June 8, 2015

The Bachelorette: A Whole New World (with Nick Viall)

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Week 4

Because episodes never wrap up in a coherent order for a recap, we begin this episode with Kaitlyn pissed at Clint and ready to take him on. Clint's ready to kiss some ass to get a rose, so he tells Kaitlyn how the guys in the house are jealous of his BFF-ness with JJ. Clint insists none of the guys have a problem with him. Kaitlyn almost looks like she accepts it, but she doesn't trust Clint and sends him home. Even worse, Clint's BFF JJ turns on him too just to make himself look good to Kaitlyn. Betrayal all around! Plus all the guys have zero respect for JJ for being a crappy friend. Bros before hoes - it's code guys. A rose ceremony is supposed to happen but Kaitlyn changes her mind and wants to keep everyone there. The guys have to be reminded this is a good thing since everyone was ready for JJ to follow Clint out the door and into an Uber XL. At least the night ends with good news: they're hitting the road and off to New York City!

Dedicated to the cause of decimating the art of music one season at a time ("Right Reasons" - never forget), the first group date of the night has the guys facing off in rap battles. Rap legend Doug E. Fresh comes out to like inspire the guys or something? I didn't see any teaching so I guess just a cameo paycheck. At least Kaitlyn knows this is the worst rap battle that has ever and will ever happen. What's most interesting is sitting in the audience is Nick Viall, the runner-up on Andi's season who called her out on After the Final Rose for "making love" to him, is in the audience. Apparently Kaitlyn and Nick became friends over "social media" and he decided that he'd be bummed if he didn't try to to make a play for her. 

Instead of bottling up her feelings, Kaitlyn spills the beans to the guys on the group date about Nick coming to see her and wanting to bring him into the dating fold now too. The guys need time to process this revelation, especially because it challenges the relationships that have already developed. Kaitlyn departs the group date boat to find Nick waiting on the docks, and they're already cuddling in each other's arms and kissing. Kaitlyn feels bad interrupting the flow and the flirtation she had with Nick was before the process, buuuuut she needs a night to sleep on it. The guys, meanwhile, can't fathom allowing a man who put another woman on blast on this show. And it's funny because we saw the season preview and I have to assume multiple men will call her out for having sexy times on this show. Oh and because a date is still happening, some dude named Justin gets the date rose.

Kaitlyn seeks guidance from last season's scene-stealer, the kooky Ashley S. who is apparently her stylist. Ashley suggest this connection could be lust over love. Kaitlyn meets up with Nick who is serving up some serious cardigan swagger, and he explains he wants to get to know her more. While she doesn't want to make the guys angry, this is HER journey for love and she can't live with regrets. Kaitlyn invites Nick to join the show, but suggests maybe he waits to move into the hotel since he's enemy #1. Breathe a sigh of relief JJ, you're not going to be the worst guy there. Well for at least a day.

Kaitlyn and Jared get all black tie formal for a date at The Met, which is a pretty darn incredible date. Too bad Kaitlyn is too distracted by her earlier swoonfest with Nick. Jared encourages Kaitlyn to do whatever she wants as he's comfortable with the connection they share. Soon the date gets into the swing of things which has to including a "rhyming poem" which seems redundant (and yes I know not all poems rhyme). The Dumb and Dumber concluding line must've sealed the deal, as Jared gets the date rose. But the date doesn't end there: there's a helicopter ride over New York City! Kaitlyn is as excited as I am about it, and I'm not even living it. Kaitlyn calls this the "best date ever" because she forgot that for the first hour she wasn't even paying attention and thinking about another guy. But helicopters do trump all.

Before the next group date, Kaitlyn drops the Nick bomb on them all and they are super awkward about it all. But get over it group date guys, because you're Broadway bound! Kaitlyn's men go through a Broadway audition for Aladdin the Musical and the very best guy will make his Broadway debut in the live show. The guys are horrible dancers and don't know the words to the song at all, which seems like a punishable crime in this country. Personally I think Ian deserved the starring role, but Cupcake Chris and his over-exaggerated dramatics win him the part. Chris and Kaitlyn rehearse a little more before getting into costume to become glorified Broadway extras. They can't stop talking about how they'll never forget this experience and give quick pecks, but I don't feel any real chemistry. The date ends with a high climb up to the New Year's Eve ball, which is pretty darn cool too. Some cool stuff happens tonight amidst the overblown Nick drama. Anyways, Cupcake Chris gets the rose and they kiss by the giant ball.

The date is boring as hell but doom is impending as Nick Viall slowly walks his rolling luggage through Times Square.

Oh, and Britt and Brady are still dating if you even care.