October 25, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Bayon's First Blindside

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Week 5

Comfort is up for grabs in this week's Reward Challenge with lots of comfy chairs, pillows, candles, blankets, hammock, beverages, and most importantly a tarp to stay dry. But to get such finer things, the tribes have got to compete. The challenge is for one survivor to get inside a bucket and get rolled around a course, collecting bags of balls along the way, ending in a big ol' skee ball game. What boggles my mind is that no one hurls inside the buckets but I guess that means the tribes chose wisely. The most intense round of skee ball plays out as all three rollers are pretty much head-to-head. Keith mains his ball-related dominance in challenges and wins the massive comfort prize pack for Ta Kao. Angkor overcomes their tendency to lose everything and comes in second to secure their tribe a tarp. A small victory for their garbage beach.

Ta Keo toasts their success as a tribe, just killing it in all the challenges since the shuffle. Life is plentiful at Ta Keo beach, but there's still a game at play. With Terry out fishing, the remaining five Ta Keo make a "solid five" deal. Joe is relieved to have allies in the first half of the game this time around so maybe he won't get taken out quickly at the merge. Keith is excited to have a real alliance because last season he didn't "hook up with nobody" because I guess he forgot the couple times he sort of in an alliance and accidentally screwed them over. But hey, second chances all around as Jeff Probst reminds us every 11 minutes.

After sending Jeff Varner to "a better place" (Savage, he's at Ponderosa not in a coffin), Angkor is feeling slightly more solid. They've got a challenge win together, a tarp, and they've even begun to bond a bit. However the tribe still has one bomb waiting to implode: Abi-Maria. She still dislikes Woo, now claiming that Woo's story about his mom's heart transplant was used solely for sympathy and to get him further in the game. Remind us again Abi, what would happen if Woo voted for you again? Oh that's right, he's dead to you. Tasha's role as babysitter is wearing on her, but she understands she has to tolerate Abi for her game and not let the personal irritations get in her way... for now.

The ladies of Bayon have taken on the role of food gatherers, searching the ocean for clams. The bountiful harvest of clams leads to a little clam fight between Monica and Kimmi over whether they should take all the clams or save some for down the line. This dumb fight tests Kimmi's patience but she realizes fighting over clams might be a bad use of her resources and tries to chill. Spencer and Jeremy continue to develop their friendship while fishing in the Bayon tribe boat which honestly looks like a contender for World's Largest Basket.

The Immunity Challenge is for members of the tribe to race through obstacles and climb to the top of a platform to launch sandbags on a slingshot at five targets. In a move just like a movie where a lovable kid scores a goal in the wrong net, Stephen shoots his sandbag and hits one of Angkor's targets instead. Oh Stephen! He's got the Charlie Brown edit. Angkor wins immunity first, hugging and celebrating their newfound winning status. Ta Keo is able to outlaunch Bayon and wins immunity as well, which means the Bayon tribe will head to Tribal Council for the first time. "I think there's nothing wrong with going to Tribal Council," Monica tells Probst and immediately I'm like, "Famous last words, girl."

Since Bayon has four original Bayons and two Ta Keo leftovers, the targets easily fall on Spencer and Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeremy, Monica, and Stephen agree on voting out Kelly because while they trust her, Spencer has no other allies and needs them more. Monica, however, does not want to get rid of Kelly and mentions to Kimmi the idea of keeping Kelly to begin a girls alliance. Monica, everyone knows the term "girls alliance" is basically a Survivor curse to get you sent packing. Kimmi is taken aback by their girl's alliance thing and realizes Monica isn't playing for Bayon, but for herself. The conversation is quickly relayed to Jeremy and Stephen, who suddenly worry that their fourth ally is turning on them and would potentially flip the game too soon. Kimmi's suggestion to protect their group: blindside Monica before she turns on them. Stephen warns Jeremy that a move to blindside an original Bayon sends a message to their former tribemates that they are willing to betray their original tribe. It's a game move that could affect the entire game going forward.

Tribal Council time! Stephen and Monica come dressed to impress in business casual, because sometimes you just want to look fancy for Jeff Probst. While no one wants to be at Tribal Council, it's agreed that this is the one place in the game where you truly learn who you can trust. The old school vs. new school gameplay is discussed, while old school being based on trust, while the new school is very erratic and making moves constantly. Spencer really plays up the strength and bond of Bayon as a tribe, instead of individuals, to play up his closeness with the group. He's a smooth Tribal talker. There's agreement that it sucks to build relationships and then stomp then out, but that's also the nature of the game. And then Bayon votes! Spencer and Kelly both vote for each other and Monica sticks to the original agreement to vote out Kelly. But sorry Monica, it's a blindside as the three Bayons members betray their agreement and vote her out.

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