September 16, 2015

Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Pre-Show Winner Prediction

One week until the Hunger Games Quarter Quell! Sorry, I mean Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance. The fans voted from a pool to select 10 men and 10 women to give a second chance to play Survivor. This is totally different than Survivor: Fifth Chance - Another Rupert Season. These 20 survivors have only played once before, so it's nice to see some fresh faces even if it's heavily skewed in a recency bias. However so many of my past faves or nightmares are returning, so this should be an interesting season. I foresee a lot of backstabbing and pettiness, which makes for a great Survivor!

As I do every season, and poorly I might add, I try to predict who I think will win the season. This one has been giving me a real headache. I've got back and forth and finally I decided to go with what my gut told me. And my gut said....


Kelley Wentworth will win Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance

I've wracked my brains on this one and had to go with what my first instinct was. Kelly is a player we didn't get to see a lot of on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur since she was taken out by one of those dopey Christy brothers. But Kelley is a superfan and hungry to really play the game. I think while she could be seen as a target, there's far bigger fish to try. Or rice to pee on. I really waved between Kelley and her SJDS ally Jeremy, who I think this time around is the alpha surrounded by more alphas. I see Jeremy going far. I mean, I did pick him to win last time so I clearly like the dude! I'm going to throw out a wildcard for Monica to swoop in for the kill and potentially win, but I saw her video where she said no one would expect the cute girl to align with quirky people and I rolled my eyes so hard I almost got a migraine. But let's add that there are a lot of other people I'm ecstatic are back, but sadly I can't pick them all to win.

Who do you think will win Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance? Now is your time to vote! Use the form below to submit your winner prediction. Poll closes at 8pm ET on the night of the premiere!

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