December 6, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Time to Go, Joe

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Week 11

It's that sentimental time of the season: family visits. Some familiar faces return from the Blood vs. Water seasons, Joe's dad gives him a mouth kiss, and we finally see Spencer take steps forward in the becoming an emotional human being quest and tell his girlfriend he loves her. Oh and Val is having a baby boy, but that's still a secret! To win time with loved ones, the survivors have to balance and retrieve letters which spell out "NOURISHMENT." Kelley Wentworth slaughters the competition swiftly and gets time with her dad Dale AKA farmguy69 over some barbeque. Allowed to choose three others, Wentworth picks Abi/her mom, Keith/his wife (Big D!), Kimmi/her dad, and Joe/his dad. Joe's dad does not have a manbun, but a low ponytail to prove that the Joey Amazing family lineage all value their hair. Joe's ultimate Survivor dream since childhood was fulfilling the moment of having his dad come see him out there in the game so check there.

With no loved ones around to cuddle with, Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha commiserate and then strategize. The trio make a final three agreement after Spencer essentially apologizes for the move he made blindsiding their ally Stephen. But Tasha actually has more options brewing. Kimmi of all people wants to start a girls alliance, and you may recall Kimmi helped get Monica booted for having such impure thoughts of girls aligning. Either way, both alliances right now are very aware that Joe can't stay in the game much longer or he'll be carrying home a giant check at the finale.

The Immunity Challenge this week has the survivors balancing statues on top of ever growing, wavering poles for as long as they can. I truly thought someone's statue would fall and give a concussion to another player. Thankfully all craniums were in tact, so they were luckier than Kelly from Worlds Apart. As a little twist of the episode, there is immunity for the last man and woman standing. Or I guess holding. Kelley Wentworth is the last woman in the competition, giving her immunity. The drop-offs quickly happen so that it's yet again a battle of Keith and Joey Amazing. After over an hour of balancing Joe drops... literally. Everyone briefly celebrates until they realize something is off. Medical is brought it and Dr. Joe explains that Joe's blood sugar has come down after exerting all his energy and his body collapsed. Thankfully Joe doesn't have to be med-evaced, but needs some shade, water, and rest and he'll be better.

The bad news is that Joe is vulnerable without immunity and while everyone emphasizes with his medical issues, it's still a game for a million bucks. Wentworth informs Abi about Kimmi's girls alliance and that Tasha is in too, so the four girls plan to vote off Joe. Fully aware that he's screwed, Joe tries to find a new target and approaches Jeremy about voting off Abi-Maria. Abi is a total goat this season and literally every single person would take her to the end to guarantee a win, but Joe wants players to get to the end not the easy win. Double agent Tasha is a bit torn after the she quickly outs the girls alliance to Jeremy and Spencer. The idea of the girls aligning is a terrifying idea to Jeremy and Spencer, who then wonder if a totally different move should happen to keep the testosterone rolling strong. Tasha returns to talk some sense into the overly paranoid men about what could happen if Joe is left in the game. But c'mon, women are so scary!!

Tribal Council time! Probst jumps right into the dramatic day with Joe dropping in the challenge and everyone's feelings seeing it happen. But of course seeing a man give literally every fiber of his being to win a challenge and stay in the game is a pretty terrifying notion to the others who want to win too. Sure there's empathy but the game mode button has been pushed again and everyone is playing hard. And back to scheduled redundant phrasing, the group talks about voting blocs and that their time may finally be over and alliances are set in stone. Good because I'm tired of hearing about the alleged blocs. Joe brings up why he considers Abi a thread since she's the #1 losing candidate in the bunch. Abi suggests they take out the bad apple, though like Joe seems like the nicest most beautifully haired apple of the bunch. The tribe votes and despite his best pleas and nearly dying while holding a pole, Joe AKA Joey Amazing is eliminated.

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