November 29, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: A Second Helping of Blindsides

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Week 10

Leave it to Survivor to schedule two of their best episodes the night before Thanksgiving where less people are watching because, DUH, holiday. Anyways, let's get to recapping. 

Everyone on Orkun is miserable and that has very little to do with the Wiglesworth blindside. The rain hasn't stopped, leaving everyone huddled in the shelter with nasty pruny feet. A Reward Challenge brings roofed relief with blankets and food while being around a Cambodian Circus. And what better way to fight for a victory than with a physical brawl in the water, shoving each other, yanking tops and shorts, near drowning experiences, and shooting hoops? Joe, Spencer, Ciera, Tasha, and Abi win the Reward Challenge, a fun relief from the stress of the weather, but also emotional for Ciera as the little Cambodian kids remind her of her family back home. Ciera puts her emotions aside and gets back into game mode as she has done each and every reward, using the time to save her ass. Stephen's name gets thrown into the mix since he's a strategic threat and just won the mysterious advantage. There's an air of agreement that the "Know-It-All" has to be blindsided sooner than later. Stephen's currently being blindsided by a disastrous case of the poops ("severe gastrointestinal distress"), hitting a real low point mentally and physically in the game.

Wentworth, Kimmi, Stephen, Jeremy, and Keith win nothing but a day of cramped together in the damp shelter. Everyone laments Joe's status of Challenge King, hoping that their chance comes to boot Joe. And then comes the tribe's chance... but there's a twist. Clearly the rain is ruining the fun of Survivor because everyone is trapped under a shelter and therefore not scheming endlessly all over the beach. Probst has an offer: a construction team will come re-do the tribe's shelter, make them a new fire, and make life much better but five people have to opt out of the immunity challenge by selecting the white rock of immunity surrender. Well a whopping eight people chose the quality of life vote, leaving only Keith and Joey Amazing to compete in the Immunity Challenge. The challenge still happens instead of instantly handing Joe the necklace again, but he does beat Keith in a buoy balancing challenge by holding up his BB-8 ball droid longer.

Orkun arrives back to their newly waterproofed shelter that came complete with cookies - so isn't it all worth it? Maybe not for a person who is going to get booted after giving up immunity for a better shelter. Since Joe is immune for the ballizionth time, the voting blocs have to make alternate plans. Kimmi, Stephen, and Jeremy think Ciera is the easiest vote as she's one of the biggest schemers out there. Unbeknownst to Stephen, the plan to blindside him is very real and very on. Ciera's plan is for her and Kelley to vote Kimmi, everyone else will vote Stephen. Tasha is concerned that allowing this plan to go through means Ciera is calling all the shots and building up an impressive resume to win the game. Then Jeremy catches wind of the Stephen news and reiterates the importance of getting out Ciera, who will flip when needed and upend the game. Stephen's his #1 ally and Jeremy can't afford to lose him just yet.

Tribal Council time! The jury rolls in and Andrew Savage is yet again wearing a slouchy beanie, which I want to snatch off his head and throw into the raging fire. First topic of discussion: the weather. Even in Survivor life, a great go-to conversation starter is bad weather. This crap weather was the breaking point for many, especially for Stephen having to make all those poop runs. Probst brings up the choice between new shelter or safety, which Tasha describes as selfish/not selfish. Joey Amazing is like hey, hey, hey... if I wasn't selfish you would've voted me off and nobody disagrees there. Even Keith cackles that he's a competitor trying to kill the Golden Boy. Oh Keith, you bring such joy to my world. The big question of the night is where the voting blocs will end up this vote, and also what kind of advantage is Stephen holding on to and what a target he's made himself. But the biggest question of them all is, did someone show the wrong million dollar rock? The tribe votes and Probst comes back with the urn, asking if anyone wants to play an idol. It's briefly silent and then Jeremy stands up! He plays one of his super secret Hidden Immunity Idols to save STEPHEN FISHBACH. Now THAT's a ride or die ally. Stephen is flabbergasted, especially when he sees the total blindside Jeremy just saved him from. Ciera's one last big move is her swan song out, as she is voted out of the game.

Everyone commends Jeremy's sneaky idol play, with Stephen and Jeremy tighter than ever with this bonding move. Jeremy assures Spencer he would've played an idol for him too, but Spencer's a little skeptical of his status in the group. Spencer's outsider feelings are only validated after Stephen wins the old-school trivia Reward Challenge and picks Tasha (to re-initiate trust) and Jeremy (his game savior) to join him for grub via a chopper ride. While indulging in steak and chicken, Stephen reveals his big advantage to reassure Jeremy and Tasha that he trusts them both and needs them in this game. Tasha points out the biggest wrinkle in their games has been Joe and that as soon as he loses he has to go, which is a big duh. But with Stephen's ability to steal a vote, this could be their chance to solidify the votes against Joey Amazing. Meanwhile, Spencer is back at camp concocting a plan to blindside Stephen again. Not good.

However the Reward Challenge wasn't just a big moment for Stephen. The challenge itself was to answer trivia questions about a Cambodian history story Probst told, and the answers were medallions wrapped up in little bundles. Kelley Wentworth snagged one of the pouches and inside she found a clue to another Hidden Immunity Idol. Yup, a second idol for Wentworth! The catch: the idol is tied underneath that snazzy new million dollar shelter so in order to grab her prize, everyone needs to GTFO. Abi-Maria plays the role of that one person who refuses to leave the party, doddling around camp making coffee and stuff. Wentworth is dyiiiing to scooch under that shelter and grab the idol, so once Abi finally leaves, Kelley makes her move and goes under the shelter to get her idol. We have a new member of the Two Idol club this season.
The Immunity Challenges brings the return of the foot fetish dream from San Juan Del Sur of lifting and stacking blocks with feet. A miracle happens at the challenge: Joe loses. Spencer wins his first individual immunity and clearly this is the opening everyone needs to FINALLY vote off Joe. Stephen's dream is coming true and he'll finally get to vote off Joe the golden boy who can't be taken down. The plan is to tell Joe that the group is voting for Abi, then vote him off. Abi is back in crazy mode and therefore paranoid that all of this will backfire and she will go home. She doesn't trust anyone. Besides, the whole plan is to mislead Fishbach and him off again. Abi is all over the place and everyone has to trust her. This could be bad. Worried about the possibility of Joe having an idol, Stephen and Jeremy agree to split the votes between Joe and Abi to be safe. Then Stephen tells Spencer about his advantage and the night's plan. Oh this could be really bad.

Tribal Council Time! Joe laments a first night without immunity and what that could mean for him in the game, but also has to rely on the trust he's built thus far. Abi says that there are in fact alliances in this game, which Tasha sort of confirms by addressing that the voting bloc method might need to come to an end and it's time to pick final allies. Stephen understands why his advantage has made him a target. Spencer thinks the game is sort of in limbo with so many potential twists, and Abi admits lots of names were thrown out. Stephen thinks there's a 33% chance for a blindside, then surprise everyone. Stephen plays his advantage at this week's vote and steals Joe's vote. Stephen uses his own vote to vote for Abi-Maria, then uses Joe's vote to vote out Joe (on special different parchment!). Stephen "marinates" in the moment that has come to vote out Joe but it allllll backfires. The tribe blinsides Stephen and he's eliminated from the game in a grand fashion.

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