August 23, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise: The Magical Love Powers of Tequila

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Week 4 - Part 1

Picking up where last week's drama left off, Joe seeks counsel with Paradise's greatest therapist, Jorge the Bartender, to vent about his situation and Samantha not accepting any responsibility. Joe finally admits to the group that he reached out the Samantha before, but Samantha denies all the allegations and won't cop to being a crappy friend to Juelia. Many wonder if Juelia will get a sympathy rose and she doesn't want that at all, but everyone is obsessed with Juelia staying and getting another chance. While people pitch JJ to give his rose to her, Juelia hustles on her own behalf and approaches Chris Harrison with an idea: bring back Mikey for her. Listen I want Juelia to be happy, but at the same time this is basically a game show and she made the wrong move. Couldn't she go home and date Mikey? 

It takes over thirty minutes of an episode to finally get to the Rose Ceremony that should've happened last week. JJ shocks everyone when get gives his rose not to Megan or Juelia, but Ashley S who deserves to find love. Bigger shocker: JJ dumped someone back home to be on this show and decides to leave to be with her. Well isn't this convenient so Mikey could return and fill that empty men's slot! JJ leaves the hero of Paradise, redeemed from his douchiness of Kaitlyn's season. Now Dan gets the burden of choosing to save Juelia and give her another shot. But Dan follows his heart because this is about him finding love, not some other chick. Dan gives his rose to Amber, which leaves Megan, Clare, and Juelia rose-less and heading home. But, SURPRISE, when Juelia leaves she is greeted by Mikey who arrives just in time to save her. Everyone rejoices at Juelia overcoming deception and the rules of Paradise... except Joe who knows he's officially the villain of the show.

Tanner and Jade get their first legitimate date after being pretty much Paradise official since day one. They fly, then drive to Tequila, Mexico for a date at a distillery smashing the bejesus out of agave plants and tasting tequila. Tanner and Jade find a date card inside their snuggle blanket which gives them a hotel key for some alone time, which of course they accept because they're totally smitten. In the hotel, Tanner wants to be more than Paradise official but legit boyfriend/girlfriend official, like date after being on a three week paid vacation. But Tanner fears life could lead them in different paths, but both admit they're falling for each other and this is real. Bring on the lovefest.

Joe raves about how much he wants to be with Samantha and she agrees Joe's the guy for her. But then Nick, who is famously the schmuck with $250,000 from Bachelor Pad 3, arrives and wants to date Samantha. Why Samantha? Because they talked and texted before the show. I'm sensing a pattern here and I hope that girl has a good data plan on her phone. Samantha declines Nick's date offer, focusing on Joe instead. Per advice from Mikey (and getting the lowdown on the Samanthan drama), Nick asks Ashley S out on the date instead. The private island is closed due to weather, which leads to a Spanish language barrier/gigglefest between Ashley and Nick. Their date switches to pounding tequila, getting massages, and a crow telling Ashley to enjoy the fruits of paradise. A drunk day leads to a drunker night and they kiss in a hot tub a little before drunk Ashley gets weird and nonsensical.

Jared finally has "the talk" with Ashley I who is obsessed with him and he's not that into her. Unlike Joe, Jared isn't faking it to get a rose and wants to be real, suggesting that Ashley should accept other dates so she doesn't miss out. Basically, Jared is still in love with Kaitlyn and not ready for a relationship. The waterworks move into ugly cries, which Ashley is famous for, so she calls her pal Kaitlyn to get the details on what the hell happened. Another relationship goes down the drain, as Samantha ends things with Joe on his birthday. She doesn't want the drama or to be associated with the villain, and he's crushed since he was super into her. But Joe isn't taking this breakup smoothly and plans to out Samantha for being a liar. He has the text messages to prove it. If Samantha thought the drama was over, it's just begun.


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