August 2, 2015

Big Brother 17: The Rise and Immediate Fall of the Dark Moon Alliance

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Week 5

Austin's goal of the week is to make sure the twins survive the next eviction so that they can enter the house next week. He chooses Jason as the person he should confide in and gain his twist, but it quickly backfires when he indicates he'd rather keep his crush Liz around more than her twin Julia. Well this is great information for Jason to share and make allies, but it also helps Austin's allies see he ruined everything. When Vanessa questions Austin to see what kind of answers she gets, it's none of the honesty she wants/demands as Austin flips the story. Pissed at Austin, Vanessa tells Julia (subbing in for Liz) about everything that went down and Julia is livid that Austin would allow the house to dispose of her just for a crush on her twin.

For some reason co-HOHs always feel like they have to or should work together, so Jackie and Vanessa talk game for once. Jackie wants to remain HOH and nominate the twins and maybe Steve, which is a relief to Vanessa who didn't want HOH in the first place. Vanessa pretends Jackie's targets are hers, too. Slick move, Vanessa since you're aligned with nearly every houseguest. In order to backdoor Austin, the plan is for Vanessa to nominate two strong competitors that would easily win the Battle of the Block. Becky is hesitant to be a pawn but agrees when she learns her nomination partner is Clay, the great American hero. Jackie ultimately nominates Liz and James, who the group wants to throw the Battle of the Block. The whole house is on-board, with Vanessa shaking hands on "100% promise" they will backdoor Austin.

The Big Brother house backyard has a wall with headshots of the Big Brother 15 cast, as well as a big plastered Outback Steakhouse product placement. In the "Big Brother newsroom" the nominated pairs have to throw paint all over the newsroom to expose invisible letters. Those letters will unscramble to reveal the names of three Big Brother houseguests from last season who, in this mind boggling headline, dined at Outback Steakhouse. Where in the world is this considered headline news? James tries his hardest to throw the competition, but Liz isn't a stupid person and wants to win to guarantee Julia will enter the house next week. So when James and Liz win the Battle of the Block, the house is not pleased since it totally throws a wrench into the plan to backdoor Austin. Well it doesn't have to be that hard if Vanessa is willing to dump her former ally. But hey, the winners got an Outback Steakhouse dinner and a Bloomin' Onion can wipe away all sadness.

The competition squirrel (and Jason) are both dressed adorably as park rangers while the houseguests competing for veto are dressed a big ol' squirrels. It's basically me and @notshambo's dream comp because we love squirrels, specifically dirt squirrels. The competition is to roll an acorn across a triangular beam 250 times without it dropping, running back and forth like frisky squirrels. Clay was a college football player, so I'm sure this type of running is similar to drills he did before he likely sat on the bench watching the game from the sidelines. Becky is a runner and has a fairly great chance of catching up until she drops the nut, which makes her end in last place. Johnny Mac kind of offers a challenge, but Clay wins the Power of Veto and Becky cries in the bushes while dressed as a squirrel.

Clay's win means everything is falling into place make Austin the replacement nominee, which is a relief to Vanessa who was worried about getting blood on her hands. Until everyone starts overthinking. Vanessa finally tells Liz that Austin outed the twins, which she was aware of, but didn't know Austin suggested the house could target Julia. Despite being creeped out by his love for her, Liz doesn't want Austin gone since he has her back and is a number for their alliance . A number that won't stop touching her at any given minute of the day. Vanessa confronts Austin about him potentially ruining Liz's game, along with Vanessa's who was supposedly his final two deal. Austin suddenly is terrified at the possibility of being the replacement nominee and begs and pleads for safety. Vanessa's in a conundrum since she gave her word to the whole house to backdoor Austin and is having second thoughts. But hey, a steak dinner from Outback Steakhouse is a great way to take your mind off everything!

Austin talks to the alliance, defending his actions as a man falling in love (gag). He reminds Shelli and Clay that he's a guaranteed number for their alliance, with Shelli pointing out the bond of the other side is growing and they could amass the numbers. Vanessa is still concerned about back on her word because she's got Carrie levels of blood on her hands by backing out of a deal. Clay suggests nominating Jackie, but Vanessa doesn't want to go against her word that much. Instead Vanessa suggests Jason, the glue holding the outsiders together. At the Veto Ceremony, Clay saved himself and Vanessa goes back on her word to the Dark Moon alliance: she backdoors Jason.

Half the house is totally shocked by Vanessa's move,and Jason is heartbroken since Big Brother is a lifelong dream of his, vowing to fight to stay. Clay and Shelli play dumb to cover their butts, but Vanessa sets Meg straight that "Chelli" were in on the plan to backdoor Jason. When Shelli tries to deny wanting Jason to go, Vanessa and Jackie both call her out. Suddenly the outsiders have an epiphany that they've been played by the showmance and are now on everyone's radar. The thing is, Shelli and Clay are also Jason's only swing vote chance to stay. Jason's plan is make Clelli so paranoid that they'll save Jason over Becky. Jason warns them that Austin has Liz and her twin, while Jason's side would be super grateful if Clelli played savior.

The house votes to evict Jason, 7-2, and I'm crushed at losing such an entertaining houseguest. At least he leaves dressed to the nines. Jason admits that he was naive to believe in the Dark Moon alliance. He feels most betrayed by "Clelli" because, duh, they're snakes. Julie wonders if superfan Jason let the twin twist gossip overtake him rather than use it as a player. Jason hopes Meg, James, and Jackie can hold onto dear life and stay in the game but it's an uphill battle. Jason was so good at reading people, having everything figured out for weeks, but sadly his alliances never panned out. Please Big Brother gods, sequester Jason so he has the chance of coming back.

Wearing the same outfit as Liz, Julia sits with Julie Chen to find out her fate in the game. When Julia last swapped, Liz was nominated and would have to compete in the Battle of the Block. Obviously we know what went down, so the twins survived to week 5 and earned a spot into the Big Brother house to compete as individuals. Julia enters the house after the Chenbot announces her and everyone rejoices. Oh good, the Sixth Sense gets even stronger. With Julia entering, the game resets to have just one Head of Household and therefore eliminated the uber sucky Battle of the Block. The first solo HOH will be crowned after a "grueling" endurance competition where the houseguests stand on teeny fake rock platforms on a cliff wall that moves and water rains down upon them. They also get pecked by fake eagles, which is my worst nightmare. Please let someone not crappy win.