead Kaitlyn asks Nick out on the date in front of the group. Dublin is a bucket list city for Kaitlyn, so she and Nick explore the city hand-in-hand. It's all fun until pigeons show up to ruin the fun. They move along to Irish step dance in the streets, buy claddagh rings, and makeout against a wall. Nick and Kaitlyn connect mentally, but it's really physical with lots of kissing and touching. The night portion of the date involves a lot of dinner kissing at the Christ Church Cathedral, because there's nothing hotter than stained glass and church pews. Realizing they can't keep their hands off each other, Kaitlyn invites Nick back to her hotel room. The cameras are totally forgotten as the couple makeout on the dingy hotel couch. The action moves to the boudoir where they are camera-free but still mic'd. 

And then the sun rises and it's a new day. Nick sneaks back into the hotel room and Kaitlyn thinks about her night on a hotel balcony, where we all ponder life. Kaitlyn wonders if this has happened before and is feeling guilty because she's also dating other guys. Kaitlyn's worried Nick will go back and tell the guys, and he does say he went to her hotel but says it was a casual talking time. So it stays a secret... for now.

The group date guys throw on their Rose Ceremony best for a somber date: an Irish wake for Kaitlyn. "You're doing terrible," Chris Harrison whispers to a giggling Kaitlyn in a casket. With a Guinness in hand, the guys work out their worst poems and limericks to celebrate the life of Kaitlyn. Cupcake Chris drives me nuts, but his rendition of "Oh Danny Boy" wins me over. Ben Z. asks the guys to leave the room, and then Kaitlyn remembers that his mom died and maybe this was a bad date to bring him on. His eulogy can't be light heartened and ends up being more emotional than zings at Nick.  The Guinness Store House hosts the night portion of the date for more beer and quality Kaitlyn time. Ben Z talks about opening up, Shawn B shares family photos, and Jared gets the group date rose after lots of talking and smooching. Kaitlyn whisks Jared off to a private concert by The Cranberries in a church. THE CRANBERRIES. I'm dying of jealousy.

Meanwhile, Shawn B is still at the Guinness place moping over his feelings. He doesn't understand why Kaitlyn would say she's falling in love with him, then pick another guy for the rose. Shawn B is all about trust, rambling on about her getting to "bang" two dudes at the Fantasy Suites. So that night, Shawn goes to Kaitlyn's hotel room and interrupts like the one time she ever gets to eat. Kaitlyn's afraid it's about the Nick sex, but little does she know it's just about the little dumb rose of reassurance.

Oh and if you still give a crap about Britt and Brady, he meets her mom.