October 11, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: We Got a Rat

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Week 3

As everyone voiceovers how super comfy (or terrified) they and that they're running ish, a twist has gotta happen. The two tribes meet up with Probst to discover they're shuffling tribes. Oh wait, twist again because you returnees don't know everything: it's three tribes! Two to three tribes, it's never been done before. Given he was pretty much screwed since day one, this reveal is like Christmas morning to Stephen who is so elated to change his doomed fate. Savage has the exact opposite reaction and pouts like a spoiled child, which is annoying but not surprising. Each survivor grabs a little wooden box and opens to find their new tribes. The third tribe added to the game is Angkor, rocking the cursed yellow buffs. Each tribe coincidentally has a 4-2 advantage so obvious strategy is for each majority to pick off the two. But nothing is that easy on Survivor.

The new Ta Keo includes Kass, Ciera, Keith, Joe, Kelley Wentworth, and Terry. Thank god Kelley's back at her home beach where she hid her immunity idol last week. Knowing that she's clearly screwed in the numbers, she quickly throws Terry under the bus as we all would.  While Terry is confident that they'll always win the challenges, Kelley plays her social game and plants the seeds of Terry possibly having an idol. Bayon remains dominated by former Bayons with Jeremy, Stephen, Monica, and Kimmi but adding on Spencer and Kelly Wigglesworth. Stephen is quickly like, "Oh awesome, our four can pick them off!" but soon Spencer is making in-roads by actually getting to know people on a human level and share emotions. We get it with the heavy-handed second chances, Spencer. This is your time to become a better man. The original Bayon decides to stay dominant they need the hidden immunity idol so everyone scrambles. Jeremy finds the clue to the idol and discovers he'll have to be sneaky at the next challenge if he wants to snag that little token.

And then there's Angkor. The cursed yellow buff is only the first sign of the disaster this tribe could be. First, the group has to build shelter from scratch again. Second, Peih-Gee and Abi-Maria are still on a tribe together and while they should stay four-strong, they can't. Woo and Jeff Varner hope for their four to stick together to vote off Tasha and Savage, and man would that be sweet because I'm not a Savage fan. Tasha and Savage agree that they need to flip someone to their side, and well lookie there a bitter and cranky Abi-Maria is a great candidate given her scathing hatred of Peih-Gee. Tasha gets to work making Abi feel like a million bucks, but once Varner is approached he realizes the pair are playing hard and could take away one of his allies and ruin the Ta Keo strong movement.

This week's immunity challenge is a throwback to a Cagayan challenge, which Probst has to ram down viewers' throats by reminding us Spencer, Kass, and Tasha blew this challenge previously. Two will have a second chance to win this challenge, one person's second chance will be a second failure. Oh dear god we get it Jeff. Ugh, please stop. I know you won't, but please. Anyways, the challenge is to push a cart through an obstacle course while collecting keys from tall poles and adding big heavy chests onto the cart. They keys unlock the chests full of puzzle pieces, which is a big round puzzle of dragons. Of course we're all watching wondering if Jeremy can sneak away to grab the idol from beneath a chest's platform. He easily gets his immunity idol with none the wiser and with a slight bulge added to his cargo shorts. Ta Keo gets a massive lead on everyone and finishes first. It's a close call between Bayon and Angkor, but Bayon is able to pull out second place for their safety. In the last seconds of the puzzle, Tasha suddenly shouts, "WE'VE GOT A RAT!" Turns out Varner mouthed something to Kelly over on Bayon and got caught, quickly trying to cover his guilty butt. Varner outs that he made deals with Savage and Tasha, who also made deals with others. Poor Woo is like, "Are we still in an alliance? Why didn't you make a deal with me?" Oh bless you're game ignorant heart, Woo. Angkor is going down fast.

Now you're think Angkor would be going after "the rat" but somehow Varner is able to evade this whole debacle. Abi initially plans to vote off Varner for being unpredictable and still having his former alliance on the brain, but Peih-Gee is wish-washy on the issue which bugs Abi. Abi is aware that she is on the bottom of the four and wouldn't be on the bottom with the two (um, yes you are). Tasha and Savage really hustle to save their butts, campaigning about the strength they bring to challenges, and telling every person what they need to hear. Suddenly it's Peih-Gee or Abi-Maria that are vulnerable and the Bayon twosome are calling all the shots.

Tribal Council time! Discussion begins about there being a four person majority and the likelihood of picking off the Bayon twosome. Varner claims he doesn't even remember what he did at the challenge due to lack of food, sleep, etc. Is this like when a drunk person does a lot of stupid stuff and then claims they were blacked out? Abi believes there is a good chance she is going home because plenty of conversations happened without her. Peih-Gee assures the group that she is trustworthy and her word is solid. Savage and Tasha control this first Angkor vote and along with Abi and Varner, they eliminate Peih-Gee from the game. Cue a classic Woo blindside face. Man, three tribes brings great drama!

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