September 12, 2015

Big Brother 17: One of the Twins Says Goodbyeuhhhhh

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Week 11

The house applauds themselves for surviving the Double Eviction, especially Vanessa who is relieved her #1 target was eliminated. The house is split 3-3 now, well unless the Austwins come into power because you know Vanessa would side with the power. The houseguests compete in the next HOH competition which is to determine which houseguest isn't featured in a scroll of "trading cards" and construct their face as a puzzle. I'm all-in to this competition due to the baseball theme specifically have a team called the "Big Brother Squirrels." I love comp squirrels! Austin earlier pondered throwing the competition since he has deals with everyone, but ultimately gives it some effort but is eliminated second. Julia is eliminated after Austin, which means their threesome is in jeopardy. Steve beats Johnny Mac in the final round and becomes the new HOH.

The only person that's more excited than Steve about his HOH is Vanessa, who can let her puppet do all the dirty work of breaking up the Austwins while she skates on by. The twins are nervous that Steve will put them on the block together, and Austin sees this as the end of the Scamper Squad. Austin finally remembers he's playing a game for himself, not a group, so he can't keep his entire alliance together. Looks like Austin is ready to sacrifice one twin to advance his game, and it's definitely not the one he's making out with on the reg. The Austwins seem to think one of them will be a pawn next to Johnny Mac or not nominated at all since a deal was previously made before the Double Eviction occurred. But just in case it's not solid, the twins kiss major Steve ass. Steve's plan was to nominate both twins, but Vanessa points out to Steve that if the person not on the block wins the veto, they save one of them and control the votes. It's an excellent point because all this could backfire spectacularly, which is what I want because I need some chaos/karma. Steve nominates Austin and Liz for eviction, because Julia is unlikely to win veto given her less-than-stellar history in competitions. Steve assures Austin the target is Liz, not him, but is also ready to eliminate him if necessary.

Liz leaves the nomination ceremony early and heads to her bed to cry. Steve feels his big move will show how great he is to the jury and be his selling point should he make it to the end. Basically, all hope for the Austwins lays with Julia winning veto and well, we know how she ususally does. The veto competition is Bowlerina and features a special guest: Jessie AKA Mr. Pectacular, who we had been given a reprieve from for years. The challenge is to spin around 15 time to lower a gate and have 15 seconds to bowl and knock down their pins. The goal for the players is to win, but the goal of production is for someone to hurl on the lane. In the "Vanessa Rules Everything" Moment of the Night, she convinces Julia to challenge ally Austin to ensure Julia can't be nominated as a replacement ("Julia" sure, I think you mean yourself Vanessa). Basically, Julia fudged it all up because Austin was planning to throw it all to Julia at the end to ensure the trio's safety. Fueled by anger, Austin beats Julia and then everyone else once he sees Vanessa is also subtlety against him. He then slaughters the rest of them to ensure his own safety and thus giving him more chance to blab about vengeful Judas.

The twins realize they got plaaaaaayed by Vanessa and now both sisters will be sitting on the block next to each other. The twins confront Vanessa, which is a losing game since we know Vanessa can talk and cry her way out of anything. She succeeds with convincing Julia, by asking why didn't Austin throw the challenge to her anyway? Austin admits to Liz that yes he played along with earlier convos about being OK with the twins going, but he obviously wants them around. Liz is so mad that her boyfriend turned on them. Chaos erupts in the alliance with everyone turning against each other, and Austin is heartbroken that the girl he loves is basically dumping him. Then they get back together. It's all the twins whining you can tolerate in one hour, culminating in their sitting side-by-side in the nomination chairs at the Veto Ceremony.

The twins begin their process of mourning while Steve's side is secretly excited they kept their three safe. Neither twin wants to campaign since money doesn't compare to their twin bond, but someone has to go. Vanessa is this week's swing vote, as Austin will vote to keep Liz while Johnny Mac wants to evict Liz, a bigger threat. The Austwins can see that Liz is the target since she is the one houseguest that wouldn't take Vanessa to final two. Julia is willing to give up her game to let her sister, the better competitor, stay and hopefully win. But easier said than done because it requires getting either John or Vanessa to flip. Austin pleads with Vanessa to let the twins choose who stays, so she agrees but forces her to make a crazy deal for her safety, her to have voting power, and taking her to the finals. "Seems fair, right?" GIRL, too many contingencies.

Before sending one twin home, the houseguests all get video messages from home and the jurors react to Meg and James arriving after the Double Eviction. Then the action shifts to the live vote where the twins deliver two overly rehearsed speeches before the house votes to evict. Julia is evicted in a 3-0 vote and leaves her Liz crying upon departure. Julia says no regrets, though she realizes maybe she shouldn't have challenged Austin in bowling. She now kinda likes "Liztin" together, in case anyone cares. Just to leave Julia with one last cringey moment before jury, Austin's goodbye video says he loves Liz with his whole heart and maybe he'll see her at Christmas dinner. Christmas is CANCELLED.

The four remaining houseguests compete in the "Under the Rainbow" HOH competition which is a twist on the typical chicken wire competition. This time, the eggs must be moved over a rainbow arch instead of sideways. But there's a luxury prize up for grabs too in the form of a "once in a lifetime trip outside the house." A sweet Irish jig plays as the competition begins oh so slowly. The arches are big, so expect this to take a long, boring time.