August 16, 2015

Big Brother 17: Dumb Moves at the Double Eviction

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Week 7

Another week in the Big Brother house begins where Thursday's cliffhanger left us: the Head of Household competition. Everyone is slipping and sliding on a Crisco-covered lane to fill up a globe to retrieve the HOH ball. Two other balls are in the container, $5,000 and "Never Not" pass to avoid a summer of slop and dentist chair sleep. Since it's slippery, this allows the show to use the slide whistle sound drop for maximum effect. Becky is way ahead of everyone else so she has plenty of time to win the bonus prizes first, then secure herself the HOH victory.

What we do find out on this episode is that right before the big Clelli eviction the house blew up. Johnny Mac has been onto Vanessa being the epicenter of drama and wrongly told Clay, who informed Vanessa that James is talking smack on her. Vanessa confronts James about this accusation that Vanessa is "in Shelli's head" to which James swears on his daughter he didn't. This chain continues with Vanessa questioning Johnny Mac and James and Clay getting into an face-to-face altercation with lots of pointed fingers. Soon enough, all four are in a heated conversation with Vanessa over-reacting about everything like she always does. "He's lying," Vanessa says about Clay about fourteen times. Long story short: Johnny Mac sees through Vanessa and informs Clelli to watch their backs. Well just Shelli because Clay is gone.

The house wonders what Becky will do with her power since until this time she's been a bit of a floater. Speculation is Vanessa will be the target since everyone is onto her game, and that is accurate. Becky plans to nominate Shelli and Steve, which half-keeps the group's word from the prior week to target the remaining half of Clelli. But there's a big picture plan: backdoor Vanessa. To keep this plan top secret, Becky asks her allies James, Meg, and Jackie to not speak a word. But Becky does tell one more person to gain her trust: Shelli. Vanessa tries to make a deal with Becky, but she flat out slaps it down and says she's done with deals and alliances. BALLER! That's how to stand up to Vanessa. With Johnny Mac in the loop and agreed with the plan, Becky begins to put the plan in motion and nominates Shelli and Steve.

With nominations over, Steve remains hellbent on one day targeting Becky once he stops throwing things and Becky assures Shelli she's not the target. Fearing a likely backdoor nomination, Vanessa asks both nominees to choose her for houseguest's choice and promises to save whoever picks her (since Vanessa would be safe as well). Steve finds out from his secret ally John that Vanessa is the backdoor target, but is surprised Johnny Mac wouldn't use the veto to surprise him and he's like, uh dude no one cares about you. Speaking of no one cares, Liz and Austin's showmance is like 70% real now.

This week's Power of Veto competition brings back the awesome #BBComic Superheroes challenge of last season, with the players flying across the year on a zipline to memorize comic book covers designed to mock the houseguests. Anytime they mock Vanessa's smelly blue hat and Johnny Mac the crazy dentist I'm in. I ranked the comics last year, and I ranked them again this year because OF COURSE. Some titles were pretty awesome and some were clunkers (but really anything Austin stinks). I just want a copy of "The Blanket" for my own collection. People compete, they mess up, they take forever - whatevs. Steve completes the challenge in just under 14 minutes and wins the veto, which secures his safety and helps the backdoor plan move along.

Vanessa's run of paranoia begins right after the veto competition, with everyone dodging her so they can't confirm or deny what Becky's plans are. Vanessa talks to Becky to try and make a deal since she understands the likelihood either her or Johnny Mac will be the replacement. Vanessa thinks Becky owes her since the house evicted Jason over Becky, but Becky's like gurl please. Vanessa never shuts up. Moving along, she covers her bases with all the people she made past deals with AKA everyone else in the house. At the veto ceremony, uses the veto to save himself (duh), and Becky names Vanessa as the replacement. Needless to say, Vanessa is pisssssssed.

All of this has to be wrapped up rather quickly for the Double Eviction. With the nominations set, Shelli plans to lay low since she's been told she's safe, but Vanessa is quite the opposite and campaigns like hell. She thought she was safe given some "final eight" deal last week which isn't a good deal because "final eight" isn't a thing. Vanessa plays dirty too now, spilling all the tea on Becky including past intent to evict James and her telling Clelli everything last week. With this information, James, Meg, and Becky wonder if evicting Vanessa is the right move or maybe they should switch and eliminate Shelli.

Julie informs the house there will be a Double Eviction and not a single person is surprised because this show changes NOTHING year to year. Shelli gives a fun speech before the vote, while Vanessa apparently wrote some a graduation keynote speech. The house votes against HOH Becky's wishes and unanimously evicts Shelli over Vanessa, because they're all idiots who are drinking the Kool Aid. In her Julie Chen time, Shelli figured she was in trouble against a slick game player like Vanessa and James was a big part of flipping the vote. If Shelli returns, she plans to partner with Steve and John and Julie's like "They weren't even in your alliance!" because I guess people don't give Julie feed updates.

Moving on, the house competes in the HOH competition that kicks off the Double Evictino festivities. The HGs had to memorize 16 different clips from throughout the show on the memory wall and they have to answer questions about the clips. Steve wins the Head of Household competition since he finally stopped throwing it and nominates Meg and Jackie for eviction. Say whaaaat! But also, laughing so hard since the Goblins alliance did this to themselves by changing their minds and keeping Vanessa. The Power of Veto has the houseguests rolling a ball through a wooden ski slope to get balls into three different holes, in numerical order. Johnny Mac wins the veto easily, which got everyone excited because who the heck knows what is the plan for tonight. At the Veto Ceremony, John left the nominations the same since he didn't know who Steve would choose as the replacement. So much for an awesome move to backdoor Vanessa and any other big player. Was this the plan a mistake? I don't know. The house votes to evict Jackie, which is apparently because Steve was fed information that at one point Jackie was going to backdoor him (Jackie tells Julie she was going to backdoor Austin). It's a quick so long, farewell to Jackie and now we're left hanging about the next HOH. Thank goodness for live feeds.