October 3, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Abi-Maria?

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Week 2

Kelley Wentworth finally gets a chance to read her idol and cherish their time together before hiding in for safe keeping. Jeff Varner might have voted week one with the new school, but he's ready to turn the tables again. Varner explains his vote was to get Terry, etc. to wake up and set up Shirin and Spencer, the two biggest players on the tribe. Varner is on fire this season and we're loving every second of it. Abi-Maria is trying to be a new woman, but is quickly digressing back to the selfish and erratic player she was in the Philippines. Her alliance worries she's a liability, though Varner knows she's a wonderful person to drag along to help win him a million. It all falls perfectly into place for Varner, when Abi catches Shirin and Peih-Gee whispering about Abi. As the tribe laughs at the shelter, Abi cries on the beach until she's comforted by Terry of all people. Because Shirin didn't defend her and Terry did is all the reason Abi needs to flip sides.

Bayon is in no way the mess that Ta Keo is. The savior Joe constructed hammocks and is catching fish for everyone. He's the Survivor MacGyver according to Stephen, and while it's good to have in the beginning he'll be sacrified later. Andrew Savage shares the story of how he met his wife and with the amount of crying in this saga I thought she was dead. Good news she's alive and well and Savage just really loves his wife. The whole tribe is weeping, including Kass who realizes if you're around nice people in the game you don't have to be a dick. Jeremy has to leave camp for a moment alone, really missing his wife Val who is home and pregnant, a secret Jeremy is keeping so he isn't seen as a threat. Wondering where Jeremy went, Stephen out loud says maybe Jeremy is looking for an idol. Stephen, you had one job and that's to lay low! Savage shakes his head that Stephen is all about game at all times and plans to eliminate the gamer. Um Savage, you are playing a game though.

Entering the immunity challenge, Bayon is totally shocked to see Vytas was the first boot of the season. The game is real, people! The challenge is to run, climb, and fall down a series of A-frames, pull some puzzle pieces, and then assemble a puzzle. While the run up the A-frames isn't too bad, the come down seems to defeat man of them with a butt full of splinters or just face plants into the sand. The puzzle is complete chaos with people starting and tagging out. Ta Keo does an amazing catch-up and thinks they have the puzzle right... but no! The puzzle is backwards which gives Bayon the additional seconds to check their own and shout, "Done!" Bayon narrowly beats Ta Keo and wins immunity along with a tool kit to help craft an amazing shelter, or at the very least allow for very large pieces for a version of Survivor Clue.

The tide has rapidly turned at Ta Keo as Shirin and Spencer come to the realization they are no longer in the numbers. Varner's plan has been to take out the threats and with Abi on his side, the numbers are coming together to vote off Shirin or Spencer. Peih-Gee and Kelley agree to vote where the numbers are to save themselves because friendship is cool, but it's a game. After Abi straight-up tells Shirin that it's too little too late, Shirin realizes she's screwed. Desperate to save themselves, Spencer and Shirin try to convince Woo to flip to their side and despite the classic Woo confused face, he's not flipping since he's in an alliance and also they didn't speak to him until they were desperate. Shirin and Spencer both find themselves on the outside of the numbers and are heartbroken to turn on each other to stay.

Tribal Council time! It's a night full of heavy-handed Second Chance narrative from Jeff Probst, AKA his dream come true. The tribe rehashes the Abi/Peih-Gee fight, which allows Probst to remind Shirin that this story is "verbatim" what happened to her in Second Chance. Ehhh you're pushing it Probst. Spencer pleads if not begs to save him in the game, offering to work with whoever and to actually get to know people on a personal level and not simply as game pieces. This gives Probst another chance to remind us that even in a second chance situation, Spencer is encountering the same weaknesses as last time. The votes are cast and in a 5-4 vote, Shirin is the second survivor eliminated.

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