August 22, 2015

Big Brother 17: This Week Was Smooth As Buttahhhh

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Week 8

The house is on high alert after the Double Eviction, wonder what the hell inspired Steve to nominate Jackie. Steve knows he screwed up by showing up his hand and which side he is really on, since he's been riding the middle for weeks now. He fake cries for sympathy but he gets none from me because his acting is horrible. Meg is completely distraught that she was nominated without any indication and that he eliminated Jackie from the game. Johnny Mac apologizes to Meg for not using the veto, but he worried what would've happened. The house is 100% divided now with Steve as the swing, so even the people betrayed by him need his vote. When in doubt, blame everything on Vanessa and you'll get away with it.

A new Head of Household has to be named since Steve's reign was short-lived. "Mixed Emojis" is a series of head-to-head matches to identify certain emojis in grids. Can we discuss how sad and creepy this emojis are? This isn't classy iPhone emojis but ones that show up on creepy greeting card sites. The final round comes down to John and Liz, a battle between the two sides. Liz wins HOH and the only person more excited than her twin is Austin, who is probably already dreaming of snuggling in the HOH bed. There's barely any time to celebrate before Vanessa gets down to gaming and suggesting Becky be the target. A new alliance of four is formed, calling themselves Austin's Angels because GROSS. This alliance is then spin-off into a final 5 with Steve called "The Scamper Squad" which is a horrendous name for a horrendous group.

If only Becky's backdoor plan didn't backfire last week. Now Becky is well aware she's completely screwed with the other side in power. To save herself, Becky tries to remind the Austwins that Vanessa can't be trusted, confirming that there was a plan to throw the Battle of the Block weeks ago to backdoor Austin. Johnny Mac is worried about his status in the house and for some reason talks to Vanessa, eventhough he knows she's a master manipulator and lie denier. However, John tells Vanessa she sort of bullies her opinions into people which upsets her. Vanessa hoped to make an alliance with him (um, you make alliances with everyone), but he has no cares to work with her. Vanessa runs upstairs to blab and make John the target, and her alliance sees through it but also it's a logical choice. John and Becky are nominated for eviction since Liz perceives they could be threats to the twins game.

Johnny Mac makes crazy eyes after his nomination, which enrages the Austwins. Vanessa tries to tell John she has his back and Steve suggests to John that he try to trust Vanessa, all of which are eyeroll worthy moments. John has one self-declared sworn enemy and it's Vanessa. Austin and Liz bring John into the HOH room to make sense of Vanessa ratting him out earlier, and John explains that she was playing both sides and he is her only target if he stays. John's hoping to find some sort of alliance to save him, willing to throw the veto competition to Austin if it'll save him. Becky, however, knows she is doomed. Unless of course all this anti-Vanessa information mattered and her alliance made a huge move. But they won't.

Becky, John, Liz, Austin, Meg, Steve compete is this year's Otev veto competition. This year Otev has evolved into the Rockin' Roll, complete with weird hair, a leopard print headband, and sunglasses. The houseguests have to listen to Otev's rock song and find the correct "buttahhhhhh"labeled with the houseguest's name. The backyard itself is really impressive for Otev, with huge fake food to dig into like pies and a giant pizza. Basically, not the Otev to watch when you're trying to eat diet. Biggest oh crap moment: Meg tries to run up the ramp, slips, and slams her head real good. Daaaamn! In the end, Austin throws the veto to Liz who was mostly motivated to win only to get kissed by Liz which is so gross. Liz holds all the power in the house this week and can really do anything this week, so expect nothing to happen.

Vanessa quickly hustles up to the HOH room to make sure Liz doesn't decide to use all that power to backdoor her, which Liz sees through. It's not a week of Big Brother if Vanessa isn't running around paranoid and crying about being lonely. Austin eventually gets the makeout he so dreams of, leaving a hickey on Liz's neck, and grossing everyone out. Tired of Vanessa's behavior, the Austwins worry she might turn on them. But of course it's all talk and no action. Liz leave nominations the same so either Becky or John will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

The live eviction episode of the biggest time filler ever since nothing happened during the week. Like the show chose to use segment to focus on James' fake engagement to Meg and pranks, a Zingbot joke montage, and give Steve of all people a hometown visit. I SHOULD make sure to say, I love James' pranks and he makes the live feeds very entertaining. Also, a peek into Shelli and Jackie meeting up in the jury house to recap their evictions and Vanessa hate. Anyways, in house stuff, Vanessa wasn't backdoored since she'll be everyone else's target next week. Becky was fully aware that she'd be sent packing come Thursday being a strong competitor and disliked by Austin and Vanessa, but she tries to campaign even if it's futile. With Becky on her way out, Johnny Mac has only one ally left in Steve and the agree to align with Austin and the twins, which is the perfect melding of Steve's multiple alliances so now his butt is covered.

At the live eviction, Becky clearly knows she's heading out since she's the only one not in athletic gear. She's unanimously evicted in a 6-0 vote, but who knows maybe she'll return and my pre-show winner prediction won't be yet another fail. Becky isn't surprised to go out she she only had two allies, one was already evicted and the other was nominated against her. Becky admits her failure was having her sights so set on Vanessa last week week but the others she was kinda-aligned with had the same feelings about Shelli. But even the Chenbot is impressed that Becky dared to give Vanessa the ol' F-U last week, even if it might've killed her game. Becky thinks Vanessa is logically the best in the house since she sees big picture moves, but thinks a few sleepers could come up and show off their game. If Becky returns, her target has moved from Vanessa to Liz, the quiet destroyer of games.

The show end with a to be continued HOH competition, which is part physical, part endurance. The houseguests compete in a track meet, eliminating one houseguest each race. The endurance part of the race is having to stay in the starting race position while holding down three buttons, which means if a person slips and lets go they're out. They have to stay in that position until they get a "Go" screen on the TV, and the last to buzz in at the race is eliminated. The races could happen at any time, and to mess with their heads there are decoy words that rhyme with "Go" which I wish was "Ho" but doubtful. Not surprise, after a rotation of rhyme words, Meg is the first eliminated and the rest will play out on the live feeds. But this week is like half a moot point since one juror will have a chance to return to the game next week.