December 13, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Which We Will You Be?

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Week 11

Now that Joe's gone, everyone is excited at the prospect of actually having a chance to win a challenge. But it's the perpetual challenge runner-up Keith who wins the carnie-inspired challenge of throwing beanbags at blocks after crossing a shaky stick bridge. A bumbling Keith chooses Kelley and Spencer to join him on an outstanding reward of visiting and sleeping at a temple (along with Cambodian delicacies like wine, spaghetti, and garlic bread). Tasha continues to be irked by Keith who voted for her at Tribal Council and couldn't even remember her name at the Reward Challenge. You are an angel, Keith - never change. While on reward, Kelley, Keith, and Spencer agree they could be a pretty awesome final three and would simply need one more vote to have the majority and vote off Tasha. It's Abi-Maria.

Abi-Maria is aware that people think she's a goat to take to the end, but she doesn't feel that way. Abi's current target is Keith now that he's inherited the challenge master title from Joe and others agree. Jeremy and Spencer are both paranoid at the idea of the women's alliance booting them, fearing that if Keith goes they are next. Both long for the days with their shield Joe around camp. But viewers may recall the way to Abi-Maria's heart and loyalty is to be nice to her. Her former ally Tasha is failing on that angel. Seems Tasha is far past her babysitting days and asks Abi to leave so she can talk to Jeremy alone. Abi thinks it's beneficial she sticks around to talk, but is willing to leave, then Tasha is like nah I don't want to be rushed. Eventually Tasha and Jeremy talk and think it's OK to keep Keith and dump Abi instead.

This week's Immunity Challenge has the survivors running across obstacles in the ocean then dive to into the ocean to retrieve puzzle pieces, which they will solve back on the beach. This challenge could unofficially be titled "Wipeout: Cambodia" because everyone is slipping, falling, hitting their junk, and cracking themselves in the face on wooden platforms. Spencer wins immunity after completely slaughtering the puzzle, a retread of the five piece puzzle no one picked in Survivor Worlds Apart. Looks like someone took some advice before heading out there. But the victory is interruped when Tasha loses all energy in the water and needs to be rescued. You'd think if anyone would nearly die in this challenge it'd be a cracked skull on a platform, not the swimming part but Tasha was winded. She's thankfully saved and maybe a little more full of salt water than intended.

After everyone consoles Tasha after her frightful water experience, everyone is back to the game. The show must go on - Joe will tell you that firsthand. Spencer, Kelley, Keith, and Abi agree as a four they will vote off Tasha and Abi's fine with anything that saves her and helps build her final Tribal Council resume. On the other side, Tasha is pushing hard to get rid of Abi, saying that Kelley, Keith, or Abi getting to the end would be an "abomination" to this season and a letdown to the fans. Not this fan, Tasha. She might see Wentworth as a goat, but fans definitely don't. But OK, Keith and Abi you're right. At the same time, do you want to win? Then take a goat. Spencer in the middle with his final three deals on both sides. What's a guy to do?

Tribal Council time! Juror Savage's beanie is completely upstaged this week by Juror Fishbach's loud Hawaiian shirt. It's so bold I am craving a glass of Hawaiian Punch right now. Keith and Spencer discuss the magical reward they experienced, but also the weirdness of being out-of-the-loop while others are back at camp. Probst checks in with Tasha after her near-drowning incident and she's better, but thrown off. Having the numbers is a big discussion point and using the term "we" over and over so that the inner child in us all snickered at hearing "we we." C'mon children, maybe it's more like saying "yes yes" in French. Ok, nope - pee is funnier. The "we" talk about all this broad, vague talk going nowhere so the tribe votes. Spencer picks a "we" and opts to vote with Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi to vote off Abi, the dream goat who didn't even vote with her own "we." And with that the fire of the Brazilian dragon is extinguised.

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