August 17, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise: Love is For the Birds

8/17/2015 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 3 - Part 2

Juelia tries to tell her story and warn Samantha about Joe, but Samantha stops the conversation and wants Joe present to tell his side. Samantha doesn't care because Joe is there for her, no one else. The question is, did Joe and Samantha create a diabolical plan to hookup in Paradise? Tanner has a screencap from Joe that confirms it, despite Joe's denials. It's from Samantha's own mouth the pre-show talks are pretty much confirmed when she tells Joe the version of the story she told producers, which he needs to corroborate since it's all a bunch of lies. I'm sorry but this is Paradise not Serial or Dateline

Ashley is so excited when her favorite person Amber arrives in Paradise, but it gets awkward quick when Amber asks Dan out on her date card date. Trying to be a gentleman, Dan asks Ashley for her blessing to move along and makeout with other people and she wishes he manned up earlier. Ashley's anger at Dan begins to build since he never gave a straight up answer of why his feelings changed, leading her to cry to Juelia which I'm surprised doesn't start a chain reaction of ugly cries. Needing a pick-me-up, the kooky side of Ashley S returns with a visit to the bird cage and letting a crab climb all over her. Listen, she's basically Dr. Dolittle with a lot more pina coladas in her.

Putting the drama aside, there's still some dates to be had in Paradise. Rain doesn't ruin Megan and JJ's date, a day on a boat and jet skiing through caves and waves and seeing dolphins. JJ loves Megan's eyes, boobs, and personality. Dan and Amber walk the streets of Puerto Vallarta and are cheered on by a crowd to kiss, so they comply. They eventually share drinks on a romantic terrace, where Amber admits she's had a crush on Dan for awhile and Dan explains his previous Ashley S relationship. The date goes well and they spend a lot of time just making out.

When I notice there's ten minutes of an episode left and no one's dressed for a Rose Ceremony I realize this week is ANOTHER to be continued. Two weeks in a row a three hour episode doesn't finish stories because they spend segments devoted to raccoons and crabs. When JJ returns from his date and gets the 4-1-1, he's livid that Joe would be such a scumbag to Juelia and waste her chances at finding love. Joe explains he never MET Samantha before, but did talk to her, insisting he didn't know Samantha was coming to Paradise. Yeah nice try, Joe. Suddenly JJ stands up and is serving some real crazy eyes to Joe, and throws out an "OR WHAT?" at Joe's quips. Is there a fight coming? Who knows because it's to be continued... again!

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