September 6, 2015

Big Brother 17: Goodbye Goblins

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Week 10

A new week of Big Brother begins with the current houseguests and jurors competing in an endurance competition to hang and get slapped around by a foam hand. If you watched the live feeds, you'll know this competition barely lasted past the end of the live broadcast, but the show has time to fill. The houseguests all fear different returnees they betrayed, while the jurors have different potential targets should they return and hold all different people accountable. Basically, trust no one except yourself and win because everyone in this house is a liar. The last remaining current houseguest is Vanessa battling against all four returning jurors, but the jurors begin to slip until it's just Vanessa and Johnny Mac. John was barely gone a half hour before returning to the game, so let's hope he smartens up this time. But the luck ends there because Vanessa holds on longest and wins Head of Household. Let's hope her HOH basket has a new hat.

The Austwins panic that John will come after them now that he's back, but we know his dumb ass wanted to target Meg when he spoke to Julie. Vanessa is able to convince that group that James is a bigger threat to all their games. John and Steve celebrate their reunion, while Vanessa approaches John to see if he's still open to their earlier discussion of working together. Vanessa needs a trio to go against Austin and the twins should she need backup, so she's covered her butt yet again. And always two steps behind, James and Meg wonder if Vanessa's target is on them instead of the Austwins. James and Meg are clearly a tight pair, crying over the possibility of the other being a pawn, but their inability to dime out Austin this week gives Vanessa the reason she needs to not target Austin. Since the nominations of Meg and James are obvious, the rest of the episode is filler including Grandma Meg (a live feed fave), Austin and Liz making it official (puke), and Julia scaring Austin.

Meg is crushed to be nominated alongside her best friend AGAIN. Meg's friends have been picked off one by one, which isn't surprising given her game stupidity at times. Vanessa's main concern is James winning the veto as that would require her naming new nominees, and making herself a new enemy besides every single person she was responsible for evicting (which BTW is literally everyone except Jace and Da'Vonne). The veto competition is Hide and Go Veto, which has each houseguest hide veto cards and then everyone else gets timed runs to seeks them, completely destroying the Big Brother house in the process. The veto card that isn't found, AKA the best hidden, will be the person that wins the Power of Veto. Hiding spots for veto cards include cushions, pizza boxes, and under beds. But the best hidden veto belonged to James, who put his under the living room rug but behind the sofa where most wouldn't look. Sorry 'bout it, Vanessa! (not at all, I love James)

The house tries to get back in order, literally and metaphorically since the play is a hot mess and now a replacement nominee has to be chosen. Vanessa's screwed because she has alliances with every single person in the house and has to put one of them up. Oh and because pawns always go home and a flip could screw her over royally. Vanessa believes Austin and Liz are bigger targets than Julia, so Julia should be the pawn since she has less enemies. Julia's not super keen on the idea since breaking up the twins is everyone's goal. Later, Vanessa totally flips out on James after he says she "plays too hard" and she is going to evict Meg to get revenge on James. Bitter much? At the veto ceremony, James saves himself and Vanessa places Julia as the replacement nominee. Will the house flip or follow?

Meg is pissed to discover the replacement nominee is another person as weak as her, which means she's the target. Vanessa is confident she has the votes to keep her word to Julia and boot Meg as Steve will do whatever she tells him to and she has a final two with John. James and Meg try to flip the votes, the smartest thing they've tried, because the other side of that house will control the whole game now. John's pretty game at first because he sees the inevitable picking off of him and Steve. But Steve ruins it all by telling Vanessa, trying to explain that if Meg stays they would target the Austwins. Steve's stress gets him so worked up he gets the dry heaves. And all for nothing because of course they don't flip. Meg is evicted by a 4-1 vote because these idiots can't see game moves that are clear as day. Meg doesn't regret evicting Shelli because she would've been targeted by her as well. And she loves James as a bestie, despite his crush, so no showmance will come of this.

Then the Double Eviction shizzshow begins. All the houseguests besides outgoing HOH Vanessa compete in the "BB Roadtrip" HOH competition and answer true/false questions about some Photoshopped pics of the evicted houseguests on fake roadtrips. The competition becomes a battle of the twins, with Liz besting Julia and winning the title of HOH. With a few minutes to scramble, Liz nominates James and John for eviction which every single person saw coming. You can see the faces of regret forming for not flipping because if luck wasn't on their side, this would end poorly. The houseguests compete in the veto competition to roll 2 balls around a giant boomerang into a numbered slot. John and James both roll their balls off the edge, so there goes any chance of them changing their fate. Julia gets the highest cumulative score and wins the Power of Veto, and you can hear everyone Big Brother fan groan at the same time. Obviously Julia doesn't use the veto and then the house evicts James by unanimous vote. So long, most entertaining houseguest for live feeds. Now our only source of entertainment is John's Diary Room shouts. James knows his last big move could be to break out the Austwins and didn't play aggressively since those people got voted out ealier.