July 6, 2015

The Bachelorette: Shawn Learns the Truth and Stares into Space

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Week 8

Still in Ireland, Kaitlyn takes Ben H on a choppy rowboat ride for their date which docks at a beautiful island. They play hide and seek among the castle relics, apparently not remembering how dumb Chris Soules looked when he did it. Kaitlyn calls Ben husband material, then share Guinness and whiskey by a roaring fire while Ben is serving Mr. Rogers realness. Ben shares his greatest fear with Kaitlyn, which is that he fears he is unlovable after his prior relationship. This is such Bachelor lead setup moreso than Kaitlyn's choice, but she still says she's falling in love with him. When it comes to the overnight dates, Ben mentions he can't wait to "talk all night" and Kaitlyn's like "Ohhhh god is this guy a virgin?" But he's not so "talk all night" is just a good euphemism.

Nick, Shawn, and Joe get a three-way date with Kaitlyn to make things as much of a bro-down as possible. It just involves sitting outside some fancy estate drinking booze, so not much effort thrown into this one. After one night together not kissing, Kaitlyn and Shawn quickly make up for that before Kaitlyn starts wondering when she should tell him about banging Nick. But then Nick steals her away so they can talk about their awkward post-sex relationship and then kiss. Joe, well he gets his alone time which we know is totally hopeless. The leading questions about being ready for engagement and pulling away from when he kisses should've been a giveaway, but he's reaaaaally not into picking signs. Sure Joe says he's in love with her, but Kaitlyn isn't feeling Joe at all and dumps him. Kaitlyn returns back to Shawn and Nick but decides to not give out the rose because she's not in a mood for it, because god forbid Kaitlyn even respect the power of roses. However she's not ready to be alone, sending Nick back to the hotel and bringing Shawn along for some nightime date fun.

Kaitlyn and Shawn share drinks and laugh at a pub, though of course Kaitlyn wants to tell him about her sexin'. But she knows honesty is important in this relationship progressing and Shawn should know everything. And so Kaitlyn comes cleans and tells Shawn that on her date with Nick it went too far and they had sex. Shawn takes it with a horrified nod, slowly scanning the room in terror. Shawn asks if she regrets it and she says she felt guilty, worried it would impact their relationship. Dude needs a minute to compose himself, aimlessly searching the pub for the bathroom - or I guess they'd call it the loo in Ireland. After some bathroom pondering, Shawn thanks for her the honesty, reiterates he doesn't like Nick, and plans to "man up" and move on since he's into her.

Chris Harrison lets the guys know Kaitlyn's mind is made up and there's no cocktail party, just a Rose Ceremony (finally!). Jared is nervous since he hasn't seen Kaitlyn for four days, and Shawn's now having second thoughts about Kaitlyn because she banged Nick. When Kaitlyn offers the first rose to Shawn, he requests a private talk because OF COURSE. Shawn B is always over-dramatic. Shawn's been thinking (brooding) and couldn't sleep because he doesn't understood why Nick of all guys. Again with the "You told me I was the one" thing, so Kaitlyn tells him she made a mistake especially with other relationships going. Kaitlyn is here to explore other relationships because there's a good chance she'll only have one for the rest of her life after this (good luck with this show's track record). So they go back to the Rose Ceremony and Shawn accepts the rose like we all knew he would. Kaitlyn also gives roses to Ben J and Nick, eliminating Jared and his spotty facial hair.

Still in Ireland, the overnight Fantasy Suite dates begin. Nick has his date first where they explore the town, learn about Nick's torrid church confessionals, talk first kisses, and barely understand locals. Kaitlyn begins to realize her feelings for Nick aren't just physical and there is an emotional connection. Their night date involves a cozy couch in yet another castle looking place and Nick calling Shawn out for his past sex antics with a country singer. Eskimo brothers? Whoa. Nick says he's tried to be friends with all the guys but Shawn sucks, and Kaitlyn says the other guys hate Nick and doesn't understand why. Nick's all sorry not sorry I love you, so after laughing at all the creepy castle stuff, they eventually peace out to the Fantasy Suites for more alone time so of course we know what's going to happen. BONE ZONE. And an early morning breakfast sesh because of course, bon appet.

But Nick's happiness is going to be short-lived because Shawn B. called the front desk for Nick's hotel room number. BRO-DOWN SHOWDOWN! Shawn thinks better guys deserve a spot than Nick, claiming he's here for the wrong reasons. To be continued!