July 13, 2015

The Bachelorette: Nick vs. Shawn vs. Reality TV Love

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Week 9

In the most cliffhangery season ever, the latest episode picks up on where we left Nick and Shawn last week. Shawn and Nick had their confrontation in his hotel room which apparently is a small waterfront cottage. The guys don't like each other, plain and simple. Nick believes Shawn hasn't given him a chance, Shawn doesn't think Nick is here for the right reasons. Shawn doesn't appreciate that the "eskimo brother" topic was brought up and he leaves. Anticlimactic and over. For now.

Still in Ireland (was this show's budget slashed), Kaitlyn goes on her overnight date with Ben. They ride horses in the countryside, feed lonely donkeys, and enjoy a romantic picnic by a castle. Ben tells Kaitlyn that he is falling in love with her, but worried for awhile it was the situation they were in AKA being filmed on super romantic television dates. But it's for real. The pair then get a real upgrade, getting to have dinner in the castle while wearing different chunky knit sweaters than the day date. Ben brings up the topic that there is an age difference, as Kaitlyn is an older woman compared to baby-faced 26 year old Ben. Age doesn't matter as the couple have chemistry and laugh together, leading them to share the fantasy suite together in the Irish castle despite some weirdness because Ben is aware she's dating two other guys. Time to talk a lot at what Ben is calling, "the best sleepover ever."

Kaitlyn picks Shawn up from his cabin of aggression for their overnight date, surprising him with a bright pink shirt. They're going golfing! Followed by a game of Truth or Dare which shouldn't go well because does Shawn want more truth from Kaitlyn right now? Shawn is dared to putt naked, but Kaitlyn runs away with his closes so she can watch him run in the nude. They also have dinner in a castle because there is pretty much nothing else to do in Ireland. Kaitlyn doesn't understand the Nick/Shawn beef, so asks Shawn to elaborate on the hatred. Shawn admits that he did go talk man-to-man with Nick, to discuss him maybe not being there for the right reasons. But that's not the most uncomfortable issue discussed: she brings up the eskimo brother comment, which enrages Shawn. Sounds like the perfect time to take this conversation off-camera, and maybe also a little sexy time- who knows?

The next morning Shawn peaces out of the fantasy suite, and lingering outside the hotel is Nick Viall lookin' all creepy and hopefully just standing outside like that since the sun began to rise. Time for Brodown Showdown take 2. Nick wants to have a man-to-map convo, but Shawn believes that can't happen after all the smacktalk Nick relayed to Kaitlyn. Shawn gets very quickly gets angry and doesn't like Nick get a word in, telling him to "get the f*** out of my place." Well it's the hotel's place but I get the point. Much like Harry Potter and Voldemort, neither can live while one survives.

Before the impending rose ceremony, Kaitlyn and her red cleave-revealing dress talk to Chris Harrison about her three guys. Or really discuss two guys beefing over the same woman like a CW drama. While Kaitlyn deeply ponders in a library, Chris Harrison reminds the men that one is saying goodbye and the other two will have hometown dates and introduce Kaitlyn to their families. As she gives her intro speech, Kaitlyn gets emotional at what is clearly an obvious elimination but she hates breaking hearts. Kaitlyn gives her roses to Nick and Shawn. Ben H. had no chance but surely he'll get another chance at love since he's the obvious Bachelor frontrunner from this season of duds. But he takes it like the handsome class act he is and leaves heartbroken in the van of sadness. And Ben and Nick share celebratory champagne in awkward silence, probably both thinking "Sooooo, are we Eskimo Brothers now?"

Kaitlyn arrives in Utah to meet Shawn and Nick's families, because the show's budget is so cheap they can't even afford meeting the families in their natural hometown setting. Nick is first up and he lets Kaitlyn know he's in love with her officially. So the pair head inside the hotel to find Nick's giant, downtrodden family who was not super excited about him going on this dumb show again. For what it's worth, his mom is actually more concerned at him facing heartbreak a second time around, which then makes the littlest sister start crying. Once Kaitlyn comes in the family lights up with smiles, so thank god cause this could've been a real bummer. The family gets worried again when they hear Nick is in the final two, but also like Kaitlyn a lot so think maybe this time it'll be OK. Nick's little sister Bella asks the tough questions, asking if Kaitlyn loves Nick to which she says, "I care about your brother a lot, a lot, a lot." So... no? Mom asks Nick how this go-round compares to last time, and Nick feels better about Kaitlyn than Andi, going so far as to tell his mom that Kaitlyn is great at making out. Um, TMI? He's "99% sure" Kaitlyn loves him, so we'll see how Nick's math skills are come finale week.

It's time for Shawn's brooding family date where he plans to tell Kaitlyn that he loves her. Shawn warns Kaitlyn about his two older sisters, but according to Kaitlyn "sisters are my jam." Kaitlyn meets Shawn's dad, sisters, and aunt (mom couldn't make it on this little vacation to Utah). The family gets so excited to find out Shawn is in the final two, seeing the connection between them. Kaitlyn tells the sisters how there was an instant attraction as soon as he exited the limo, but their connection has grown over time to be more that physical. Kaitlyn is beaming as she talks about Shawn to his sisters, really hoping she passed the sister test (of course she did). But dad is worried this is more lust, or excitement from the reality TV dating process. Meanwhile, Shawn and Dad are totally twinning in chambray shirts. Dad's apprehension changes pretty much instantly because... TV. In wrapping up their day together, Shawn and Kaitlyn head to a couch and he tells her he is in love with her.

With family meetings over, Kaitlyn heads to her hotel balcony to cry and ponder whose heart she will have to break.