August 9, 2015

Big Brother 17: The End of Clelli

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Week 6

Big Brother picks up from last week's Head of Household cliffhangers, as the houseguests stand on the edge of a fake cliff for an endurance challenge. The cliff moves to awkward angles, rain pours on them, stuffed eagles peck them - it's all good times. Liz promised Austin to kiss him if he won HOH, so he holds on for dear life until he's first to drop. More begin to fall as their muscles given in to the endurance torture. The last three up on the wall are James, Shelli, and John and knowing he'll be screwed if he lets go, James hangs tight. Shelli is tired but also knows winning another HOH could make her standout, so she makes a deal for no nominations, no backdoor for her and Clay. Or Johnny Mac. James agrees but has no desire to keep the deal because he's out for revenge. John falls, then Shelli, and James becomes the HOH. The world cheers because a power shift is finally happening!

The outsiders rejoice at the victory, while the Sixth Sense immediately panics at the prospect of being targets. The alliance is crumbling on their own, full of distrust. Julia is pissed that Austin outed her to the house and used her as a potential target. Vanessa is made Shelli didn't include her in the deal, because everything is about Vanessa. Uh Vanessa, asking for 3-4 people to be immune is kind of a lot to ask for? What it proves to Vanessa is she can't penetrate that showmance bond. Vanessa is worried she'll be the target since she was the one who sent out Jason, so she begins to cover her ass. Clay and Shelli head up to the HOH room to make sure their deal is solid and try to cover their butts for last week too, throwing Austin under the bus in the process. James, Meg, and Jackie believe Clelli are running the house and refuse to take responsibility for getting out Jason. It's a pure eye for an eye move of revenge and I LOVE IT. James nominates Clay and Shelli and they are not happy, at all.

Post-nominations, Clay lashes out and Shelli mopes about being nominated against each other because they're so special to each other. How could they be split up before jury? Wahhh! Vanessa quickly makes it about her when Clelli insist they were nominated for Vanessa's actions last week. Vanessa storms off and begins whining and moving her hands frantically to express her anger. Once the couple has cooled off, they bring James inside to get more reasoning and he's unbending in his stance since they are a powerful twosome. Shelli also apologizes to Vanessa, crying about the broken deal and how she should've held on longer (she wouldn't have lasted much longer). "I'll be spending my summer in the jury house without him," Shelli says, clearly implying that she'll be saved and Clay evicted.

The Power of Veto is called "Game of Throws" and it has the houseguests catapulting a dart onto a giant Westeros-inspired map  of the Kingdom of Big Brotherhood, complete with background music that is like 80% of a Game of Thrones cover. The lowest score each round is eliminated, but leaves the game to choose a crown with a prize (or punishment). As the players are eliminated, they can keep the prize they won or trade for something already revealed else AKA trade for the veto. Jackie is eliminated first and finds the Veto crown, but quickly loses that to Shelli and is given an Armortard all week. Vanessa winds up with a punishment to polish Jackie's armor for 24 hours nonstop, Becky wins $5,000, and Clay nobly leaves the veto with Shelli and picks a trip to Ireland. James wins the entire competition and steals the Power of Veto from Shelli to secure his power. Totally dejected, Shelli gets the crappiest punishment of all, having to do a knight's training regimen 2,400 times in 24 hours. But hey, let a drunk Meg console you all. Ok, just Clay.

With their fate likely sealed, Clay begins to fall on the sword for Shelli and requests he be voted out over her. Shelli completes her 2,400 reps of ridiculous knight training and begins a quest to save their showmance. James says the only way he'll consider changing his mind is if he gets some dirt. Desperate, Shelli outs Austin's dual identity of Judas and that Austin was the person who suggested James be nominated during Liz's HOH reign. Eventhough they spilled the beans on their ally, James doesn't change his mind and Clay and Shelli remain nominated.

While Clelli cry in bed to each other, James lets Austin know that they outed the Judas secret to him. Austin tells Vanessa this info and that maybe Shelli outed the Sixth Sense, so of course Vanessa confronts Shelli. Vanessa is the center of the universe and her decisions rule them all, so she'd like Shelli to stay because the girls are tighter. The Sixth Sense minus Clay make amends, then Clay and Shelli loudly kiss later for the first time. But the biggest dilemma is HOH James and his side want Shelli out but Vanessa and the others are defensive about keeping a bigger target around. Jackie is wise enough to see Vanessa is going to screw them all over again, which is clear as day. The concern by the Sixth Sense is Clay could flip, also why keep Shelli since she's such a threat and it'd make the house lines drawn?

Clay uses his speech to talk about his love for Shelli and encourage them not to vote for him. Shelli does shout-outs to her family and declares her love for Clay too, then reminds everyone how she plays a loyal game. Since he begged to leave in exchange for Shelli's safety, Clay is evicted from the Big Brother house in a unanimous vote while wearing what the world calls a Canadian tuxedo. Julie keeps prodding Clay to say he loves Shelli and while he's not at those words, he definitely thinks she's worth more than a half million dollars. No regrets for sorta quitting!

Before beginning the next HOH competition, Julie lets everyone know they're all up for jury slots but teases they might not be out of the game AKA someone is returning, DUH. This isn't new or shocking, just disappointing as there's a few people I'd prefer to not get a second chance once evicted. The "Midway Mayhem" competition is to transport fake motor oil in teeny funnels across a slippery path into a giant orb. Sound familiar? It should because they do it every year. Inside the orb are 3 balls which includes the almighty HOH, along with balls for $5,000 or the chance to never be a Have Not again. Someone might leave this comp rolling in prizes (and power).